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Jon Cryer -- Time on His Hands

2/1/2011 11:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer has been involuntarily freed from pesky tasks like learning his lines on "Two and a Half Men" -- at least temporarily while Charlie Sheen figures out his life ... and there's an upside for his kid.

Jon picked up 10-year-old Charlie from school Monday in L.A.

They say the best things in life are free.  Good thing, because according to documents obtained by TMZ ... Cryer is losing $400,000 an episode while Charlie is MIA.


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I'm glad he gets to spend special time with his son. It's like the Saints not making it to the superbowl this yr...I don't look at it as a lossing yr. because we did make it to the play offs and now the players can spend extra time with family and friends.

1367 days ago


Keep it in balance. Yes, he's losing $400,000 but how much has he banked because of Charlie Sheen?

It's called the cost of doing business.

1367 days ago


All of these clowns are grossly overpaid. Welcome to the real world. Charlie just wrote a porn star/ho a check for an amount that some people don't make in a year.

This show could disappear and nobody would give a crap.

Good thing Charlie is Martin Sheen's son. If he were Jo Blow working a real job in the real world, he would be homeless and living out of his car right about now.

1367 days ago


Here's a crash course in TV production. Jon Cryer is NOT losing any money at all. Every year the network orders a certain amount of shows. He is under contract and is paid for that many shows regardless if it is shut down. The ones who lose out are the make-up artists, camera operators, etc. Charlie Sheen should pay those people's salaries as some sort of punishment. It's very selfish.

1367 days ago


He's still getting paid he has a contract, he didn't violate so he must be paid.

1367 days ago


He is the reason I still watch the show...I don't need to watch a drunk - I divorced one.

1367 days ago


I saw a clip of Jon Cryer telling Conan O'Brien that he checks TMZ every day to find out if he has to go to work tomorrow.

1367 days ago


He needs a raise....he can carry that show along with the kid. Without Charlie.

1367 days ago


I agree with those that say better off without charlie.

one of the many links from the conan taping talking about tmz

1367 days ago


Every single character on that show is funnier and way more entertaining than Charlie's charcter. I'm sure a story line that revolves around Alan, Jake, Rose, Berta and Evelyn would work. Charlies character is pretty one dimensional.

1367 days ago


man #1 - Allan (aka Jon)
man #2 - Jake (he is old enough now)
man 1/2 - a baby on the doorstep from one of the men. Maybe allen and candy or jake and his highschool hunny or even better from charlie and rose lol. charlie died from a heart attack on that one.

whole new set of stories from just these possibilities. Much, much cheaper on the studio budget too.

1367 days ago


I only hope that he was smart enough to put money aside. However, most Hollywood stars aren't that smart, so we'll be seeing him on Bankruptcy Blvd. soon enough.

1367 days ago


I think that they should write 8 episodes without Charlie. Maybe he is in rehab? CHarlie Sheen and his character are virutallu identical. Why not take it one step further?

1367 days ago


I'm sure he make more than $400,000 and episode, charlie makes almost $2 mil. an episode!, that can't be right. He's just as important on the show as charlie. whether you want to admit or not, they is no 2.5 without charlie and jon and berta.. I LOVE BERTA!!
yes, he wears a hair peace on the show, lots of actors do, (they just won't admit it) one of my favorite actor (hugh laurie) wear one on 'House', doesn't matter to me, they're all still great actors

1367 days ago


Charlie is a LOSER! He thinks the world should revolve around him and his studiptity. They should just kick him off the show and find a cousin or someone to replace him. It is not fair to Cryer or the rest of the cast to have to set around for someone that wants to kill himself.

1367 days ago
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