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Gabriel Aubry Is a 'Borderline Racist' ... Says Ex-GF

2/3/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of Gabriel Aubry's ex-girlfriends tells TMZ Aubry used to spew anti-black racial slurs so often ... she couldn't believe it when he hooked up with Halle Berry.


The woman -- who dated Aubry from 2003 to 2005 -- tells TMZ he was "very disrespectful to women" for the entirety of their two-year relationship.

In fact, the woman also claims Gabriel "has always been a borderline racist."

As TMZ previously reported -- sources connected to Halle tell us Gabriel routinely demeaned her with vulgarities ... including the N-word.

However, the woman claims Gabriel never once laid a hand on her during their relationship.

We're told the ex plans on reaching out to Halle through mutual friends in the near future to offer support.

Calls to Gabriel's camp have not been returned.

Halle Berry


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Oh man/woman who is a boderline racist is going to hook up with a person of another race for 4-5 years and definitely wouldn't have had a kid with that person let alone acknowledge the kid as their own in public and is in the process of fighting to share custody of the child. Somebody is lying.

1270 days ago


Working overtime for Halle I see TMZ

1270 days ago


Unless I see or hear some concrete proof, it's just a rumor as far as I'm concerned.

1270 days ago


How long till we see Gloria Alred involved?

1270 days ago


I didn't even know Halle was "black" until she said so at the Oscars. Halle's been playing the "race card" for a long time now.

1270 days ago


I believe Halle and his ex over him. Men can't be trusted. He's a creep and doesn't deserve somebody as beautiful as Halle. The first time he said the 'n' word, she should have punched him then dumped him. What a loser he is.

1270 days ago


omg here they come pouring out of the gutter...all the "others"who all of a sudden have a story to tell. Personally i think Halle has anger issues. He should release those tapes so the world can hear miss goody two shoes at her finest.

1270 days ago


Check out Radaronline they are covering Gabriel's side of this and what a s*** bag Halle is.

1270 days ago


@mija..."she should have punched him then dumped him"<<<<<

1270 days ago


Well, well, well,

So many people have blamed Halle for putting that Aubry is a racist out there to slander him, now his EX is doing it, not Halle. Who you racist idiots going to blame now? Halle seems like a good mother and Aubrey probably is a good father. But, he has some major issues if he did in fact say those words to his ex girlfriend. Mel Gibson type of issues. But, reading the comments here it is very comforting to see that racism is alive and well in America...the most racist country in the world.

1270 days ago


Halle only dates men on looks, it dosent matter if your a racist,drug user,child abuser,streaker ,car thief,cat burgler or illegal alien, as long as your good looking. She claims that women should be proud of their natural beauty, easy to say when your born very attractive and have the money to make your Ha-Ha's bigger with surgery.She claims everyone is beautiful yet she only dates very very attractive people. She dosent look for a person from the heart the only thing that matters to her is if her mate is good looking. Thats it and thats why she will never be happy.If you date someone date a ugly person, a good looking person will just cheat on you. But a ugly person can cheat on you to, Yea but who gives a s**t.

1270 days ago


If this story is true::: So...........Halle picked another loser??? How many "Bad", 'Abusive" relationships is she going to get in???

She has said a boyfriend once hit her so hard she is still largely deaf in her left ear. Eric Benet constantly cheated on her. Married/Divorced from David Justice (Yankee's)

In her own words: She said: “I never had to run to a shelter, but I did choose the wrong partners. Not always good men. Luckily, in recent years, I have been smart enough to hit the door when violence even becomes a possibility. That is something I will not tolerate.”

1270 days ago



1270 days ago


TMZ. Are F****** kidding me. You mine as well hold a sign that say's Team Berry. This is just nonsense. This women is obviously getting paid. Their both so anxious to talk but not prove any of these accusations. It's pitiful you let this stand. How about tell her to show proof. It reminds me of those bit*** at school who would spread rumors about you just to do it. One day you go to school as the nice kid. Next day you break up with the popular girl and hang out with the hot girl and you now have STD's. K end this please TMZ!!!
We all know Hale is bitter over Kim K. Come one now.

1270 days ago


I don't believe he's a "border-line racist" or a racist, and I don't believe these stories for a second. And what the hell is a "border-line racist"?! Either you're a racist or not. Assine.

As for Halle, everybody's got issues, but as a black woman, she's got a special set of issues that makes them especially nuts.

1270 days ago
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