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Gabriel Aubry Is a 'Borderline Racist' ... Says Ex-GF

2/3/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of Gabriel Aubry's ex-girlfriends tells TMZ Aubry used to spew anti-black racial slurs so often ... she couldn't believe it when he hooked up with Halle Berry.


The woman -- who dated Aubry from 2003 to 2005 -- tells TMZ he was "very disrespectful to women" for the entirety of their two-year relationship.

In fact, the woman also claims Gabriel "has always been a borderline racist."

As TMZ previously reported -- sources connected to Halle tell us Gabriel routinely demeaned her with vulgarities ... including the N-word.

However, the woman claims Gabriel never once laid a hand on her during their relationship.

We're told the ex plans on reaching out to Halle through mutual friends in the near future to offer support.

Calls to Gabriel's camp have not been returned.

Halle Berry


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Really? She laid with a man that called her a "n-word"? Really. She told the world how good of a man he is even though he was verbally abusing her and calling her names? If it's true, she's a silly woman with no self-esteem. Also, if it's true, then Nahla doesn't need to be around him unsupervised. Hearing your dad refer to African Americans as "n-words" is abusive to a child who is 1/4 African American and whose mother is 1/2 African American. IF it's true, shame on him!! Personally, I don't believe it because after all Halle's been through with bad relationships, I don't think she would stay with this dude even if she did want a child.

1171 days ago

Grumpinmcpunkkin we go again, another he said she said custody battle. If this is true I hope he never did this in front of the child, and if it isn't , shame on you Halle.

1171 days ago


Billy Bob played a borderline racist in Monster's Ball and he still hit that. Life imitating art?

1171 days ago

darlene mckinney    

As you can see & read most of the people who agree with it being ok to use the "N" word are illiterate(BIG WORD)hillbillies t-h-a-t m-e-a-n-s y-o-u c-a-n-t r-e-a-d or s-p-e-l-l but since you tried & it's almost legible(BIG WORD) you get partial credit I mean credik for the hillbillies.All you Racists Pricks can kiss HALLIE'S FABULOUS A_ _ !!!

1171 days ago


I do not believe any of what TMZ or Halle`s camp are spewing. Disgusting to see them slam and defame the father of this beautiful little girl. Just stop it already!!! Halle is crazy and is really showing it this time. I think she has some serious issues, regardless of her abusive relationships in the past. Seek help Halle!!! Look at the all the comments that have been posted here and elsewhere, nobody is buying it! He is her father and that fact is not going to change...he is not going anywhere and he is going to fight for his daughter naturally!! Halle would be better served to stop this behaviour and work with Gabriel in establishing paternity and a schedule that works for both of them.

1171 days ago

normal person    

To use the N word in the heat of anger it has to be part of your vernacular or daily language. Canadians never use the N word as it is not part of our culture. Canada did not have slavery. So making this claim is most likely a lie.

1171 days ago


What, exactly, is "...a borderline racist?"

You're either a racist or you aren't! How does "borderline" factor into any description of a person's position on race?

1171 days ago

Liz from Australia     

I dont understand what you mean by 'borderline racist'. You are either racist or your not!!! thats just an ignorant thing to say. I must say I am disappointed in the route Halle is taking to get full custody of her daughter. What happened in this relationship that has made her so bitter? Nahla will need councilling when she is older due to her parents behavour during such a rough time. I will pray for Nahla and that she grow up to be a lot more sensitive then her mother.

1171 days ago

normal person    

he comes from a large French Canadian family with strong family values so I am not surprised that he is not going to walk away from his daughter like Miss Berry would like him to do. AS for the racist card well that is really trying to dog something up that a will garner her sympathy. The N word is NOT used by Canadians.

1170 days ago


I am disappointed in Halle, for the first time. These tactics are beneath you. If he was as bad as all that, you would have left him looooooong ago. I don`t believe you Halle. Playing the race card and hinting about sexual abuse is the last straw, anyone who does that is clearly losing the battle and needs to come out dramatically to to try and turn public support away from Gabriel. You have a long, long time to co parent together, so you better stop talking trash about your ex! I plan to avoid any movies you are in, until you stop this nonsense.

1170 days ago


As you can see & read most of the people who agree with it being ok to use the "N" word are illiterate(BIG WORD)hillbillies t-h-a-t m-e-a-n-s y-o-u c-a-n-t r-e-a-d or s-p-e-l-l but since you tried & it's almost legible(BIG WORD) you get partial credit I mean credik for the hillbillies.All you Racists Pricks can kiss HALLIE'S FABULOUS A_ _ !!!

You make me laugh really say the "N" word is illiterate and turn around and call people "hillbillies"
Let me enlighten you sweetie....this hillbilly (whose true meaning is a person from the appalachian mountain area of the south ) not the catch word of the day for anybody thats not a liberal minded as offensive to me as the N word is to"s demeaning and disguising and your use of the term makes you as "racist" as those you accuse of being racist.

This Hillybilly finds that you are must be a "borderline racist" which is a nonsensial phrase that has ever been used..
As for "kissin Miss Barre's A**ss" no thanks I'll pass she gets enough a**ss kissing which is why she is now in this mess....but I wouldn't pass up a kicking of that same a*ss for being such a fool...

She wanted a pretty baby before she got to old so she went and found a pretty man to get that pretty baby and now she's got the pretty baby she "ain't goina share." If he didn't realize that fact when she didn't put his name on the birth certificate then he's as big a fool as she is......

1170 days ago


This accusation has been approved and paid for by the Halle Berry Public Service Announcement Committee.

1170 days ago

normal person    

The child had dual citizenship so she must have signed some papers. She is a fool if she thought a person from a large family would walk away from their child. That child is part of a larger family then what Halle has to offer.

1170 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

she is doing her best to manipulate and of course the majority of people love her for her looks go Halle show your true colors

1170 days ago


The same folks who support Mel Gibson are on this guys side...
Nothing shocking there. Dummies are all around us.
You lonely, unemployed, uneducated, abused housewives need to get off the pain meds and start dealing with reality. There are bad people in this world, just look in the mirror.

Dumb single women with nothing better to do than blame the victim because they themselves are so hollow, is absolutely pathetic.

1170 days ago
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