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Ex of Halle Berry's Ex Warns of Hoochies on the Side

2/2/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who dated Gabriel Aubry just before Halle Berry hooked up with him tells TMZ ... she warned Halle ... Gabriel was a money-grubbing dog who had a thing for very young women.

Page Bogart -- an investment banker --  tells TMZ, "Gabriel's entire motivation has always been money," adding, "I tried to warn Halle early on but I guess she didn't want to believe it."

Page, who dated Gabriel five years ago, says he raged at her -- accusing her of leaking unflattering information about him to the media  -- and she gave us one of his voicemails to make her point.

Page says she saw Halle at a Miami Beach golf club and told her all about Gabriel, to no avail.

Page says she knows when Gabriel started dating Halle, "He had a few Latin hoochies on the side," but Halle wouldn't hear about it.


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Of course he has hoochies on the side....who the he77 doesn't?

1362 days ago


I don't really hear a French accent on the tape. Either way, he just sounds pissed off, he's not exactly raging a la Mel Gibson. This woman just wants her 15 minutes of fame....she's obviously a disgruntled ex, but it doesn't make Gabriel a bad father.

1362 days ago

Halle is a Whacko    

Ok How about this..this lady comes out of nowhere hahahahaah and has dated Gabriel oh right 5 years ago and STILL HAS THE TAPE..sounds more like him talking to Halle re the tape and Halles dirty ways are starting to show hahahaha but but she cant win this...This is not healthy Halle and you know it.You need to wake up get real and start acting abit just abit humble...Gabriel will concur this..does not take a rocket scientist to see this...Halle is playing a very dangerous game and this will be the biggest ACTING OF HER LIFE which apparently she hasnt got a good one...Gabriel must have alot of garbage on Halle thats why she has brought this hoochie to the scene lololol too funny..Halle Berry your skeletons are comming out love!!!!Your number is UP!!

1362 days ago


That's rage?! If so, I should've been under the jail. ; )

I always had him figured to be a pretty boy, immature, fame ho
though. I bet he spends more time in the mirror than his ladies.

1361 days ago


I don't really hear a French accent on the tape. Either way, he just sounds pissed off, he's not exactly raging a la Mel Gibson. This woman just wants her 15 minutes of fame....she's obviously a disgruntled ex, but it doesn't make Gabriel a bad father.

Posted at 1:32 AM on Feb 2, 2011 by iFart

OMG1 Lmao!! Mel Gibson did raise the bar didn't he?!
That was too funny!! Thanks for making my day with that one!!

1361 days ago

Halle is a Whacko    

Kelly For god sakes THE MAN IS A MODEL>>>get it ,he has been in the business for awhile to which his assets are his looks and height...Hello anybody home???

So you call him Fameho LOL that means Halle is ONE BIG FAMOUS WHORE that tarts around thinking she has it all ok yeah ok

Watch this lasy lose more weight have more issues start posing to all the papps that she is oh so doing fine and nothing is getting to her and Gabe is not worrying her LOLOL oh I am laughing too hard

1361 days ago


maybe this woman had better things to do then try to fight the Berry/Wilhemina press machine while every thing was good with Gabriel and Halle but thought this was a good time to come out and back what's apparently Gabe's true colors...

and no Gabe has no accent... listen to him on other audio and you'll see... plus TMZ says this is just one of his voice mails... wonder if there's more to come?

1361 days ago


A pig trying to get her 15 minutes. When Halle hooked up with him EVERY SINGLE person that came out of the wood work said he was the nicest guy you could meet.

1361 days ago

Halle is a Whacko    

Oh oh oh Now havent we all seen this one comming…I for one firmly believe Gabriel is doing the best and right thing for his daughter..Halle has nothing on Gabriel and I tell you this..when this came out I thought to myself OH BOY WATCH THE COBWEBS COME OUT NOW ABOUT CRAZY ***** HALLE…she was not meant to be a mother or have a child END OF STORY..Mark my words Nahla will go to her dad when she is old enough anyways as Nahla is really scared of her mad can see it a mile off…nahla has looked miserable for a VERY LONG TIME, and I am sure that would have killed Gabriel to see..He seems a very descent man..Kudos to you my friend and I am glad you are taking the stance with this madcow

1361 days ago


# 9 is right on this subject.

1361 days ago


l dont believe this l have zero respect for halle after she did that hit and run that prooves to me what kind of charecter she is (not good)

1361 days ago


Halle is Whacko...quit going all over the internet an writing your crazy garbage. More of skelton's maybe? Why all the hate? If Halle has issues, so does Aubry, he chose to agree to her IVF arrangement at the LA Fertility Clinic in Glendale.

1361 days ago


Well well, isn't this nice?

So she talks about Aubry to his current girlfriend and doesn't expect him to be pissed at her? Then she takes his response and gives that to the media as well.

This Page is a royal piece of crap. Go away, Page.

1361 days ago


#13 JLS...He wasn't pissed for her talking to Halle, re-read the article, says he was pissed accusing her of giving the media information about him.

1361 days ago


And apparently she's giving this voice mail to the media (TMZ) again for cash.

Doesn't he have a legal case for a civil suit against her?

Halle better hope the voice mails and emails he has of her don't get leaked to the media.
I'm sure his attorneys have copies and anyone in the law firm could leak em for cash.

1361 days ago
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