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Legendary 'Superman' Producer -- Missing In Mexico

2/2/2011 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ilya Salkind -- the man responsible for bringing "Superman" to the big screen back in 1978 -- has been reported "missing" in Mexico City by the people closest to him ... TMZ has learned.


The 63-year-old -- who was born in Mexico City -- had traveled south of the border to handle a property he inherited from his mother who passed away a few years ago.

Friends of Salkind tell us ... members of Ilya's staff last saw the legendary producer at his estate in Mexico on Sunday as he was on his way to "handle some errands and get some dental work done."

However, Salkind has not returned -- and yesterday, his friends filed a missing persons report with Mexican authorities.

Salkind's credited with securing the rights for a live-action Superman movie back in 1974 -- and served as Executive Producer on Superman I, II, III.

UPDATE: Ilya's friends have already launched a website to help track him down.


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Sounds like he was lured down to some bad area to sign some estate paperwork and was kidnapped for ransom he is well known in the area and would make an easy target while trying to get cheap painkillers from the mexican pharmacy

1329 days ago

A Fan    

Filed a missing person's report w/the Mexican authorities. Too bad because their probably the ones who kidnapped him.

1329 days ago


His long time friend companion Deborah A. Moore is keeping our spirts up and has set an absolute resolve to find Ilya. We will be keeping people informend on his facebook and facebook fan group page.

Those of us who know and care for him are doing everything we can to find him. TMZ and other publications are getting the word out and we can only be gratefull so many people are showing support for him and us.

Ilya is proud of where he comes from. His family came from Russia to Mexico and from there he spent his whole life traveling the world, he now lives in CA but has many ties to Mexico.

1329 days ago

For Harvey    

The brits. Who else. They put a hit on the makers of the real Superman movies everyone loves to replace the actors in the minds of the public and they probably got some Jew sucker to do the work to misdirect it upon. That's how they did Buddy Holly because they viewed American culture as a threat to the empire from an old enemy. And then we got the british knockoff invasion. Classic british entertainment industry hit. Go to the Americas and kill some prime heterosexual rebel, then blame it on the Jews, Muslims, tree huggers, Americans, Mexicans, Africans, French, Germans, Russians, Italians, Greeks, Asians, etc. Media mastermind bastards and their evil little island empire.

1329 days ago


Dead...hate to say it when you go across the border!

1329 days ago

Some random guy    

"It's time the United States made one of two choices. Legalize marijuana and put these dangerous losers out of business or tell Mexico to clean up that mess or were going to clean it up for them. There's no reason there should be such a threat on our borders. We fight threats half way around the world but ignore the big one in our own backyard. Times up Mexico, time to clean up your side of the street."

Posted at 11:30 AM on Feb 2, 2011 by LAWRENCE

The Mexican military has been trying to "clean up" this mess since late 2006, it's nice how you're still cleaning up Afghanistan almost a decade later. Yeah you have room to talk. I take it you never actually follow what goes on over there, since you think the Mexican govt. just sits around and does nothing to combat these gangs. I read stories about gun battles involving govt. forces and cartel members which end up getting killed all the time, how's that for cleaning up.

1329 days ago

northern gypsy    

recently a friend attended a family wedding in mexico...
her host keep a close watch on all the out of towners...
honestly...that's the only way i would consider visiting there...

1329 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Don't worry - his head will turn up shortly. Of course it won't be attached to his body but that's what you get in Mexico.

1329 days ago


I just spoke to the cousin of the dentist Ilya was going to see, this man is also one of his oldest friends. I've known Ilya since he was 24, he's never gone missing before. All of us who have known him just want to see him return safely. He produced all 3 Superman moves and Supergirl and Smallville, Santa Claus anoung other films.

1329 days ago


OMG - Mx is not where anyone should be going right now. It is hard core western-style there right now.

The only thing this guy's poor family can do is hope and pray they at least hear from a kidnapper within the month...and not have one of his body parts attached; like, an ear or a finger.

Usually the wife or girlfriend is a "nurse" and takes care of the "injured".

Poor working don't make enough to buy good tortillas people are being bullied there right now so anyone who even has a suspicion of money surrounding them should not go there.

We think it is tough here? We know so many that have went back because they couldn't make it here, so they thought, and they just regret going back so badly - it is not the Mx we all have in our hearts.

A body was just dumped in the streets near the resorts this week.

That little rich buffer zone is rapidly disintegrating. HARVEY, DON'T GO TO MX ------ Sorry, Harvey, that was just so funny.

1329 days ago


If you're stupid enough to go to Mexico.. It's a **** hole. Even Mexicans don't want to live in Mexico.

1329 days ago


Thanks to his dear friend and business partner james buccelli for all of his efforts. james buccelli is also ceo of Runway Magazine Inc. Wow, what a great friend he is. Our Prayers are with him and his family & friends.

1329 days ago


This is so very sad. I don't think it is safe for celebrities, wealthy well-known people such as this man, to go to Mexico. The country is dangerous. It is not safe for any American to go there now. This is a beautiful man, and this breaks my heart.

1328 days ago


God!!!! A lot of you people are really ignorant aren't you. Don't you know????? A big part of why Mexico is struggling so much is because the USA sells ALL, I repeat ALL of the artillery the cartels use. Please do yourselfs a freaking favor and read people, it's disgusting the way you talk with out knowing... USA is a mafia too didn't you know????????? You think all the wars we have are because we are so good & we step up against the bad guys??? GIMME A BREAK!

1328 days ago


I agree with some of these comments but wouldnt it be better if you found an audible forum? some very good comments go unnoticed because they are never heard.

1328 days ago
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