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The Scene of Lindsay Lohan's Alleged Crime

2/2/2011 4:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kamofie & Company is the Venice, CA jewelry store from which Lindsay Lohan allegedly shoplifted ... TMZ has learned.

Kamofie & Company, Venice, CA
As TMZ reported, the store's owner gave cops surveillance tape of Lindsay wearing the necklace in question.  The owner also gave cops a photo of Lindsay wearing the one-of-a-kind, $2,500 necklace a week later.

Sources say Lindsay has frequented the store since moving to Venice.

And, as we first reported, the L.A. County District Attorney will get the case today for its review, and one source closely connected with the case says charges are "likely."


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Brigham Young    

That stupid bitch really wants to go to jail.
Why doesn't she just go out and kill someone,
then she'll get her wish.

1356 days ago


That's right Lohans stylist forgot to return it.

1356 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Really disappointed in you Lindsay.

1356 days ago

tippy katz    

GOOD! You know, stopping the drugs and the drinking won't instantly make you an honest, moral person. She's been rewarded her whole life for being a self centered, entitled brat. She needs have consequences for her thievery. If she wasn't born knowing right from wrong, and wasn't taught it by her parents (lol) maybe a dose of punishment will instill a fear of breaking the law in her sorry ass. It's the only thing that keeps morally deficient people in check.

1356 days ago

Conspiracy Theorist    

The necklace made me do it.

1356 days ago

tippy katz    

Shut up, Dina.

1356 days ago

They should throw her in jail and get a real taste of being someone's bitch.

1356 days ago


oh but it wasnt Lindsay it was her evil twin from the Parent Trap oh wait Lindsay thought she could "borrow" it because she is a former Disney actress oh ummm Lindsay's stylist was suppose to bring the necklass back after Lohan stole it honest oh wait the store owner totally let LL borrow it now and she is lying just like Dawn Holland for publicity and money, THOSE ARE NOT LINDSAYS PANTS AND THE BLACK KID WAS DRIVING AND SHE ATTENDED ALL OF HER ALCOHOL ED CLASSES AND SHE DID REALLY LOSE HER PASSPORT IN FRANCE LINDSAY IS INNOCENT WHAH WHAH WHAH!

1356 days ago


This girl still doesn't get it does she? When is lindsey gonna learn people are watching her and they want her to get in trouble so they can keep talking about you. She is grown she's 24 people don't have anymore sympathy for her...she's not a teenager. She will never become famous like she was if she continues doing stuff like that. She'll just be infamous for pulling stupid stunts like this just like when she stole that girls fur coat a few years back.

1356 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Pleeeeeeeze put her in jail so we don't have to hear about her anymore.

1356 days ago


Hollywood seems like a pretty forgiving place (sex tape? no problem; drugs and/or alcohol abuse? fine). Theft? not so much; just ask Winona Ryder, who was ostracized for years, despite the fact that she was drugged out of her marbles. But Lindsey is off all the drugs, right? So this is the REAL Lindsey. Pathetic.

1356 days ago


I get the strange feeling that there is more to this story than meets the eye and TMZ knows it. I bet the store did lend it to her but I'm sure she didn't just "forget" to return it.

1356 days ago


OMG enough TMZ. Over 80% of your stories today are about the necklace. What probably happened was her stylist forgot to return it, so let's move on.

1356 days ago

Thieving whore.

1356 days ago


For the commenter regarding this store needing the free publicity. I don't think so, in fact this store would be happy if sticky fingers Lindsay had never shopped there to begin with.

1356 days ago
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