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'That's So Raven' Star -- Handcuffed By Police

2/3/2011 9:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tyrone Burton -- who starred in "That's So Raven" and "The Parent 'Hood" -- was handcuffed this afternoon in L.A. on suspicion of hocking bootleg DVDs ... TMZ has learned.

Burton was selling the discs on a sidewalk in Hollywood when cops busted him -- but law enforcement sources tell us, they didn't find any evidence that he had broken the law ... so they let him go.

That's soooo not Raven.


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wow ew    

i feel so bad for him. look at that look on his face, either he's going through a bad time in his life or the fact that he was caught by the papparazzi shames him. not sure what tmz wanted to accomplish by posting this.

1360 days ago


So I had no idea who this guy was and I used to love That So Raven so I looked up who he played and he definitely did not "star" on it he was in ONE episode! False information on TMZ's side

1360 days ago


A young black man in handcuffs? What a shock! When are these thugs going to stop becoming cliches and get their acts together??

Posted at 8:11 PM on Feb 3, 2011 by TJ

To bad they found no evidence of him doing anything wrong. TO BAD THEY WERE SUSPICIOUS OF HIM SELLING BOOTLEGS! So what act does he need to get together considering he didn't do anything bad?

(to all the idiots calling him a loser when he didnt do **** wrong)
You people and your bigotry is amazing. As if black people are the only people to ever be handcuffed. I bet you didnt even read the story you just say a black man in cuffs and figured he was automatically guilty.

1360 days ago


I guess Nickelodeon really doesn’t pay well. I mean, where did any of this kids money go? Is he really that poor that he has resorted to selling bootleg DVD on the sidewalk.. Then again, TMZ, he was found with no evidence and they didn’t actually arrest him, so maybe you guys are reporting a story that didn’t really happen… just really wanted to post a picture of a “celeb” in handcuffs or what?

1360 days ago


That would be hawking, not "hocking" tmz.

1359 days ago


You know what sucks about stereotypes They are True!

1359 days ago


I am glad i don't leave in US. Jeez!!....Poor boy!

1359 days ago


Jackie, whenever you leave the U.S. I will give you jeez on your poor boy

1359 days ago


1359 days ago


I agree, why put this up and embarrass him--and THEN find out he wasn't doing anything wrong? Must have been a slow celebrity news day.

Please, try to have a couple of English majors read through your items to avoid hawking/hocking-type errors.

1359 days ago

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1359 days ago

keeping it real    

I would have got him out of JAIL!!! MMMM HIT ME UP


1359 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

To actuall place this BS info is simply wrong. TMZ tried a succeded to humiliate this youngman because of his down oad spial of fame to selling DVD on the street like a struggling immigrant and petty hustler. The young man was earning a living. He is not an alcoholic, or hurting himself of others.
He is a working man I for one am proud of him with the exception of sagging pants.

1359 days ago

Real n the field    

typical tmz to to try and inject negativity in the minds of viewers by posting this useless story..
how pathetic!!!

trying to portray this innocent black man as some kind of thieve!!

well, in case people forgot...we all know who the REAL thieves dont we!

its the same RACE that "stole every square inch of this country, and then STOLE an entire
race of people(africans), and if that wasnt enough, nearly eradicated, an ENTIRE race of people (native americans) from there land...and all the while portraying to be the most: Honest, and peace loving culture on the planet!!
And did the same thing to the aboriginals of Australia, and set up an institution to suppress
and and keep down africans in there own LAND..

Now can we quess what RACE that is boys and girls???

1359 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Bruh man got busted for boosting bootlegs?!? How come Raven-Symone didn't throw a few dollars his way, if he needed some help?? She's got plenty of dough to help somebody out. She's like a younger, prettier, lighter-skinned version of Oprah, she got so much money.

1359 days ago
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