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Lindsay Lohan: I Don't Do Paperwork

2/4/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan does not fill out paperwork when she takes expensive necklaces out of jewelry stores ... she leaves that to her people -- so says Lindsay to her pals.

Lindsay's freedom is riding on her claim that the Venice, CA jewelery store owner loaned her the necklace in question.  Lindsay is telling friends ... "I don't deal with things like that."

Lindsay is passing the whole incident off as a "misunderstanding."  Problem is -- when she figured it out, why didn't she just return the item to the store instead of sending an underling to the LAPD?

Worst case scenario -- Lindsay could face felony grand theft charges which carries a penalty of three years in prison.


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Chile' please! They're not gonna do anything to her. I mean, this is California. Never have I heard that you had to prove that the person taking an item had the intention of keeping it permanently, or that it was up to the store owner to track the person down first and ask for it back. That was until I read the other story about this, and it was stated that either of those could derail a theft case. REALLY? Anyhow, this chick pops positive for coke while on parole, kidnaps people while on a coke bender and crashes cars left and right, and is still a free woman, this ain't nothin'. Winona Ryder would be proud!

1336 days ago


She probably doesn't do "paperwork" because she can't read and write:( LOL

Posted at 9:15 AM on Feb 4, 2011 by anon.

Can she read "ARREST WARRANT"?

1336 days ago


Oh yeah! throw the skanky piece of white trash in the slammer!

1336 days ago


No it doesn't and especially with someone who only has 3 misdemeanors on their criminal record.

1336 days ago


Does anyone know what happened with her Linda Lovelace movie?

1336 days ago


Look at that hairline! When she gets out of Chowchilla, maybe she can do a remake of Kojak?

1336 days ago


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finally let Hohan pay for her crimes!! It's an embarrassment to ALL law enforcement the way these judges, cops and probation dept let her get away with EVERYTHING!! I'm sick and tired of all these "stars" doing whatever, whenver they like with no concequences. They breath the same air us "common folk" do and should be punished the same way we would. How about not voting these judges back into office? Or the DA? Something needs to be done to show them WE ARE NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE! One standard for ALL AMERICANS!!!

1336 days ago



I'm going to plant the seed all over the stories of the "celebrity" DUI, drug and theft busts....maybe some enterprising AKA (Ryan SEACREST, Andy COHEN) type will take heed...

I WOULDN'T EVEN CHARGE THEM FOR THE IDEA....I'd just like to watch it...


See, there's even a jingle for it :)

1336 days ago


I'm sure she wore it to prove she had it so she can report it stolen next week and collect $. Just how far will the legal system in CA let her go before they are forced to make her adhere to the law like everyone else.

1336 days ago


It doesn't make sense for her to have stolen the necklace. Did you guys even see the necklace? It's a skinny little gold thing. She has plenty of places who beg for her to wear their stuff. Why would she have to steal it?

1336 days ago


Ladies and gentlemen, we have it all wrong. When you were a small child and stole that Lego figure from the local store, instead of marching you back to the store to apologize, your mummy and daddy should have taught you to say, "I BORROWED it and I don't DO paperwork." They also should have taught you that when you saw a child in a cross walk and nearly hit it, you should TAKE OFF instead of stopping to see if anyone was hurt. And when you're angry at someone, jump into a stranger's car and chase the person! Then claim that some random black dude did it. And, most especially, mummy and daddy should have taught you to never EVER take the blame for something, that's what everyone else is for! The world revolves around you, you, YOU! See how much better the world would be if Dina and Mikey ran it?

1336 days ago


If this is the best Lohan can do in her own defense, it won't matter how much money Lou Taylor shells out for legal representation.

She'd do better throwing money at the "stylist" they're no doubt hoping will take the fall for her client.

1336 days ago


31- I have no problem having a friendly discussion, but Im wondering what you are insinuating? How do these legal issues just "go away quietly?" are you suggesting that the police, district attorney, her parole officer and the judge are accepting bribes? Do they all know that she is guilty of felony assault, felony grand theft of thousands of dollars, dealing in drugs, paying people off to cover up her crimes and they are all just looking the other way? I know she has a good lawyer, but am I to believe that she is guilty of all of these allegations and everyone in charge of punishing her is simply choosing not to?

1336 days ago


#13 @Nicole said:

"The most likely scenario is no charges are filed or IF charges are filed it will be a misdemeanor.

A misdemeanor is a maximum of 6 months in jail or probation.
6 months in jail for a non violent offender is 24 days of actual time served."

See.. there you go again Nicole. You are only concerned that if charges are filed it will be for a misdemeanor and not a felony and therefore a pittance of a jail sentence...

Why are you not concerned about the fact (suspected) that Lindsay stole a necklace from a store???????

Your values are screwed up. Think about it.... The issue should be: does Lindsay drive while drunk, does she do illegal drugs, does she steal, does she lie??????

NOT .... gee... how can she work the system and get the least amount of jail time so she can go back to drinking, drugging, stealing and lying......

Amazing.... I must say... you do sound like Dina.... that's the way she thinks and is part of the reason (that and her good for nothing con artist/addict father) why Lindsay is what she is today... a good for nothing washed-up has been.... with no redeeming qualities and makes ordinary people dislike her with a passion.....

If you are.. in fact... as you claim... a fan of Lindsay Lohan, would you please tell me/us what it is that you find appealing about her that would make you a fan?

There are hundreds of wonderful young actresses out there who are deserving of their fans - they work hard at their craft, they live mature responsible lives and are grateful for the support of fans and don't think that they are better than everyone else....

Why not spend your time and efforts on one of them and give them your considerable loyalty?

1336 days ago

Make it stop    

Where is your proof? Either go to jail and straighten yourself out or OD and be done with it! Nobody believes you because you are a liar!!!!!!

1336 days ago
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