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Lindsay Lohan Prosecutor -- Deja Vu

2/6/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned veteran L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers -- one of the toughest prosecutors in the D.A.'s office -- has been tapped to prosecute Lindsay Lohan ... again.


Meyers prosecuted Lindsay in her DUI case, so she is no stranger to the actress. But, as TMZ first reported ... Lindsay will now face felony grand theft and felonies are Danette Meyers' specialty. 

Meyers has prosecuted cases for more than two decades and has become a go-to person in a variety of felony trials. She has been named Prosecutor of the Year twice.

After Lindsay violated her probation, Meyers sought jail time for the actress. 

Meyers, who is a candidate for L.A. County District Attorney, could not be reached for comment.



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The only thing that smells about this is LL's flimsy excuse.
The store is not using this for publicity, do you see them talking to EXTRA or ACCESS HOLLYWOOD or any of the other mainstream media who have done stories on this case recently, NO!

1320 days ago


Oh you just KNOW Lindsey is shopping for a REHAB for KLEPTO'S!!!! "susan" "sitting bull" and all the other aliases LIHO'S family uses to post....whaddda' think NOWWWWWW????

Swing LO (han) Sweet Chariot Coming 'for to CARRY me HOOMMME
Swing LO (han) Sweet Charrriotttt...Coming 'for to Carry meeeee


1320 days ago


This woman looks like she KICKS ASS and takes names...go get 'em Danette...

Oh and if the HoHan's try to get you kicked for "bias" THROW THEM IN JAIL TOO!

1320 days ago


Here a slut there a slut everywhere a slut slut..Grandstanding much?What about that police sting ,could that bite somebody on the anus??

1320 days ago


Wish her success in getting this POS off the streets.

1320 days ago


Meyers is no fool when it comes to repeat criminals. Lindsay's dog meat.

No mercy.

1320 days ago


Whoa, this is gonna be interesting! Prosecutor Danette Meyers is no pushover, plus she's running for DA of L.A. County. I'll bet she gives sticky fingers the "time-out" she's been asking for. Finally.

1320 days ago


I probably shouldn't but I actually feel scared for Lindsay. I just can't help wondering why she keeps giving the public and the authorities so much ammo to say horrible things about her. If you're reading this Lindsay, please calm down. Just keep out of the attackers way. Save yourself the aggro. All of this must be hurting your feelings. No one should live like this. I wish there was something we could all say but you keep fighting us and the system. I think jail would just turn her in to a double hard b*tch. She will lose everything. Please stop fighting us. This is the worst way ever to stay relevant. If you get away with this one can you please just enjoy your art (which you are really good at)Stop wierding out. You are cooler than this. People will jump my ass for reaching out to you but if you want a beautiful life STOP ALL THE MADNESS!!! I would so much rather see you as a beautiful housewife of Beverly Hills than people treating you like Spiedi. Am I making any sense?

1320 days ago


After reviewing everyone's comments and my own personal hatred of Lindsay's attitude towards everything related to life,I think she will unfortunately find a way to walk away totally scott free,.I think she will use the assistant coverup and nothing will happen.Her lawyer will prove that the video tape is inconclusive and Lindsay will then raise both feet,show the judge a barrel full of fu's on her toenails and resume her great career of feeding tmz stories while trying to stay revelant in the public eye. PEOPLE,PROVE ME WRONG!!!!

1320 days ago


Now maybe she will get what's coming to her , we all know it's long over due. Maybe this will finally wipe that **** eating grin off her old hag of a mother's face lolllllllllllll gonna be fun to watch that family eat crow.

1320 days ago


What a waste of time this is. I'll bet anyone here a dollar this is just going to be dismissed.

1320 days ago


Fry the white girl. You know the F U on her middle finger was just the tip of the ice berg. I am sure she has had a lot more choice words for this lady behind close doors.

Why don't you show her who's your momma? Huh? Spank that nasty hoe back into prison. Love it!

1320 days ago


Meyers didn't win a Prosecutor of the Year award for going soft on repeat offenders, and I guarantee you this maverick will not fail to disappoint in prosecuting Lohan to the full extent of the law... and seeing to it she does the max.

People have gone to prison for stealing Wii's from Walmart! That's chump change compared to Lohan's jewelry heist. If they don't throw the book at her and if she doesn't do hard time, I guarantee you the next crime could be far worse (bank robbery or a major jewelry heist?).

1320 days ago


Just wonder if Lindsay will have another message on her nails for the judge.

1320 days ago


How much you wanna bet Michael is trying to score some deal with the store owner... kind of like Ms. Holland.

I hope they go ahead with the case.

1320 days ago
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