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Palin Event Canceled Over 'Safety Concerns'

2/6/2011 4:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An event scheduled for May featuring Sarah Palin was canceled the day after it was announced, citing "personal attacks" against Palin and "safety concerns."

The Sharon K Pacheco Foundation announced the cancellation of their 2011 Patriots & Warriors Charity Gala and included a statement on their Facebook page. It reads, "Due to an onslaught of personal attacks against Governor Palin and others associated with her appearance, it is with deep sadness and disappointment that, in the best interest of all, we cancel the event for safety concerns."

The foundation went on to say no direct threats were made against Palin or anyone else involved with the event.


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If she run's there are people out that can't wait to rip open all her past and hidden git on this family . Sure will be fun to sit back and watch.Will be no where for this family to hide once the lid is opened up.

1321 days ago


She reminds me of someone who thinks she doesn't get enought attention. We didn't hear about the "stalker" until after the AZ shootings and now that more important things are going on in the world than her she evidently if trying to build this "my life is in danger" stuff for attention. Isn't she the big hunter who takes down big animals with a gun?

1321 days ago


Come on guys, Why do you even refer to her as Govenor, She isn't one and she quit when she was one. What could she possibly give a lecture about how to quit on your state, how to shoot a gun or better how she can see Russia from her porch!

1321 days ago

normal person    

People that quit their jobs don't want to be accountable for what they have or have not done. At least half of you realize that she is a danger to your country. If you want the world to laugh at you just vote her in.

1321 days ago


You know the saying "What goes around comes around only twice as bad". I hope she goes back to Alaska and stays there. Who would want her speaking at your $100.00 plate dinner anyway. She has no idea what she is saying nor does she care. She is a cheap gold digger and she's taking you for ride.

1321 days ago

Wolf Lady    

Thank God she is being shut up by something. She is the most ill informed person that has hit the airwaves since the Octomom. Please keep her out of the news and do every thinking person a favor

1321 days ago


Sarah Palin is a complete idiot.

It was soooooo nice when she was quiet for the last two weeks.

Every time she opens her perty mouth and spews her hatred, she just looks even dumber.

1321 days ago


Hey #7 Have you listened to your President when he speaks off Prompter? Lets not forget the 57 states he went to, or the 20 years of Rev Wright that he didn't listen to. Your to stupid to see how he really feels about America. The students outburst in Iran received NO SUPPORT from this White House. We should not get involved or some BS like that. Of course they Hate America. Now in Egypt it's a different story.A allies of the US. Not the best but in the middle east if you look at the YEARS in the past you have to side with the greater of 2 evils. But then you may feel the same as BO does about us. Every time you all bad mouth and attack people like Palin or any other you just make us stronger as you can see from the last election. So please keep it up :)

1321 days ago


Those Tea Party people need to invest into Sara and Todd's past church and beliefs and NO its not Christian... I'm Christian they are not. I think she would lose every single one if them if they would see those videos of her that I did. Be smart, stop letting radio talk hosts or news casters convince you of something because they carry so much hate for anyone who doesn't totally agree with them. I did and when I did that I see good Dems, I see good Repub, I see good "I" and Socialist. I now have no chosen party just chosen people. Isn't that the way it should be? Oh... and Sara dropped off a very long time ago.

1321 days ago


#91 Ben - I have to believe that you have not seen the videos of Sara and her husband at church years ago (they kept it as quite as they could when she surfaced). It make Rev White look like an Angle. Something maybe you should investigate before you speak again. maybe TZM can dig them up and post them.

1321 days ago


Palin's done.

Jared Loughner. Sarah Palin. Lock and Reload.

Jared Loughner. Sarah Palin. Jesse Kelly. M-16's Against Giffords.

Jared Loughner. Sarah Palin. Gun Crosshairs on Giffords.

Jared Loughner. Sarah Palin. Tea Party. Second Amendment Remedies.

Jared Loughner. Sarah Palin. Tea Party. Myspace Heroes.

Jared Loughner. Sarah Palin. Tea Party. Giffords Building Shot Up.

Jared Loughner. Sarah Palin Tea Party. Intimidating Giffords With Guns.

Jared Loughner. Sarah Palin. Don't Retreat, Reload.

Jared Loughner, Tea Party Poster-Boy.

Jared Loughner, Sarah Palin's #1 Fan

1321 days ago


Why is she still called Governor? She didn't even serve a full term and she walked away from her position. She doesn't deserve the title.

1321 days ago


More likely she reneged, again. She does this to organizations that support her all the time. And it's terribly embarrassing to them when they say she's going to be the keynote speaker and then she publicly bails or disputes that she ever agreed to do it. That's the only explanation, especially if the organization itself says there were no direct threats.

1321 days ago

Yep I said that    

Governor? wasn't that like a 5 minute thing with her. I wait for the day she runs for President so I can sit back and watch the other candidates steam roll over her, or maybe Katie can interview her again LOL

1321 days ago

Cindy Blonde    

# 7 the real idiot is you. a title such as governor or president remains with the person for life. such as a united states president remains with security from the secret service for life. i realize you dont understand american politics very well. and im also very curious why all the retarded liberals never attack her on her policies but on a personal level. oh wait i know why they are not smart enough to understand policies such as number #7. why do they still call her governor? i thought she resigned. god she gets on my nerves. it is so scary someone so stupid almost became vice president.

1321 days ago
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