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Lindsay Lohan -- Felony Grand Theft Charges Filed

2/9/2011 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been officially charged with felony grand theft ... TMZ has learned.  The case has just been filed.

Lindsay Lohan Felony Charges
Lindsay is accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, CA jewelry store on January 22. Surveillance video from the store shows Lindsay walking out with the necklace, which is partially hidden by other jewelry around Lindsay's neck.

Prosecutors recommended Lindsay's bail be set at $20,000. If convicted of felony grand theft, according to the charging documents Lindsay could face up to three years in state prison.


Lindsay will be arraigned today at 1:30 PM PT -- we'll livestream the hearing so stay tuned.



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If you don't understand the importance of putting your best foot forward and looking your best at a court appearance it is you that doesn't get it, Lou.

Oh wait, that's right you do understand the importance of it. You just can't pass up a chance to pick on her that's all.

How classy of you!

Posted at 11:13 AM on Feb 9, 2011 by Puckett


Oh yes, silly me, I forgot,she had to get the FU on her nail so she can look her best in court, thanks so much for reminding us all how important it is to look your best in court. And to appear respectful.

1361 days ago


she is not interesting; it's fun to watch someone fail miserably at life but i'm tired of it being her. we need someone new! shia ladouche is making a stab at it; lets watch him.

1361 days ago


I feel safer already! One less ethically bankrupt criminal mastermind to criple our honest merchants! The blight that holds Venice in its Satan's grip is finally starting to lift.

1361 days ago


Yea this looks bad on Lindsey. But why didn't the store call her, e-mail her or to ask that the necklace be returned. If Lindsey is also a clipto then why haven't any of her mental health or rehab professionals discovered and treated her for this? She needs to get out of town, just like Ellen Degeneres did and advised Lindsey to do.

1361 days ago


Rose5491 - I think that SCAR issue is just printed on all felony court docs. It's just information listed that MIGHT apply, not that it does apply.

1361 days ago


Just read # 15. This girl, if she did write all that, is seriously immature. Has she not connected that her behavior is why she keeps going to court and/or jail? I wonder if some of her brain cells are fried. I hope she does a little time in jail. She needs to understand Mommy does not run her world, she does and it's her behind that will be in prison, not Mommy's.

1361 days ago


Prison would be the best thing to happen to her. It might just finally make a light go on.

1361 days ago


@ 130

Wait a couple years and it should be mileys turn, then perhaps Beber

1361 days ago


Can't we jsut ****can celebs who fall into patterns like this and find new ones? There are PLENTY of actresses out there who are more talented, MUCH more attractive and don't have issues with drugs, theft, etc.
We need to teach ALL celebs that if they want to maintain their celeb status - they can't be f'n douchbags like Lindsay!

1361 days ago


Maybe she dealing with psychological consequences of incarceration and cant handle the streets with the free people...Institutionalization
or she like the food
or looks smoking hot in orange
or three hots and cot lifestyle is the way to go.
or confused Supermax with Superman

1361 days ago


The necklace was not lent to her. The store owner already made a statement that any loaned jewelry requires complex, lengthy paperwork to be signed by both parties. They don't ever just hand out jewelry on a verbal promise no matter the celebrity of the borrower or not. It is all done legally and in writing. Lindsay has nothing in writing to back up her claim that the necklace was lent to her. She must think everyone is stupid...she is the ignorant one.

1361 days ago


Try Hair Club For Women

1361 days ago


I have a question. Does the felony case (stealing the necklace) go before a trial if she pleads not guilty? If so, how long does it take for a trial date to be set in California?

1361 days ago


@116 LouA felonymisunderstanding. Wow, that's a new one. Kind of up there with "the glove don't fit," dontcha think?

Posted at 10:57 AM on Feb 9, 2011 by lou

Uh Lou, the glove didn't fit and OJ was acquitted. What was your point again? Apparently that argument wasn't as ridiculous to the jury as you think it was. /smirk

Posted at 11:03 AM on Feb 9, 2011 by Puckett

His excuse was laughable and even after he was aquitted, people still knew he was guilty. And, like Lindsay, he was arrogant. Arrogant enough to write a book, "If I Did It" which chronicled exactly how the murder was done. He hung himself with his arrogance because he ended up in prison for a looooooong time after his last robbery...because, like Lindsay, people wanted to see him pay for his crime.

So, just like, "the glove don't fit," was a joke, so is Nichole's claim of a felonymisunderstanding.

Unlike you, I don't have to insert a smirk to try to intimidate someone into thinking like I do. I believe that rational argument works much better than bullying tactics.

Posted at 11:17 AM on Feb 9, 2011 by lou

Lou just ignore puckertt, that is Nicoles other personality. See when Nicole feels bullied "puckett" comes out.

I had a run in with "puckett" the other day he is a real a**hole and gets off (really gets off if you know what i mean) by thinking he has intimidated someone on the TMZ message board.

Oh puckett the glove clearly fit OJ it was just a bit snug and the glove had NOTHING to do with OJ getting off. There were many factors including an alleged racist cop and holes in the prosecutions time line which provided reasonable doubt, since you can not find someone guilty without proof beyond a reasonable doubt that is why OJ got off.

You can keep your smirk to yourself :)

1361 days ago


why does she always look dirty?

1361 days ago
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