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Lindsay Lohan To Be Charged With Felony Tomorrow

2/8/2011 7:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan will be charged with felony grand theft tomorrow.

Lindsay Lohan Felony Charges

Sources connected with the case tell us ... the single count of felony grand theft will be filed at Airport Court in L.A. Wednesday morning.

Lindsay will be arraigned at 1:30 PM.  She must be present for the hearing.

Lindsay will be charged with stealing a $2,500 necklace from an L.A. jewelry store.

If convicted, she could be sent to California State prison.


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what about the girl who turned in the neckles if that was me i be charge with reciveing stolen property amazing how that HUH!!!!.. OH LINDSAY YOU SHOULD JUST PAID FOR IT YOU GOT MONEY DUMB @$$

1330 days ago


You no I adore Lyndsay ,I grew up without a father,& I no what she is going threw,shes looking for that male model ,someone that will love her for who she is,& talk about all the good things to do for the rest of you life & dont look back on the futhure ,always think about the people that love you now

1330 days ago


She just can't help it, her karma is screeming out " I want to go to jail " to visit with " Bubbett "... She is really turning into a sorry piece of skin....

1330 days ago


I'm not sure if I believe it yet. Its a lot of free publicity for the store. Its very possible this could resemble the ol' housekeeper trick....where someone tells them to go get a $10 bill out of their make them appear to be a thief. There are people that diabolical. "Hey, Lindsey, just take that necklace and we'll log it out" ??? Anything is possible with the right motivation...and...who would believe her? Something feels really fishy about this.Especially because she wore it in plain site....and was "photographed" with it on. FISHY!

1330 days ago


Last year she was worth 18 million, after court charges and other turmoil in her life due to unpredictable cir***stances she unfortunately has little or no money. She is a child star with many issues , I don't think she should be punished she entertains us and makes us feel all good inside!

1330 days ago


When will these rich people finally realize they can't be the exception to addition. So mnay of them think they caqn control their drug habits but don't realize the drugs control them. I mean, look at the list of sad examples. The only differance between the celebrity on drugs and the junkie on the street corner is one has lots of money.....for a little time anyway. I wish they would wake up and realize their stupidity.

1330 days ago


Hmmm prob wasnt her purse, pants, jacket, this low class UN talented bitch has gotten away way with way to much.. yet she will get media attention, people like me commenting on her, sooo she will walk from this as well....

1330 days ago


I doubt she stole the jewelry, She probably took it on the terms she belived she was renting or taking a loan for it, but was too stupid to understand the laguage or contract and got herself in trouble like always. She probably will end up paying the court cost plus fine and work out an agreement with the store.

1330 days ago


More drama, more visablity, more marketing exposure, more cat and mouse with the judical system for the bad girl. This is why they call it the entertainment business.

1330 days ago


reg. joe hope she rots in jail

1330 days ago


Lindsay, bless er heart has been silently crying for help for years by these attention getters. I hope her family and judge is now prepared to mandate the help she needs before she accidentally or intentionally ends her life.

1330 days ago


Is anyone shocked that this little delicate necklace is valued at $2,500? I am afraid I am more surprised by that than Lindsay being accused of yet another crime!

1330 days ago


The folks in California should be thanking Lindsay for bringing attention to the chinzy over-priced necklaces that boutique sells. There is not enough gold in that necklace to make it worth $2500 at today's gold market prices. Now everyone will know what a rip off that boutique's jewelry is.

1330 days ago


That gold necklace looks like a complete ripoff if that jewelry stored claims the necklad is worth charging $2,500 for that skimpy little chain. Unless that thing has diamonds all over it, it is not worth $2,500. In fact, I doubt that it even has the amount of gold in it that would make it worth $2,500. It is not worth the cops getting involved. It is not worth a court trial. Just get a court order to have her either hand over the grossly over-priced Cracker Jack-looking bauble or take the money out of her bank account. It really looks chintzy.

1330 days ago


you need to leave the celeberties alone they are just trying to make a living with what they know is acting i live in america i thought but i guess i was dam sure wrong hey i play the piano some and i listen to country music and all other music as well i know i should be famous but i'm not we live in amwrica but i know we have are flaws hey not everyone is perfect in this old world what happened to peoples heart you need to put your heart before antything else some times it is good to do who knows just like country music singers rap singers rock singers and who else

1330 days ago
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