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Dallas Mayor, Councilman Squabble Over Michael Vick

2/7/2011 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick got a key to the city of Dallas this weekend -- but the Mayor of Dallas is not only washing his hands of matter ... he's a little pissed Vick got the honor.

Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway (who is actually a Councilman who can fill in for the mayor in a pinch) gave Vick the honor -- stirring a post Super Bowl controversy in Big D -- but did so without the knowledge of Mayor Tom Leppert.

Leppert says, "The action taken was not sanctioned by my office and was not an official ceremonial honor on behalf of the City of Dallas. [This was] done without my knowledge or approval."

Caraway said the gesture was more ceremonial than official, though those "keys" really don't do anything anyway.

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This dirty rotten pig should be in jail. Giving anything to this murderer is terrible. I hope he rots. What goes around comes around and he will piss someone off and he will get his. Stupid BB

1318 days ago


How about giving a key to a fallen soldier, or to a person donating time or money to a cancer patient that can't afford medical treatment? those are the types of role models or hero's we should look up to. MV go kill some more dogs or smoke weed. get real dallas!

1318 days ago

team mel    

Carraway is a joke! Vick will rot in hell for what he did. I am ashamed to live in Dallas!

1318 days ago


I just don't get it why most black people"not all " will forgive a black person for an horrendous crime like Vick or OJ just because its what they call one of their own but if its someone like Big Ben its different ...Its always about race to some of these people ...Makes you wonder if those people aren't racists ..

1318 days ago


Vick should not have been given the 'key to the city' but rather the key to county JAIL!!!! (then throw the key away and let this POS rot)

1318 days ago


I find it very Hypocritical of people to condem MV for dog fighting and we don't hear anything about politicians,ceo's, and vp's going duck, deer, or bear hunting!!!! I don't condone what MV did but he's apologized and served time for what many consider sport (other animals) FORGIVE and let the man live!

1318 days ago

Go Away    

Granted Vick did his time it does not mean he should be celebrated.

This was done as pandering to the AA community by an AA councilman; why else would a councilman from Dallas celebrate a Philly QB?

1318 days ago


There are some things so vile and disgraceful, they can't just be "gotten over". Yes, he paid "the price" the courts deemed enough that he no longer needs to live behind bars, but that does not mean he should be embraced and held in honor. He has something seriously, inherently twisted in his psyche to murder small pet dogs by feeding them to dogs he trained to be killers and all the other, separate sick acts he was involved in with his dogfighting ring.

I find it disheartening to see the way our society has let this POS back into the spotlight and make millions of dollars. Now he can just be more discrete in whatever the latest outlet for his sick values is.

1318 days ago


Prison does not miraculously cure cruelty. He tortured dogs. He didn't just kill them when he was done with them. He TORTURED them. Dallas honors people like this? Freakin' disgusting.

1318 days ago



HE spreads herpes

1318 days ago

Keith Bilbrey    

Okay...being from the Dallas area,I'm trying to figure out what Michael Vick did to deserve this "honor". Personally I think the council member wanted a reason to meet Vick, and nothing more.

C'mon...he plays for the Eagles, the hated rivals of the Dallas Cowboys...unless he does something huge for the Dallas area, there is no reason to give him the keys.

1318 days ago


Michael Vick should have been banned from ever playing football again, He is a disgrace to mankind. Then to give him the key to a city what is wrong with people???????????????

1318 days ago


Caraway is black; that's the only reason Vick received the "honor".

Race will always be an issue in this country because of pricks like Caraway.

1318 days ago


i could never confuse mike vick with anybody ! he tortured dogs and brought animal cruelty to an entirely new level . he is s*** and he always will be. he will end up in prison soon enough. the key to dallas is a joke , not only is the mayor upset and against it , he had no knowledge of this ! n ZOE, "us white folks" do love our animals and our children . as for the meth head comment , you dont see me calling your children "crack heads " so stick to the issue which is even mike vick getting the key to dallas is shady because he is a lowlife POS tyat if it wasnt for football hed be on welfare!

1318 days ago


Thanks for posting that video, it truly shows Mike is still the same cold callous monster today as he was when he was killing those precious dogs.

He should have got a life sentence. Thug punk for life. I would personally love to give him the proper justice he deserves.

1318 days ago
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