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Judge to Steve Harvey's Ex: No More Bad Mouthing

2/8/2011 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Harvey's ex-wife -- who's publicly accused the comedian of leaving her homeless -- was just ordered by a judge to shut her trap ... TMZ has learned.


Steve won an injunction against his ex Mary Lee Harvey in Texas state court yesterday -- which bars her from slamming Steve in the media ... including YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

The gag order follows a number of incendiary videos Mary Lee recently posted about Steve on the Internet -- accusing him of leaving her homeless, stealing her wealth, and turning their son against her.

According to the court, Mary was NOT left homeless ... she was awarded THREE houses in their divorce -- and Steve did NOT take her money ... he was paying her $40k a month. 

The gag order stays in effect until at least the next hearing, which is set for March 10.


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The delusional states some people live in is just amazing!

1316 days ago


Ironic that he writes books and preaches how to be a good husband when he has multiple divorces, at least one ex wife that can't stand him, and multiple baby mamas:(

1316 days ago


Anon - STFU!

OK now where are those Steve bashers who thought he left this lying bitch penniless? Hands? mmm hmmm - humble pie doesn't taste good does it?

This heffa was lying her ass off for attention & you dumbasses fell for it.

1316 days ago


$40,000 a month and 3 houses; that proves that she is a complete liar. Wow, Steve has just won the media war because she is a loser who is using the media as a weapon because she can't deal with her own issues, which undoubtedly include defaming a man who has done right by her financially. She's not entitled to live like Queen just because she was once married to him. Most people love on a little more than $50,000 a YEAR! Mary Lee Harvey shut your trap... zero sympathy, and I am not a Steve Harvey fan either!

1316 days ago


Looks like Steve has the same screwed up judge of character in women that many wealthy, successful men have. And/or he is wishy-washy in his commitments to them. Either way, he will end up with gold diggers like this if he doesn't pay more attention to who he gets involved with.

1316 days ago


Typical woman I knew she was lying. I mean really she's been getting 40k a month and she still feels the need to lie and publicly bash? She shouldn't get one dime in the divorce just for being so vindictive.

1316 days ago


Nunya - STFU!


1316 days ago

Gloria Unread    

"According to the court, Mary was NOT left homeless ... she was awarded THREE houses in their divorce"

Ahh.. but if Steve made her move out of the house they were sharing, and there were a reason why she couldn't move into those other three houses immediately (like that they were being renting out at the time) then she would have technically been "homeless" for a while.

Also: If the Mary had money in the bank - say, in a shared account - that Steve emptied out, she could technically say she had her wealth "stolen" and not be lying.

I'm not a Lawyer... I just play one on the Internet! :-)

1316 days ago


I wonder how much of that 40k had to go towards house notes on the 3 properties that probably werent worth a penny if she tried to sell them! Property can be an expense if there are house notes and a steep market decline!!

1316 days ago

queen love    

Mary Mary quite contrary...

1316 days ago


what a skank,
40 k a month MONTH!!
3 homes.
what is wrong with these greedy slime bags
move on

1316 days ago


Ain't no scorn like a scorned sista.

1316 days ago

Spelling & Grammar    

Mary Harvey wasn't asking, for money from Steve Harvey. Her main concern was that she wanted to see her son. Just because she put him on airplane to see his father, doesn't mean she was giving him to Steve. Steve said many times during his divorce, that Mary was sending the son to him and that he had to make sure that nothing happens, because Mary was very protected. This was a woman who husband, was cheating and lying to her. He still should have made sure that his son has a relatioship with his mother. There is no excuse.He needs to stop all this court mess. Man up Steve Harvey.

1316 days ago


Wow let's just wait people until they finish in court to see who is lying, either way I am glad she put old big lips, big ears, not funny at all, balded big head on blast before she was ordered to shut up lol lol. Celebrities and there ex's too funny.

1316 days ago


Re: Spelling & Grammar "who husband"?????? This woman IS scorn, the current MRS. STEVE HARVEY is beautiful, probably INSIDE & outside hint, hint Mary... I BELIEVE STEVE HARVEY!!!!

1316 days ago
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