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Keith Olbermann Takes Gig With Al Gore's TV Network

2/8/2011 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keith Olbermann has a brand new home -- Al Gore's Current TV ... where he'll take the position of "Chief News Officer" and host a new 1-hour nightly show.


The show is set to debut in the spring -- it'll be the first time Keith will host a show since he abruptly parted ways with MSNBC last month.

Gore -- who serves as Chairman of Current TV -- says he's "extremely honored and delighted" about Keith ... calling him a "great fit with Current in every way."

Gore also said Olbermann will be able to make political donations in his new job -- explaining, "We believe at Current that every citizen has freedom of speech, and that freedom of speech includes the ability to donate to candidates of your choice."


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JungleTails com    

The perfect network for bowel movement, full of fruits and nuts!

1314 days ago


It's a genius business move...if 25% of Olbermann's viewers tune in Current moves from having 25,000 viewers in primetime to 250,000...and then build on it same as was done with MSNBC 8 years ago...shoots those ad rates through the roof...

1314 days ago


When the news first broke all I saw was "CurrentTV" and I'm like, Current what? What channel is that? then I looked through my digital cable menu and didn't see it as a channel I had nor as one I could opt for by paying a few bucks extra a month.

THEN I saw it was Al Gore's channel and it all came together.

Guess Old Man Olbermann's 5 true fans will have a hard time following him.

1314 days ago


I just love all the 'global warming experts' here who keep inferring that the cold winters in the north east is proof of some 'lie' or 'conspiracy'.

Uhhh... If any of them had the slightest clue about global warming... they would know that... yes... Colder Winters ARE a result of the warming.

It's been predicted over and over for YEARS.

Now for you conspiracy nuts.. in a quick sound byte that maybe you can grasp here it is in a nutshell-

The warmer Arctic air rises into the polar atmosphere causing continued Arctic air to ingress into the Northern Hemisphere in future winters. Therefore... IT'S COLDER IN THE WINTERS.

WAKE UP you effing witless uneducated redneck morons. DUHHHHHHH........

1314 days ago

Big Bad Rob    

Olderdouche is a death knell to this "network". Everything he touches ends up failing.

1314 days ago


I'd love to see someone at that network donate to Sarah Palin. I think freedom of speech only extends so far over there. I've never even heard of Current TV, is it a popular add on to cable packages?

1314 days ago

Rock Singer    

Do you think Current TV will allow Keith to grow back his mustache...then I'm in.

1314 days ago


"Quote"#4 cracks me up! Hysterical. Maybe they can get Katie Couric and Dan Rather to join Keith. Nothing like total and complete fabrication for the daily news!

Yeah Just like Fox news does.

1314 days ago


Two crack-pots !!! They both need anger management classes ! What a joke and to think these two numb-nuts have followers is even more scary !!!

1314 days ago


Both Make Me Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They SOooooo Deserve Each Other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1314 days ago


Nobody watched him on MESS-NBC and nobody will watch him on the Gore Fest, as well.

1314 days ago


"...ability to donate to candidates of your choice" ? bawwhhahahhahahhaahaha!
Of course everyone knows which candidates will get donated to from EVERYONE on that channel...thus no need to keep up the pretense of objectivity........
What a funny line!

1314 days ago


Current TV?!?!?!? What the heck is that? Olbermann should ask for his paycheck in cash, I wouldn't trust that a check would clear the bank.

1314 days ago


There could not be two more irrelevant people on this planet...which by the way, I hear is now in a global cooling phase. Hey! maybe Time could re-issue its 1975 cover, "How to Survive the Coming Ice Age" and Newsweek could re-issue its 1975 cover story, "The Cooling of America"!

1314 days ago


WAIT? WHAT? He gets Kicked off for talking a bit too much more than the oncoming CEO liked after the merger, only to become a Gore future propagandist? WTF, if MSNBC merger couldnt co-opt him, why could Gore get him to compromise his integrity? This is a terrible day for partially independent thought in media, imo. Dylan Ratigan is all thats left for MSNBC, and if he keeps talking truth, hes gone next! And he will never reach prime time, even if he is the best host on the network!

1314 days ago
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