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Lindsay: 'I'm Not Guilty Because I'm NOT!'

2/8/2011 10:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends ... she's pleading not guilty tomorrow with vigor, because she says, "I honestly feel I did nothing wrong."


Lohan is saying privately, "I'm pleading not guilty because I'm NOT!"

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will be charged Wednesday with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace.

She'll be arraigned at 1:30 PM PT... and TMZ will livestream the hearing.


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Remedial help for Lindsay:

OK, Lindsay, here's some very basic information you seem to have missed out on- taking stuff that's not yours (without permission and without paying for it) is called "stealing". And stealing is WRONG. Practically everybody who's ever been ripped off agrees strongly with that. Wrong even if you used to be considered hot.

Now stay with me because here's where YOU come into it....

When you took that necklace (without paying for it and without permission), YOU were STEALING. (That's why the store owners reported it STOLEN*, *an adjective form from the infinitive "to steal". Therefore, YOU DID DO SOMETHING WRONG.

Now try to absorb that shocking bit of information and later we'll talk about what happens to people who caught stealing....

1351 days ago


It IS stealing if you walk out of the store with something that's not yours and you decide not to return it until a search warrant is issued!

1351 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks things feel much more right in the world when Lindsay Lohan is in a courtroom?

1351 days ago


cant wait to see her tommorow crying like a spoiled baby a-la paris hilton

1351 days ago


@ Nicole sure your reading

Alexis Neiers got 2 years suspended for 6 months in jail. Not likely Lindsay will actually go to prison, I would expect her to get a full year in jail and possibility a limit imposed by the judge having to do with her early release then another 2 years of probation.

The probation will be her downfall,,, again

1351 days ago


That's probably what everyone around her is telling her, too. These people who have coddled and catered to her all of her life are doing her such a disservice, sycophants. Her problems and fall from grace come from all the lies and failure to take responsibility for her actions. We all screw up -- even celebrities -- so just own it.

1351 days ago

Just Me    

She had the item in her possession, was photographed wearing it leaving the store, and days later photographed wearing it again ~ If she didn't pay for the item, and it wasn't loaned to her, how is this not wrong?

So, if she "honestly feels she did nothing wrong" then she believes she is above the laws that the rest of us are obliged to live by. Nothing but a delusional spoiled brat!

1351 days ago


You know what...f*ck it just let her off with it. She giggles on the way out of the probation office with the skip to my loo dance. She isn't worried about it so lets just forget about this. If her lawyer got OJ off then people are wasitng their time speculating what will happenon this one. I just can't believe there are lawyers out there that KNOW their client did the crime and can sleep at night after fooling yet another judge. So just get over it. There is the dredge of society and then there is the rest of us. If you can't find rational in an argument there usually isn't anything to ration with. We throw up the white flag. Lindsay wins. But don't count on anyone going to what ever flicks that anyone is stupid enough to get involved with her in.
See ya.

1351 days ago


Is she serious? Maybe she better check her entitlement plan with folks before she starts walking away with their stuff. I've met people like her. Wouldn't trust them ever in my house.

1351 days ago


Innocent... until proven guilty.

She has the right in the world to plead not guilty.

That is her right... your right.... and my right.

Let the state prove it.

1351 days ago

Davey Boy    


I almost spit my drink on my laptop with that. Gosh, that was funny.

1351 days ago


Well, now the jewelry store has its' publicity. I used to live on Abbot Kinney. There's no there there.

1351 days ago


If they Jeweler really wanted the "exposure" of LieLo wearing their product....Then why didn't they let her "borrow" the ring that she kept coming by to covet??

IMO.. LieLo kept dropping by to look at the ring in hopes that they would let her "borrow" it. Doesn't look like the Jeweler wanted her type of publicity.

LieLo was probably pissed off that they weren't "appreciating" her for the "A-Lister" that she (links) she is and decided to show them by lifting the necklace!!

How DARE THEY slight her!! The nerve!!! Don't they know she's LINDSAY FUHKING LOHAN!!!!!!

Posted at 6:14 PM on Feb 8, 2011 by LA me

Oh my goodness. Sounds like you hit it right on the head!

1351 days ago


So, where is the news here? Entitled brats never feel like they've done anything wrong.

1351 days ago


Something is not right about this whole deal. If its a simple case of shoplifting and the security camera caught her leaving the store wearing the necklace why did take so long for the owner to report it to the cops? And Lindsay has a lot of problems but she isn't stupid. Only a stupid person would steal something and then wear it in plain view as they were leaving the store.

Something ain't right about this whole story.

1351 days ago
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