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Zuckerberg Stalker's Plea -- 'SAVE MY MOTHER'

2/8/2011 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of stalking Mark Zuckerberg claims he was only trying to reach the Facebook honcho in a last ditch effort to acquire financial assistance for his dying mother.


In a letter Pradeep Manukonda sent Mark this past January -- and obtained by TMZ -- the 31-year-old depicts himself as "a son to my mother who has become helpless in supporting his kin."

Pradeep claims his mother is suffering from a serious illness with little time to live -- though he doesn't disclose the nature of her illness.

Pradeep is also unclear about how much cash he wants from Zuckerberg -- only that he promises to "repay the entire amount incurred for her treatment."

As we previously reported, Zuck obtained a restraining order against Pradeep -- claiming he  posed a threat after he showed up at the Facebook offices and Mark's home. 

Pradeep has said he will not try to contact Mark again.


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TMZ Made it easier for the stalker to find Mark. They posted the location of his rental home, a picture of it, and said it was in walking distance of his work office!

1354 days ago


He doesn't seem crazy. Just desperate to help his mother. He's also South Asian, and responsibilities to parents weigh much, much heavier than in American culture. His approach is unconventional, but I can understand it. Hell, just give the guy a chance. Why are anonymous charities more deserving than one pleading man? He said he'd work the money off somehow. And I'd be inclined to believe him. (And what's with all the grammar Nazis? English isn't his first language. Get over it.)

1354 days ago


In a related story, Pradeep's family said to be disgraced following yet another failed email bombing attempt.

1354 days ago


if mark thinks its a scam, he should totally just give the money directly to the medicine/hospital and not pradeep. Mark has way to much money and it's not like he's actually going to spend it, least he can do is give this guys mother the money.

1354 days ago


Nah, this dude is obviously nutso. He has those crazy eyes. Dollars to donuts he tries to contact Zuckerberg again within a month.

1354 days ago


The poor guy was deperate to find the money to save his mother's life! If you think about it, who has wayy more money then they can ever spend? MARK ZUCKERBURG!! I am heartbroken for this guy. He is just trying everything he can to get his mother the treatments she needs. The only thing Mr. Facebook did by getting the courts involved is make himself look like a d-bag!

1354 days ago


well said, godhammer. i hope zuckerburg quietly gives this guy money. i'd do it in a heartbeat if i was that rich.

1354 days ago


@ Mike
What I mean is that he is very well off and probably wouldn't feel a thing (finance wise) from helping this guy out. No I do not buy into the money is evil theory. I am not that ignorant or naive. In no way am I trying to slam any one. I am simply saying that what this guy is asking for isn't terrible. He isn't asking for a job, he isn't asking for a donation, he isn't asking for a roof over his head, he is asking for help and a loan that he intends to pay back. He is desperate. In some ways I understand. My own fathers liver transplant total came out to over a million dollars. We were fortunate to have his work surprise us with a loan and support. His letter may seem a little scary because his English isn't the best. I strongly believe that if you ignore the cries of the hungry and needy your cries too will not be heard. Zuckerberg can't help everyone but maybe he can find it in his heart to see what is really behind this guys request.

1354 days ago


I agree with Sapphire as well, he got desperate, when my Mother was ill the electricity was shut off due to a large payment that I couldn't pay for since I left my Job to take care of her, I remember crying and begging the electric company to understand that she was sick and to help us again, (it happened once before and they accepted a letter from the doctor, which they only accept once a year) and the desperation I felt was so bad its unspeakable, well the electric company agreed to help again and they turned it back on, which she needed because she was on a machine, but I can totally understand what this young man is going thru and I pray that he finds help for his mother and his mother will be ok, God be with you Pradeep.

1354 days ago


This guy is sick. With his dying breath, he would spend every cent to fund his revolution and kill his daughter and infant in a heartbeat. This guy is dangerous and a stalker and experts say that you should NEVER under any cir***stances engage in conversation with these types.

And Anonymous, please. Americans don't have a problem with compassion or benevolence. We give more than any nation on the planet. look it up. But I for one, have a serious problem with people who wish harm on others simply because they have money. That's F'd up.

1353 days ago

And thats the truth    

It sounds as if this guys mother is poor. If so, she should be getting Medi-caid or government sponsored health insurance. My sister gets Medi-Cal (Medi-caid for California) and she had to get all of her teeth pulled because of a gum disease and she received a set of dentures. She did not have to pay anything. There is also free clinics in every city that is paid for by the tax payers. There are also county hospitals. These services have been around for at least the 47 years that I have been alive.

1353 days ago

Jimmy Shmatta    

There is no such thing as "too much money" for one person because it does not belong to you or me. What someone else owns is theirs. Don't play Obama.

1353 days ago


Why should a wealthy person be obliged to pay for a this whack job's mother (if indeed there is one)? He made his money he has the right to do with it as he wishes - those of you who think otherwise are free to donate their own money to this stalker also. It's one thing to be irate and tell Zuckerberg what to do with HIS money but would YOU like others telling you what do do with your buck?Personally, that Pradeep guy creeped me out also!

1353 days ago


It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to find out if this guys mother is really in trouble and if she is mark certainly has the money to "save" her life. I just don't understand the selfishness of people today. This is someones mother for heavens sake and it's not like mark would eat tomorrow if he chose to help this family.

1353 days ago


Mark...not all people are bad. Check out his story. If he isnt telling the truth...fine he is a nut job......BUT What if he is telling the truth. What would you do for your family? I am not saying help him by footing the bill, but possibly send the right people in his direction that could help.

1353 days ago
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