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Zuckerberg Stalker's Plea -- 'SAVE MY MOTHER'

2/8/2011 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of stalking Mark Zuckerberg claims he was only trying to reach the Facebook honcho in a last ditch effort to acquire financial assistance for his dying mother.


In a letter Pradeep Manukonda sent Mark this past January -- and obtained by TMZ -- the 31-year-old depicts himself as "a son to my mother who has become helpless in supporting his kin."

Pradeep claims his mother is suffering from a serious illness with little time to live -- though he doesn't disclose the nature of her illness.

Pradeep is also unclear about how much cash he wants from Zuckerberg -- only that he promises to "repay the entire amount incurred for her treatment."

As we previously reported, Zuck obtained a restraining order against Pradeep -- claiming he  posed a threat after he showed up at the Facebook offices and Mark's home. 

Pradeep has said he will not try to contact Mark again.


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Zuckerberg could asked his assistant to verify if this guy was telling the truth about his sick mother. He could do an investigation. If the whole story was true..c'mom! he is billionaire!! He could deduct that money from his taxes!

Apparently, this Indiand guy didn't see the movie. If Zuckerberg got rid of his own friend and associate betraying him with his share, hey.. there is no surprise he wanted to get this guy too.

I don't see any craziness in those letters. For whatever reason, he looked desperate.

1353 days ago


Compassion......but for the grace of God go I..............

1353 days ago

robert h    

What a douechebag Zuckerfudge is. All this guy wanted was a few bucks, and you just killed his mother, you jerkwad. FUDGING PRICK, give him money! It's only a few bucks for you!!! This is your chance to help humanity!!

1353 days ago


Hollyk, from all that I've read, Mark isn't much of a help to his own father... His dad is a dentist and has to advertise that he is the "Father of Facebook" in order to drum up business to keep on keeping on. Could yo imagine your own children treating you this way?

1353 days ago

robert h    

So judging from his actions and the Social Network Movie makers' research, I deduct that Fu.ckerburg is a Enema-Rag Doucherag. Unless he gives me a million dollars.

1353 days ago


This whole thing has to be a lie. Isn't that what ObamaCare is supposed to help with?

I mean, they are taking 20% of my bill for Medicare and pay it into Medicaid( welfare).

Can you spell B.O.G.U.S. or L.I.E.

1353 days ago


I do not remember reading anything about Zuckerberg doing anything except getting too rich from a well planned idea. At some point the amount of money becomes too much and his public perception suffered because of the appearance of greed. It is not like Zuckerberg constructed several billion dollars worth of US / Mexico border fence by hand to earn the money. Doing something like that would actually make him a modern day NATIONAL HERO for doing something the federal government could not do. Think about it Mark!

1353 days ago

John Doe    

Proletariat douchebags like this one make it to America from this hell hole - only to go back to their roots and beg the rich for help.

You idiot stalker, you have managed to make me feel ashamed of my country. I'm ashamed to call myself Indian. Don't you have any self respect?

1353 days ago


Well, he spelled "obnoxious" correctly. I bet that's a lot better than most of TMZ's readers eh?! Poor sucker's letters indicate desperation, not greed or mental illness.

1353 days ago


Zuckerberg should not help the guy and should continue to sell the rest of humanity down the Advertising drain.

People stupid enough to buy into his fantasy of friendship , deserve everything they get.

1353 days ago


I have doubts about the "facts" being presented by the ashkenazi media.
Who the hell would want to stalk a douche bag like Zucherberg?

1353 days ago


if he helps this guy, how many sick people do you think will then want marks money?

1353 days ago


This facebook CEO got so much money. He should have investigate first, If that guy really needs money, than have him arrested.Now you destroy his life coz that poor guy will have a record. All he needs was assistance in good deed.Selfish! Whats he gonna do with all his money

1353 days ago


Thats really sad, breaks my heart. I wish I could pay for his mothers treatment, I dont think he was trying to make a quick buck off mark. Its really sad, If this guy is lagit, then I understand his pain. I would something this crazy if i had no other hope and my mother was dying, I would writ a letter, not sure id go to the mans house and work though.

1353 days ago


DO you think the boy, Zuckerberg, who created the biggest time-wasting piece of software, data robbing software, identity stealing software, stalker software, drug dealer-affair producing-house burglar-boss spying software cares?

1353 days ago
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