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Zuckerberg Stalker's Plea -- 'SAVE MY MOTHER'

2/8/2011 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of stalking Mark Zuckerberg claims he was only trying to reach the Facebook honcho in a last ditch effort to acquire financial assistance for his dying mother.


In a letter Pradeep Manukonda sent Mark this past January -- and obtained by TMZ -- the 31-year-old depicts himself as "a son to my mother who has become helpless in supporting his kin."

Pradeep claims his mother is suffering from a serious illness with little time to live -- though he doesn't disclose the nature of her illness.

Pradeep is also unclear about how much cash he wants from Zuckerberg -- only that he promises to "repay the entire amount incurred for her treatment."

As we previously reported, Zuck obtained a restraining order against Pradeep -- claiming he  posed a threat after he showed up at the Facebook offices and Mark's home. 

Pradeep has said he will not try to contact Mark again.


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chica chica wowwow    

dude looks like a cross between an 80s porn star, a pedofile, and a crack deal hook on his own stash ...

1295 days ago

John Doe    

What's with all the people saying this guy must be helped? I'm Hindu and I'm Indian; and even I would simply turn this guy away if he followed me to work, then followed me home.

Our streets are filled with this type of persistent stalker beggars. Try walking down a main road in India. Or going to a bus stop or train station. You will be assaulted by a battery of smelly, ugly, sorry dirty beggars, who will pat you, pinch you and get in front of your face till you toss a coin in their bowl. And then it only gets worse if you give one of them... the whole local beggar regiment descends upon you and you just can't run away! If you stop your car at a traffic light, the beggars knock on your windows till you bring it down and give money. If you don't, they simply keep knocking and irritating you. Some of the more vicious ones leave scratches on the glass. It's awful.

If Zuckerberg helps this one guy, the next moment he will be swamped by literal billions of requests. Remember, our world is full of freeloaders, and they are very good at coming up with sorry stories.

1295 days ago


Why "Pradeep Manukonda's" mother is sick???
(so called) gr8 country in this world(i.e USA)???
I think FBI/CIA might be food poisoned his mother.
and most importantly half of the INDIANS are getting food poisoned by FBI,CIA with local police help.

Truth Finder
Japan technology thief

1295 days ago

Mary Jones    

Pradeep's mother is not even sick. This guy is a beggar. He can't find a job and he got his wife knocked up. He says he is going to pay the money back. If he lied about a sick mother, don't you think he is lying about paying the money back? If Mark gave him the money, he wouldn't be able to find the creep. Indians are famous for doing a disappearing act. I say deport him now.

1292 days ago


Why pradeep wife ditched him?? Ya that's what i been telling. FBI & CIA with local police help, food poisned him not to work. and made him sexually impotent by food poisons. Its their(FBI & CIA) daily routines.

USA is a useless country for INDIANS. Not Pradeep, all(Indians) should come out of that country.

1291 days ago



728 days ago
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