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'Deadliest Catch' Star Honored -- One Year After Death

2/9/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been one year since "Deadliest Catch" star Captain Phil Harris passed away -- and TMZ has learned his sons will honor his memory in the place they felt closest to him ... on a fishing boat.


We're told Jake and Josh Harris are currently on board the boat their dad made famous -- the F/V Cornelia Marie because they feel their dad would have wanted them to treat the day like any other day ... and continue to run the family business.

Sources close to the family tells us the boys just wrapped up a successful season of Opilio crabbing and are now headed to Kodiak, AK for cleaning and repairs. 

As we previously reported, both Jake and Josh have expressed interest in following in Phil's footsteps ... and captain their own boats one day.



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Wow no shortage of losers posting negative comments. To the ones typing who cares? who care? You must care enough to post a comment. #13 lake, you should drown in a lake sometime this summer it will make your mom and I very Happy... I would love to piss all over the tasteless commenters graves when the time comes.

1360 days ago


You made me laugh skipper. god bless you and the cornelia marie

1360 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Good for them. Knowing what we all know now about living healthy, I hope their sons will NOT follow in their father's footsteps regarding food & drink & tobacco. He did not look healthy when I started watching that show & I wondered how long he could keep that up. As far as tribute, they could do something along the lines of what the Hillstrands do when they pass the spot where their dad is buried. AND KEEP THOSE CRAB LEGS COMING! WE CAN'T GET ENOUGH!

1360 days ago


Captain Phil or Redneck? LOL

1360 days ago

Rhonda C. Poynter    

I'm usually riding shotgun for those who shred reality tv; I think it's why nobody even bothers with tv, anymore. But I do like this series, and think it's well written, directed, etc. And it's about people who work their a@@?s off - we need to see that there's still work some damn place, and not everyone is jobless and barely hanging on.

1360 days ago


Now Now calm down folks, just because Phil, Sig Hansen, Andy and Jonathon are REAL men no need to be nasty! They do REAL men work, not namby pamby stuff like a lot of so called "stars". Nor, do they strip off their clothes and sell their own sex tapes like Ktrash. These men risk life and limb to procure a product a lot of us buy. These are not "FAKE" jobs folks..

1360 days ago


Captain Phil was a really great guy. He loved his fans and treated them with great respect. He will be missed.

1360 days ago


Ride your harley in the sky! You made me smile.

1360 days ago


The great thing about the internet, the worse thing is it gives complete idiots a voice like you people who feel the need to put down a man because he smoked, so what. what bad habits do you have please cast the first stone.Also they have strict rules on there catches, cant some of you at least respect a man for a job well done. Im proud to have been able to have watched the man do a job you panty waist who killed the grab but give me a burger jerks have nothing better to do but just make a comment stupid as it is. wish Mr harris were still here and your duh let me write another stupid line were dead. heres a curse on you and your d.n.a.

1359 days ago

Jon the NBA floor Sweat Wiper    

Really this idiot was ice boat fishing ppl. I mean comon this guy might as well have tied raw steaks to his naked body and jumped in a Lions cage. Guess this will be an annual thing for this show. Where's Lindsay when you need her Uhhhhhh........

1359 days ago

dedicated viewer    

If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all! Boys continue loving and honoring your father---I think it's wonderful!

1359 days ago


First 2 posts need to be deleted, AND ashamed of themselves!...Show some respect for the dead!
Captain Phil, Rest In Peace.
My thoughts and good fishing are with Captain Phil's Family and Friends!

1359 days ago


To all those making rude and disrespectful remarks re: Capt Phil and the commercial fishing industry: STOP listening to the PETA propoganda. Most of you need to just shut up with your self-righteous comments re: commercial fishing. I live in a state that is dependent on commercial fishing. Without it a lot of people would go hungry. To use the term 'rape' completely trivializes what the term actually means. The next time you sit down to a seafood dinner, remember that someone actually risked their lives to provide that food for you! RIP Captain Phil. We in Oregon loved you.

1359 days ago


Some of you self-righteous jerks need to quit listening to PETA and shut up about commercial fishing. There are many families whose livelihoods depend on the sea, and to call fishing "rape" actually trivializes the word as to what it really means! You can slam Capt Phil for smoking all you want, but at least he was a REAL MAN doing REAL WORK which is more than I can say for some cubicle rats who can't seem to appreciate nothing...not even a decent seafood meal.

1359 days ago


Still miss you Captain Phil. Best wishes go to Josh, Jake and the rest of the fishing family.

1359 days ago
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