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Jewelry Shop Owners 'Sad' About Lohan Prosecution

2/9/2011 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The jewelry store owners who blew the whistle on Lindsay Lohan now say they feel bad Lindsay has been charged with a crime for which she could go to prison.

Kamofie & Company

Geoff Kaman, owner of Kamofie & Company -- the jewelry store where Lindsay allegedly pilfered the $2,500 necklace -- tells TMZ he and his wife "are extremely sad on how all of this has turned out."

Nonetheless, Geoff and his wife have cooperated with authorities, which led to the criminal case.


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I'm sick of hearing dumb comments keep being posted over and over again.

Common sense would dictate since this is a rich broad they would want to suck up to her because believe it or not hollywood yuppies buy fancy 4000 dollar crap.

Also has anyone ever thought maybe the owners are just nice people sheesh.

1288 days ago


I'm happy DA is holding her responsible! But what did that idiot jeweler think when he filed report. He meant for her to get in trouble. Dummy

1288 days ago


Why should they feel bad? Lindsay did it to herself. No one made her take the necklace, the other jewerly from the last time she stole stuff, the coat, the watch or any of the other little things she ripped off. If she actually gets real time for this, it could be the best thing that ever happens to her.

1288 days ago


TO: 2. [EW] who wrote:

"Is that a hint that they were lying?"


Videotapes can't lie.

Posted at 11:43 AM on Feb 9, 2011 by Italia

They can, but the metadata will reveal if there has been tampering.

1288 days ago


Oh, good lord. Does it occur to anybody that it feels bad to "get somebody in trouble" even if they deserve it. Yes, they feel guilty, not because they did anything wrong, but because good people don't derive smug satisfaction from ratting people out. Geez.

1288 days ago


I don't think the store is sorry!!! They have received more publicity than they could ever pay for. I think the "one of a kind" is one of a kind because it is probably NOT real gold. Has anyone verified the necklace is worth 2.5k?

1288 days ago


It will be interesting to see if Kamofie's sales will go up or down as a result of this. My guess is that they will be out of business in 6 months.

While I think that Lindsay is a complete mess, I find it difficult to understand that if Lindsay indeed stole/walked out with out paying why Kamofie didn't immediately call 911? Anyone else would have been arrested immediately. That is the part of the case that makes me think that Kamofie did lend the necklace to Lindsay but freaked out or decided to make an issue of this.

1288 days ago


Seems the main discussion here now is about the motives of the store owners. Figures. No wonder Lohan gets away with so much. Blame the store owners.

1288 days ago


The store owners, Geoff Kaman and his wife are not about to risk their personal and business reputations on false claims and charges relating to this incident. The necklace WAS stolen, Lindsay knows she stole it and the evidence is insurmountable and irrefutable. Lindsay, you're goin' down for felony grand theft!

1288 days ago

MissHaris Pilton    

Yeah, RIGHT! They're "saddened"??? NOT.

1288 days ago


Why sorry? Would you feel this way if it weren't a D- crackhead celebrity?

1288 days ago


Blah... Well-done jewelry store owners. We need people like you to help bring more of these self-entitled douche bags to justice when they decide to spread their stench once again.

1288 days ago


It's really nice that they are saying they are sorry after the fact that she has been charged with a crime. It's not as if they didn't know all along that she could be charged with a crime that could result in prison time, and I have to wonder if their store has had some backlash and decreased sales because of all of this. How many celebrities do you think will want to do business with them now? In my opinion, I think that they made the whole thing up after loaning her the necklace in order to get some media attention for themselves because they thought that publicity would increase their business. I think that they tried to take advantage of her situation, didn't benefit from it the way they thought they would, and are now trying to cover themselves. I feel bad for Lindsay because I never thought for one minute that she would do something so ridiculous and irresponsible after all that she has gone through and after apparently successfully completing her rehab. She has the money to buy the necklace, she knew that there would be security cameras on her in the store, she knows that she is under a lot of scrutiny, and she knew that she could go to jail if she did something like this, so I believe that she is INNOCENT.

1288 days ago


They should not worry. Lindsay will not receive a harsh punishment. Celebrities and beautiful people get special treatment in our justice system.

1288 days ago


Lindsey needs to be in jail! How does she seem to get away with things? Why are people sticking up for her? The store owners did the right thing! Congratulations!!!!

1288 days ago
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