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Gayle King -- It Doesn't Pay to Be Oprah's Half-Sister

2/10/2011 12:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey isn't going to cut a huge check to her newly discovered half-sister Patricia just because they're related ... at least not yet ... because Gayle King says "that isn't how Oprah operates."

Gayle was out in New York City last night, where she told us Oprah and Patricia were off to "a really good start ... and they're both taking it very slow."

Gayle says Patricia earned serious points by not exploiting the fact that she was Oprah's half-sister -- despite knowing about the relationship since 2007.


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If I had a sister I would take care of her for sure..thats what family is all about...

Posted at 9:54 AM on Feb 10, 2011 by MIDNIGHT TOKER

I've been meaning to introduce myself...Harlot O'Hara Toker.

1349 days ago

Agree with #2. Empress Oprah done this show for RATINGS!! Brown-Nosed Gayle is threatened by her half sister that is why Gayle made that statement. You don't hear much from Stedman.

1349 days ago


some body is jealooooouss hahah

Posted at 9:50 AM on Feb 10, 2011 by ohreally

yep, gayle is pea green with envy of pat.

1349 days ago

Jerry Springer    

Oprah only gives away on TV for huge tax right-offs. The people who are given this stuff are on the hook for taxes.

She has exploited 200 men for ratings, her sister and her own hooker mother.....If she was not black her show would have ended years ago.

She will come out after her ABC show ends.

1348 days ago


Get real, her new "sister" is well aware that "Oprah's check" is going to be much bigger than the "tabloid check". THAT'S why she didn't sell her story.

1348 days ago


Why does Oprah like this gold digging skank. This woman needs to be cut off and she should get a real job.

1348 days ago


Gayle King says "that isn't how Oprah operates."

Correction, "That isn't how Oprah operates and I should know because we've been lovers for years and I've only gotten my own TV show one time."

1348 days ago

robert h    

If her sister has known since 07 and hasn't said anything, I'm pretty sure Oprah has been paying her to keep her yapper shut since then..because any normal person would tell somebody!!

1348 days ago


I don't care for Oprah personally but she will never run out of money. That woman is a mogul. She will set up a trust for her sister then her and Gayle will ride off into the $un$et.
All people in her line of business are ratings wh*res so of course she will do what she needs to for ratings but let's face it, she isn't starving for followers.

1348 days ago


To Javera, Why do you keep calling everyone a racist? You're the racist. You started with "Margo" and if you read her post non aggressively you might realize she's making a statement. Unlike all of your name calling. Read the post as an individual, not as a black person or a white person or any other color. He who screams Racist loudest IS the racist!!!!!!

1348 days ago


If I had a sister I would take care of her for sure..thats what family is all about...

Posted at 9:54 AM on Feb 10, 2011 by MIDNIGHT TOKER

I've been meaning to introduce myself...Harlot O'Hara Toker.

Posted at 9:58 AM on Feb 10, 2011 by HarlotO'Hara

Move over Harlot, I'm "Majestik Toker". Got a nice ring to it too eh? LOL

1348 days ago


What a bunch of pathetic bigots, rooting for a black woman's failure all because you're too lazy to achieve anything yourself.

Posted at 9:51 AM on Feb 10, 2011 by javera

Why don't you knock off the "BLACK" woman crap. She's a very successful woman, simple as that, the fact that you continuously refer to her heritage just makes it sound like "Black" is the only colour that matters and the rest of us don't. Sounds a lot like Racism to me!!!

1348 days ago


Wow what is wrong most of you. Good gravy - Whether you like Oprah or not, she has done some wonderful things to help people. Be happy for them instead of being jealous for yourself.

1348 days ago



racist bigot? Are you Cartman, sounds like his Gay Homosexual!!

1348 days ago


And why is this any of Gayles business?

1348 days ago
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