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Halle Berry & TMZ's Gary -- When Worlds Collide

2/10/2011 5:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry had an unlikely elevator mate yesterday during a major paparazzi crush -- TMZ's very own Gary Trock. Buttons were definitely pushed.

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TMZ dont like me    

LMAO. Gary, man, you should have laid your mack game on her!

"Soooo.......Wanna another shot at giving Nahla a "black" half-sister or brother??"

1349 days ago


If anyone came out to say Gabriel is a 'Racist' why didn't they do that before? only NOW they say he is, and who are these people?? seedy, losers who only want their name involved to become famous by making it look like they are on the Hollywood Celebrity's side, Miss Berry. The only one I see who is a racist is Halle! That article she did says it all and the magazine came out at the perfect time. And she says she has her daughters best interests? by saying that Nahla's Father and his heritage means nothing to her or has nothing to do with her kid? Oh Halle, you just shot yourself in the foot with this one. Good Luck in court! We aren't the only ones who think you are a lying, crazy, mean spirited bigot....The Judge is going to see that also.

1349 days ago


All he could get out of his mouth wes , uh you smell nice.

1349 days ago

Mike Smith    

Gary looks just like Newman from the show Seinfeld. Definitely should get a raise from The Harv because Gary offers up some celebrity lookalike dazzle :)

1349 days ago


Oh Halle, you just shot yourself in the foot with this one. Good Luck in court! We aren't the only ones who think you are a lying, crazy, mean spirited bigot....The Judge is going to see that also.

Posted at 7:45 AM on Feb 10, 2011 by tanya

Most judges are in the age demographic where they remember (and abide by) that one drop theory themselves. So don't be too sure about that.

1349 days ago


Halle said that because she wants black people to still like her. Since she had a kid with a white man, feels guilty about it. Also, she never expected Ebony to out her with that statement.

1349 days ago


More than one has come forward stating Gabriel is a racist @ Lisa.

Posted at 12:30 AM on Feb 10, 2011 by Areader
Nice try, but it's only been Halle and an ex-girlfriend who are saying that. Halle sure didn't think he was racist when she had a baby with him. No, she said he was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to her. Now because he broke it off with her because she's crazy - she's saying bad things about him. Why didn't she think he was a racist when she was sleeping with him? People don't sleep and make babies with people they think are racist -unless they are crazy of course.

I think Halle is a racist because of the things she has said lately in the press. That she believes in the One Drop Theory! Do you know how that theory originated? Do you homework. She also claims she is black, but she's mixed - 1/2 and 1/2. She's a hypocrite. She says she's black, but alters her appearance to look more "white" (i.e. nose job, smoothing hair, etc). Sorry, no one will ever convince me that this woman is not a racist. Black is beautiful too, and so is Halle on the outside, but on the inside she is one ugly person who perpetuates the racial divide in this country. Just my opinion!

1349 days ago


This story PWNS!!

1349 days ago


@24 MightyMad - I hear you and can see the difference now, thanks. Unfortunately we do have many Leaf's fans I never "admit" to knowing any lol. I wear a "Canadiens" jersey on Saturday nights. :)

1349 days ago


Halle is resolving her business the wrong way by blackballing the father of her child. I totally disagree with her on the one drop theory and I think Gabriel should have joint custody with limited visitation. However, she was smart to keep the child and decline the New York job. She's a mother who wants her child and there's nothing wrong with that. It looks suspicious to me that Gabriel wouldn't go to New York and wanted the child with him. Why can't Halle work and take a nanny along to New York. Celebrities leave children with nannies all the time. She shouldn't be punished for being a working mother and shouldn't be pressured to leave the child with Gabriel. He probably wanted to strengthen his custody case. The child is bonded with Halle and she's the primary caregiver.
When I was younger I thought all a woman needed to raise a child was a loving heart and a good income (Sandra Bullock, Madonna). I saw too many men who used and abused women. They left the relationship or marriage and never looked back. I saw men who quit their jobs or worked under the table to avoid paying child support and I saw the women and children suffer. My friend's cousin fought for joint custody and then left the children at her house all weekend to play with hers. She was even feeding them and they had no quality time with him. Don't get me wrong, they're wonderful men out there. My father worked hard to support us and stayed with my mother over sixty years until he died and I loved and respected him for that. Now that I'm older and a mother myself, I can see the benefit of a good, stable and loving father in a child's life. I do think it's a better situation for Halle not being married to Gabriel. It's more difficult for a child when parents divorce.
I'm Canadian and I can't see an American court giving full custody to Gabriel. I know they don't like to lose American citizens and Halle is a wealthy celebrity. Most people I know in joint custody agreements have every other weekend to the father with a couple weeks holiday every year. I don't know if Gabriel really wants to be in the child's life or if there's some other motivation but he's the father. He was Halle's choice and there's nothing she can do about it now. I do like Halle and wish her the best.

1349 days ago

Tony B    

Psst! I'm totally crushin' hardcore on you, Gary!

Bigger guys are sooo sexy!

Stay Woofy, hawt, and sexy buddy!

PS: One bit of advice though? Ditch the wire rim glasses, and get yourself a pair of sexy black plastic framed ones. You are waaaaaay too woofy to be wearing outdated eyewear! Love ya man!

1349 days ago


snooki's what?

1349 days ago


She is so ignorant and selfish!! She is sacraficing the well being of her child and calling her little girl black in order to punish her ex and win custody. That child should be taken from her. Clearly she is not concerned with the well-being of the child! "one Drop Rule"? If that were the case just about everyone in the world would be black! Please take that poor little innocent child fro this lunatic!!!

1335 days ago
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