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Smashing Pumpkins Bassist Jailed for Horsing Around

2/10/2011 1:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-"Smashing Pumpkins" bassist D'arcy Wretzky is currently behind bars in Michigan -- and TMZ has learned, it's all because several horses on her farm broke free ... and ran amok in her town.

Darcy Wretzky Mug Shot
The incident occurred back in 2009.  D'arcy's ex-boyfriend Jeff Khoshaba tells us ... the horses somehow got out of their enclosures. The neighbors flipped out  and called the cops.

We're told D'arcy was ticketed for the crime of  "Animals Running at Large" ... but she forgot to pay, and then missed four consecutive court dates ... triggering a bench warrant for her arrest.

The law finally caught up with D'arcy, who was cuffed on Tuesday. Local law enforcement sources tell us she's being held on four counts of failure to appear in court on the ticket.

She's scheduled to be released on Valentine's Day. How romantic!



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Wow!!!You TMZ fans are really idiots. The girl didn't get arrested for anything horrible. She was arrested because of a two year old ticket. I actually question the justice system that allows Linday Lohan to be free while this girl is in jail for six days. TMZ is trash. Just like their audience. Her problems are not your entertainment.

1360 days ago


@State of Michigan

That's so heart breaking, she had so much to look forward to. I have admired her since I was 12, she was the reason I picked up the bass. I even ran her fansite for several years, it's so sad to see her this way. I wish she could get herself together, she's such a wonderful person. :(

1360 days ago


Perhaps some pokey will dry out the meth addiction.

1360 days ago


Could they find an uglier picture of this skank?

1360 days ago

Bill Leslie    

The "Animals Running at Large" was describing her wasn't it?

1360 days ago


meth combined with awful cheek, lip, and forehead fillers/botox never work out well. and she was pretty 15 years ago. true.

1359 days ago


This is what being in a band with Billy Corgan for ten years will do to you. That poor girl endured his mental and emotional abuse for too long.

Very sad. D'arcy has a kind heart and she's a better person than many of the fame whores and hangers on that used then abandoned her after Billy fired her. I hope she somehow manages to pull it together.

1359 days ago


Wow, I can't believe this is the person I idolized as a kid. How terribly sad, I blame Mickey Rourke for the lips.

1359 days ago


I hope she gets some help for her drug habit. She really looks as if she could use it. Sad to see how far she's fallen.

1358 days ago

Get back to work!    

This is your face.
This is your face on drugs.
Any questions?

1358 days ago


Cherry.... whomever posted those lyrics...

**** im crying

1358 days ago


She was picked up drunk driving in South Haven and they ran her record. She came back with warrants and they lodged her in Berrien County. She was NOT arrested for the horses.

1356 days ago


I looked up to her when I was younger as a woman in a man's world of rock music. She didn't take any crap, and she was an amazing musician, especially live. I picked up the bass at 14 because I wanted to play that good when I got older. I loved the Pumpkins back in the day, and was sad when she left the band in 2000. I honestly hope that someone who knows her out there see's this picture and steps in to help her. Jimmy had to hit rock bottom before he could pull it together, I hope this is D'Arcy's rock bottom and someone is willing to help her. You still have people out here who give a **** D'Arcy. Please do it for yourself and your family.

1354 days ago

Neil Howell    

I guess this is the rewards of a directionless life too much cash ETC and nothing to do.

If only they could reform the orginal band she could get her sense of worth back.

Underneath that terrible photo is a beatiful woman lets hope she gets professional help and gets well and works again.

God Bless you D"arcy Im sure Billy does not find this funny its just sad.

1334 days ago

Kjetil Molnes    

I did not get interested in Pumkins until now (16.March 2011), even if I heard some of their music in the early 90`s when I was a student. Their albums GISH, SIAMESE DREAM and MELLON COLLIE..was very good work and I listen more and more to it now. Its still good music and it always will be. AND I liked
Darcy very much when seeing all their music on YouTube. She was cute and a very good bassplayer. Now, seeing this photo accidentally, I am so shocked. This is very saaaaad. I hope she get help and straiten her self up. I really consider to give her my phone number and help her myself. I know many professionals. We must not judge her so hard, as we all know very well it is easy to get adicted to drugs. When tried drugs once, it is a good chance to get addicted forever, until you die at young age.... Instead of criticize her as we do on this comment log, we should instead respect this woman because of her huge talent as bassplayer and she was attratctive. She does not deserve to be spitted on her face like you folks are doing on this log.

1326 days ago
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