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Jew or Not a Jew: NFL Edition

2/12/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last night on the streets of Hollywood, our trusty photog learned NFL guru Jay Glazer was Jewish -- which means we just had to play ... JEW OR NOT A JEW: NFL EDITION.

Eli Roth might have a little competition on his hands.

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Gee, you never play "Methodist, not a Methodist."

TMZ is a bunch of biggots.

Maybe you should create your own cable station for Jews, and then play any Jew game you want.

Just sayin'............

"Lutheran, not a Lutheran"

"Muslim, not a Muslim"

"Irish, not an Irish"

"Hispanic, not a Hispanic"


It's ALWAYS.........

"Jew, not a Jew."

Bias much?


1351 days ago

jay green    

Jews are always successful, its in the blood

1351 days ago


This was really funny! I loved it! You gotta' have this guy on TMZ LIVE to play against Eli Roth. If they hit it off, when he retires from football Eli might put him in one of his movies. Maybe the sequel to INGLORIOUS BASTARDS (IB2: REVENGE OF THE BEAR JEW).

1351 days ago


Why can't more people be like Jay with religion, and just have fun with it. No more wars or religious aspects banned from schools. You are this cool, I respect that want to hear a joke. I am catholic, and i thought this was funny as hell.

1351 days ago


Jay Green, #4: "Jews are always successful, its in the blood."

Bernie Madoff

Jew or Not a Jew?

(I guess your qualifier "always" depends on what qualifies as "successful". Hmmmmmmm, sh*t-for-brains?)

1351 days ago


#4 its not in the blood. Its that Jew's, like Asians, work harder than others to achieve their goals...Italians too are in that group....not like the rest of us who sit around watching TMZ's Jew, not a Jew... #3, who can tell who's a Methodist & not?...you can't. How about, JW, not a JW?!... Dont stop there, Actor, not an actor (& there are plenty of those)
... Doctor, not a doctor... Airline pilot, not airline pilot...
TMZ's Max, Chauvinist, not a chauvinist....Me, Critic, not a critic? M.K. has another word for me, it's..Ass#$%!...

1351 days ago


Hitler also played a game called Jew or not a Jew.

1351 days ago


Joe, #6: "Why can't more people be like Jay with religion, and just have fun with it. I am Catholic."

(Re: #4, Jay Green: "Jews are always successful, its in the blood.")

Hey, Joe, did you ever consider that maybe your idol, Jay Green, is Jewish?

Did it cross you mind that maybe that's why he posted, "Jews are always successful, its in the blood"?


1351 days ago


Oh, #7 you reminded me of something...Bernie Madoff. He Made off with my Millions which fall's under #8's comments...which takes me to #1...RichFriends.org. FA! When I had my $$$$$$$. There were plenty of Fake friends, those only interested in my wallet & my planes, yachts & homes. Now that I'm back at the bottom of the ladder...I'm Much happier as those friends I have now are genuine & like me for me...Ok TMZ...If #1 can throw that out there then I can too & Max, get a haircut!

1351 days ago

The Love Sponge    

It's amazing there are only 14,000,000 Jews in the world and they own most of the wealth.

1351 days ago


I bet Mark Madoff knew a fellow Jew close to him that he didn't consider "successful"........he probably didn't think "success" was "always" in Jews blood..........

(Read: Mark hung himself 2 years to the day after his father's arrest.)

1351 days ago


The Love Sponge, #14: "It's amazing there are only 14,000,000 Jews in the world and they own most of the wealth."

Taking your statisics one step further, less than 2% of Americans are Jewish.

That's why Harvey has to play "Jew or not a Jew" on a network TV show.

A Jewish cable channel wouldn't receive enough viewership....it wouldn't be financially viable nor sustainable.

1351 days ago


TMZ, i am still waiting for "Infidel Hating Muslim or Not" Until then i will be watching & rating commercials while getting paid to do so YOU CAN TOO: http://www.varolo.com/village/tomscioto@mail.com

1351 days ago

Just Me    

Chill out guys! It's a fun game, nothing more! I enjoy watching it and think Jay Glazer was a great addition to the game. Keeping it light and fun ~ nothing to get upset over. No need to insult people :)

1351 days ago


@badjew comment #18
I recommend taking an English grammar class, before you start dictating what Jews teach their children from birth. Maybe if your parents were Jewish you would communicate your ignorant thoughts better. For all who think that Jews control a large part of the world's wealth, as well as the media etc.-and question as to why- most of the time it is because of the encouragement and support from their families and communities, as well as being provided with good educations, which would allow anyone to excel at what they do. Anyways I am generalizing but I am sure that "badjew" above does not even understand that word.

1351 days ago
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