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Cops: DeGeneres Intruder Hid on Kitchen Deck

2/14/2011 7:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman arrested at Ellen DeGeneres' Beverly Hills home was discovered hiding behind cushions on the kitchen deck ... this according to prosecutors.

Ellen DeGeneres Intruder

Karen Sjoden just pled not guilty to misdemeanor trespassing in an L.A. courtroom. During the hearing, prosecutors claimed she was carrying a list of celebrity names -- and a rambling letter to Hilary Clinton -- when a private security team took her into custody around 5 AM Thursday morning.

Cops say Sjoden's list consisted of 10 to 12 famous names -- along with addresses.

Prosecutors claim Karen had been spotted at Ellen's place around 3 AM that morning and was asked to leave ... but she came back.

The judge told Sjoden, "You end up in someone's backyard at 3 in the morning ... then you are asked to leave ... and you come back later with no legit purpose whatsoever and secrete yourself ... you are probably up to no good. It only takes one time to be a threat."

Karen argued that she's a private investigator who was hired to follow the comic -- and says she has a badge to prove it ... to which the judge stated, "I don't know if it's fraudulent or not."

UPDATE: Cops say Karen was carrying pages of "delusional language" ... including mentions of telepathic imaging machines, alien crystaline, the CIA and the FBI.



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Michael Whitmire    

You should be rated higher than 1.3 to get a stalker:

1347 days ago


Wow!!...This is gonna be interesting....My fingers are crossed.

1347 days ago

Aileen (Canada)    

Scary. I went up to Ellen's gate when I was visiting Beverly Hills. I got out with my camera - to photograph the gate, all excited - and heard a booming voice from nowhere telling me to move on. Goodness knows how this lady got by the security in the first place. I'd sake them!

1347 days ago


Private Investigator? More like a "privates" investigator. Who would want someone to investigate Ellen? What'd she do? Skip paying her cellphone bill or what?

1347 days ago


it was anne heshe. she wants her d!ldo back clean.

1347 days ago

Rico Suavy    

The women just wanted to sit on her face, what's the big deal

1347 days ago

Leave the lesbians alone!

1347 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

you really gotta hand it to the lesbians in the gay folks category when it comes to crazy, cuz no one beats a lesbo. gay men need to take a couple of lessons from the lesbos when it comes to crazy, cuz they are seriously really far behind on that one!!

1347 days ago

John Birch    

I am a licensed California Private Investigator. We carry a state issued enhanced Photo ID. We are specifically prohibited from carrying a badge. We are not sworn law enforcement. We are licensed to investigate crimes on the same basis as the police, to include carrying guns, but we only have the power to make an arrest that a citizen has. Felonies only. That said, we have benefits the poiice do not have like client confidentiality, and as long as we don't do breaking and entry for instance, our seraches are legal without a warrant.But to represent ourselves as sworn lwa enforcement is loss of license at a bare minimum.


It is illegal to represent oneself as a Private Investigator in California absent a state issued license.

It is unloawful to display a badge as a private investigator in California.

This woman has just added two three new charges.

The two above, plus, possilbly Perjury.

Oh, I almost forgot. If she lied to Law Enforcement, she's up for another hit. Think Martha Stewart.

John BIrch
California LIcensed PI 29170

1347 days ago


Alien language? Who hired her..."Celestia?" ;)

1347 days ago


male bodyguards? i thought this lesbo didn't need men.

1347 days ago


The update makes it sound like it was Tila Tequila stalking Ellen. I really wouldn't be surprised if it was either.

1347 days ago


Psychotic lesbian maybe ? Those are the worst kind actually.

1347 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

She has a badge and all her paperwork seems to be in order. I say release her.

1347 days ago


Since when is talking about ailens, and CIA and FBI covering up stuff, and telepathic images considered "delusional language"? Seems normal to me, oh wait, hang on, gotta go, E.T is here, time to fly!!!

1347 days ago
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