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Ellen -- Home Intruder Charged with Trespassing

2/14/2011 3:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 49-year-old woman who was arrested on Ellen DeGeneres' Beverly Hills property last week was charged today with misdemeanor trespassing.

As we previously reported, Karen Sjoden was taken into custody by a private security team early Thursday morning and handed over to the Beverly Hills PD. She never made contact with Ellen.

If convicted, Karen could spend up to six months behind bars and may be fined up to $1,000.


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Luck for her that she has some MEN present. They are good for something, huh Ellen?

1347 days ago


Is US Law for serious? You can never get in custody for trespassing here in my Country....(As there was no harm was made) then i think this shouldn't be a big deal. release the woman and stop proclaiming it's a free Country, when you put people in custody for trespassing. pfft

1347 days ago


Ewww u just lost ur Covergirl spokesman contract ellen.
Porta should take over.

1347 days ago


So technically she will be punished harder than Lindsay Lohan for walking on Ellen's property?
That sounds about right...

1347 days ago


Any chance you can lose the young Wayne Gretzky look soon Ellen? You're giving hockey players a bad name. People who have met you in person, away from the show, say you have Body Odor---cant your handlers tell you that or Portia maybe? Come on, its one thing to look shabby, but to smell when you do---that isnt being Gay, thats being sloppy.

Guess the liberal love everybody stuff doesnt work when its so close to home huh? time let the woman come in. And please, the BO problem..ok?

1347 days ago


it was Anne Heshe who broke in. She wants her d!ldo back clean.

1347 days ago


Wah, wah, wah! C'mon Ellen, if you want to be rich, famous and OUT THERE, you have to put up with a few bumps in the road. Suck it up and quit your "B" itching.

1346 days ago


Wow. Lots of dopes here. Most of it men, probably. Let's say it this way: this nutball was on someone's property uninvited. Twice. Who the f** cares about Ellen's sexuality? You people hide behind your computers and talk a lot of sh*t about people who work hard and have every right to expect to have their property safe. And by the way: as a straight woman, much of the stupidity alot of you are spouting is probably what makes some girls go gay. That lady has every right to have someone arrested for trespassing on her property. If it had been a man or woman you didn't know breaking coming on to your yard and hiding on your patio, what would you have done? I hope this chick learns her lesson. Ellen DeGeneres is just a person just like everybody else and she did the right thing getting this nutcase away from her and her family.

1346 days ago

Glory Bee    

Tresspass is a serious threat to the safty of a person, especially the famous. Fame puts you in the public eye, so watch out for those paps, but it NEVER is reason to invade their property. We know the delusional have no filters and have, tragically, resorted to deadly force time and again. Don't care how she has sex (no, really Ellen we DON'T care), she is in danger from this person, no joke. Minimalizing the event is a mistake. And for the person who states "here in my country", this is America and we are used to small minded insults like yours.

1346 days ago

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