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Oksana's Valentine's Day Date

2/15/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Facing criminal extortion charges over her last relationship ... it seems Oksana Grigorieva has not given up on love.

O.G. celebrated Valentine's Day at Sweet Butter Cafe in Sherman Oaks, CA with Jimmy Hoyson, her sound engineer and close friend.

Mel Gibson was famously jealous of Oksana's relationship with Jimmy during their relationship.

We're guessing Mel will happily pass the torch.


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Darn, and I had my bet the next guy would be 80 , rich, dying and grateful lol!!
Posted at 9 :49 PM on Feb 14 , 2011 by emerald
< < Give it time! LOL!
Posted at 9 :54 PM on Feb 14 , 2011 by fuddyduddy
********************* have papa alive? How much money he have?? Is he secure the moneytory?

Posted at 10:06 PM on Feb 14, 2011 by twilightmom

twilight ROFLOL!

1354 days ago


Emerald -- I thought that same thing about the comment on supervised visitation. DANG!

1354 days ago


The NYC stabber was from the Ukraine.
I smell a conspiracy.....
Prob. couldn't figure out how to get to LA......


1354 days ago


shirleyholmes Aah, can't we just have a little fun lol!!

Posted at 10:07 PM on Feb 14, 2011 by emerald

Yes, that is why I mentioned: the only one available


1354 days ago


Ox is still laughing her ass off. She can do what she wants, no money is coming out of her pocket. Coming out of Gibsons.

Ox will fight to keep having it both ways. Ox doesn't pay for nothing.

Should Ox loose primary custody of Lucia, that will change very qickly.

1354 days ago


Let's see...I believe those are the same Mr. Chow boots OG wore about a year ago showing off her figure in a skin tight dress at the Chernobyl fundraiser last year. When was that? February 10 or 11?

1354 days ago


I always thought Mr. Hoyson was Sorn.

1354 days ago


I am so sick of hearing about this woman, TMZ- I would be much happier if I never saw this woman on your site again

1354 days ago


Maybe they are working on a remix of Jailhouse Rock


Posted at 10:13 PM on Feb 14, 2011 by shirleyholmes

Lol! Not Folsom Prison Blues then lol!

1354 days ago


OG planned this.

Look how she's dressed. Look at the hair and make-up.

Look how Jimmy is seated at an angle so that there is a clear shot of OG.

All planned.

Posted at 10:00 PM on Feb 14, 2011 by fuddyduddy

Fuddyourbuddy. I think you are right. It was planned, someone was called. She's NOT a celebrity, we don't care, or most of the world doesn't care what the hell she does on Valentine's Day.

All of a sudden, and nothing has been posted all this time but then all of a sudden, the real Kris seems to be posting, whether here in, here out, the whole thing is someone is trying to post against what she says. We know have her, this Jimmy Hoyson, doesn't make sense because they were NEVER together, as friends, or as personal lovers, if we thought this. The whole thing they are supposed to be friends, it never happened until he was called as a witness for her Depo. Now all of a sudden she goes out, brings him out to the open, as if he's depo would be worthwhile in the courtcase. Why did he sit outside in the depo, never got called, this is what I remember from the last Depo that he, and Mandy was at. They didn't need them, because there was too much of a courtcase against your girl, we don't need to see, hear, or read what you have to say.

1354 days ago


I am so sick of hearing about this woman, TMZ- I would be much happier if I never saw this woman on your site again

Posted at 10:18 PM on Feb 14, 2011 by Joe


I think it is an advertisement for the "Sweet Butter Cafe"

She just "happened"" to be there

1354 days ago


It's Jimmy Choo boots.
Circa:"Sex in the City"

1354 days ago


Night guys, it's been fun, have a good one all Team Mel/Truth hugs

1354 days ago


Sleep well Emerald

1354 days ago


Personally...I think those few words at the beginning of this article are 'read between the words' words -- facing criminal extortion charges...all I have ever read before is being 'investigated for extortion' but not 'facing criminal extortion charges.'

1354 days ago
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