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Derek Jeter

Silenced by Minka Kelly

2/15/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Derek Jeter is captain of the New York Yankees ... his girlfriend Minka Kelly must be the major -- 'cause she cracked the whip pretty hard when DJ started yapping with our camera guy.

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Soul Man    

Jeter is a class act,, this is a real poor attempt to suggest he is on a leach of any kind...the man has always acted in a respectful manner.His girl was only motioning to him to get out of there, for a reporter up in his face.

1347 days ago


This comment is quite sexist - just like all of your comments ragging on Tom Brady!

1347 days ago


i love you derek jeter!

1346 days ago


That bitch! hahaa

1346 days ago


From watching the Video, Derek Jeter asks the paps where they are from, so Minka was probably telling him "be careful, those are the jerks from TMZ."

1346 days ago


How about this, TMZ are a bunch of gossipy little fruitcakes led by Harvey "Queen Fruitcake" Levin so why should Minka have to deal with you annoying self-loathers. Spring training doesn't start until next week for position players douche bags.

1344 days ago

cabaret voltaire    

Don't underestimate the power if the stinky muff.

1343 days ago


We run into Derek frequently enough around town. He is ALWAYS gracious to EVERYONE. He will stop and chat, and has even blown kisses back to my sister who blew him kisses. He could have handled himself fine with the nosy reporter here, and didn't need this whoever she is girl he's "dating" "engaged to" (whatever) to interfere. Seems like she's trying to make him something and someone he's he's not.

He's a nice, classy guy who doesn't act all "above" everyone else because of his station in life.

What he's doing with her (other than the fact that she's young and pretty and photographs well) is a mystery. Truly hope he finds a mate who is as warm and real as he is, who will make him very happy and won't use him for his money and fame.

He doesn't look too happy here.

1340 days ago


He knows how to handle camera and people very well. He didn't need her to step in he knows when to cut it off. But if he's okay with her doing that than I say more power to her. Although, personally I think he should find someone is isn't an actress or trying to be one. But some men don't know what's good for them in the long run. Even if he marries her he'll have rough time and it may not last if she starts getting more jobs. By the way, she has the worst voice!

1340 days ago

Sharon Leslie Jeter    

the key is MY Derek said "i'm always there early" an indicator of the date. and he wasn't with her valentine's day! The house isn't for her. it's for Derek and Me. And I'm He's all man. he's no wuss.

1340 days ago

Sharon Leslie Jeter    

the reason she doesn't want him to talk is because he might mention me. Derek and Sharon 4ever. and he will let the date of the video be known. it wasn't valentines day! she wanted this to be in the new york city papers. but derek hangs with peyton manning and other rough types like her when i'm not there. I'm His one and only!

1340 days ago

Sharon Leslie Jeter    

I don't want to Boss him around. He is a grown man! i like men I like Hm to be one. she is gay apparently.

1339 days ago

Sharon Leslie Jeter    

minak kelly was just with john mayer, having sex in florida. he came to the set of the tv show pilot and the did the dirty there and at the hotel but when the photographers caught wind john mayer and minka kelly fled to a more private locale. the stripper's daughter with john mayer. they spent valentine's day together. this video isn't even from valentines day! bad TMZ! John and minka kelly on 2/14/11.

1338 days ago


No one is putting a gun to Jeter's head - he is very involved with her and she is pure trailer trash. Do you seriously think she would have been named Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive if she weren't Jeter's girlfriend??? She is stupid and talentless and she dated half of Hollywood.

He stunk up the field last year and I wouldn't be surprised if their relationship was a factor. And what is he doing in LA with her when he should be in spring training - early????

They both deserve each other - and I am a Yankee fan. That dog/plane thing was embarrassing - Gawker had a field day with it.

I also think he is helping her with her career. And do you really think Minka Kelly wants to get married, have kids and settle in that ridiculous home he built in Tampa?? I doubt it.

1329 days ago


this makes him look old and not sexy. She is cute, but to make him look like a sissy, at least let it be Vanessa or the other ones but not this chick. Thanks TMZ... That was funny!!!

1321 days ago
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