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CBS Reporter Sexually Assaulted in Egypt

2/15/2011 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CBS News reporter Lara Logan was sexually assaulted after being surrounded by a crazed mob in Tahrir Square on Friday ... moments after Hosni Mubarak officially stepped down.

Lara Logan

According to CBS, Logan and her crew were covering a story for "60 Minutes" when they were surrounded by a mob of more than 200 people and she was separated from her security team.

CBS says 39-year-old Logan "suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers."

CBS continues, "[Logan] reconnected with the CBS team, returned to her hotel and returned to the United States on the first flight the next morning. She is currently in the hospital recovering."

Logan and her team had been detained by Egyptian police 8 days before the sexual assault -- and Logan had reported, "We were accused of being more than journalists, very frightening suggestions were being made. Suggestions that really could be very dangerous for us."

Story developing ...

CBS Reporter Raped


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I was going to see if Al Jazeera had some info and I found out that their offices in Egypt were torched on Feb 4. The Egyptian protesters remind me of looters who raid their own impoverished neighborhoods.

1291 days ago

Jack King    

Some idiot above said "Do those people actually deserve freedom? Seems to me that some of those animals may need a dictator after all."

Really? So you're saying the USA needs one too. Do you know how many rapes and other sexual assaults happen here every day? IDIOT!

1291 days ago

Joe Canada    


Sexual Assault is the legal term for Rape. There is no legal term "rape" in the criminal code, at least in my province (Ontario).

1291 days ago


The misogynists are suddenly silent. They're probably looking for complete videos of Logan being assaulted. Then their extreme hatred of women will be satisfied ... for a while at least.

1291 days ago


I'm not surprised because it was an extremely volatile situation and some pro-Mubarak forces my have attacked her and her security team out of retaliation against the presence of the western press. Mubarak was determined to hold onto power and Egypt probably hasn't seen the last of his regime. They're not going to make the transition an easy one and the western press may also experience hostility from other factions vying for power.

1291 days ago


if this is true and she's not attempting any type of self-gain from this.. then i believe her 100%...

however.. due to the timed events.. im not exactly sure.. this is the problems we have with knowing what occured and what did not.... after all.. her dna exam( RAPE KIT) used could show many dna differences or rather just 1...

my question.. so some women in the crowd rescued her.. along with 20 police men.... why that exact number? why not 10, 30, or even 50.. but a group of women not .. women and men.. found her.. the women were the ones that saved her... this part sounds fishy..

tammy.. some of us are giving her a benefit of doubt.. some are believing.. in the real world. you must read between the lines as many are fame whores.. and will lie in order to get that prize.

we all know some women make it bad on the real victims for lying...refer to the duke lacrosse team incident.

either way she has a very very low chance of sending anyone to jail for doing this to her.. its sucks but is the truth.. do you expect for us to declare an article 66 and go to war over it?..

this will add some gasoline to the fire between us and them..

priceless thinking.

1291 days ago

Ryan Colpaart    

Eerie interview with courageous CBS reporter Lara Logan just 4 days before her sexual assault by a mob in Egypt :

1291 days ago


come on people. she's blond. she didn't understand the burka memo that was passed around. she thought it was a game like telephone. i'm sure she laughed about the pictures!

Posted at 2:46 PM on Feb 15, 2011 by en Todo Momento!!

They did it because they knew they would get away with it, racism at it's worst. Mid East men hate western women.

If you're white then you are a whore, a slut and an animal, that's what Middle Eastern men believe.

All of the Mid East is laughing that CNN televised this entire charade.

It's disgusting. You haven't fooled the people that matter.

1291 days ago

Tea Party Hater    

"Perhaps it's time for USA to keep their noses out of others biz. How come here in Europe we don't get to hear such horrible incidents happening to journalist?"

1. French journalists were recently captured and imprisoned in Cairo.

2. German journalists have been captured imprisoned in Iran.

3. An Italian journalist and her translator were recently raped, then beheaded by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

BTW, you idiot, Lara Logan is South African and of Dutch decent and she is one of the few journalists, along with Richard Engle, who have been reporting on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan honestly and without bias. Watch her interview on the Daily Show to see what an amazing person she is.

Keep your mindless anti-American garbage to yourself. You are making a fool of yourself by posting statements which anyone with access to Google can disprove in 3 seconds.

1291 days ago


I agree with comment number 98. No-one deserves to be assaulted in this world. My country encourages equal opportunity in jobs for both men and women and we have many women journalists. Even so, I would have thought that in a country who's culture is male dominated with a different view of what is and is not appropriate for women (muslim culture), sending a female into such a riot torn place would be risky. I noticed even male reporters in Egypt looked fearful in the midst of the riots. In any type of anarchy women are particularly at risk, much more than men since they are less able to defend themselves and more an easier target. News organisations should exercise some commonsense and avoid sending women into areas of great risk such as the middle east when conflicts are occurring.

1291 days ago


Why CBS or any news outlet had female reporters in a foreign country during a coup d'etat, let alone 'on the ground' like it was Times Square on NYE is unbelievable.

1291 days ago

Billo Riley    

They LOOOORVE them golden haired western women. They're all whores anyway, right? (sarc)

1291 days ago


Probably will be one of our mothers or wives next, but we still get the blame for it even then. Stupid woman.

1291 days ago


@#69. Jackie - did Ron push a button with you? LOL you need to gtfo the posts if you can't handle the criticism. Just because you live in Norway does not mean your country doesn't have its issues. I believe you have teens that like to shoot others in their schools and kill their parents and act like that is normal so all I have to say is LOL@your stupidity and ignorance!!!

1291 days ago


Really? So you're saying the USA needs one too. Do you know how many rapes and other sexual assaults happen here every day? IDIOT!

Posted at 2:54 PM on Feb 15, 2011 by Jack King

She went there to help them and they raped her.

America went to help and they raped America. We won't shed a tear. My next door neighbor is Egyptian, he left because his daughter was raped and murdered when she was 9.

We don't expect any better from you Egypt. We expect you to rape, murder and steal. That's what we expect from Egypt.

1291 days ago
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