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Mickey Rooney -- My Stepson's Trying to Rob Me!

2/15/2011 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rooney's stepson has just been ordered to stay 100 yards away from the 90-year-old actor -- on grounds he "threatens, intimidates ... and harasses Mickey" ... and is trying to steal his fortune.


An L.A. judge issued the stay-away order today -- after the actor's 52-year-old stepson Christopher Aber allegedly tried to coerce Rooney into signing over his assets. Aber's wife has also been ordered to stay away from the actor.

But money ain't all Mickey's worried about -- according to his petition, "Mickey is extremely fearful that Chris will become physically threatening against Mickey and may even attempt to kidnap Mickey from his home."

In fact, Mickey asked the judge to appoint a temporary conservator to protect his assets in the wake of his stepson's alleged threats.

The judge granted his request and appointed Rooney's lawyer to serve as conservator.


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How ignorant are people to pick on a 90 year old man?? Must make you low lives feel better! Pathetic! Why should he give his money/assets to a mooching stepson??? Sickening how people think he should just bow down and hand over!! Bet those same people commenting are the first ones to run to a dying relatives funeral or house when they die to nab everything they can get their greedy little fingers on. I hope karma comes back to bite you ignorant arseholes!!

1347 days ago


Rooney may or may not have been a nice person but no one deserves to have some greedy family member prey on them.

He still has his wits about him if he was smart enough to request conservatorship on his own behalf. I would love love LOVE a Lawyer Friday focusing on conservatorships.

1346 days ago


@48. You don't mess with a guy who has lived 90 years and put up with Judy Garland. He's one tough MoFo.

Posted at 6:48 PM on Feb 15, 2011 by LongJohn69

Pfff! Screw Garland. This man was married to Ava Gardner! Drop dead gorgeous and trouble with a capital T.

1346 days ago


He's still alive? Cool. Sounds like he has his wits about him.

1346 days ago

Lynn M    

As a memeber of a family dealing with a FIL in the early stages of dementia/Alzheimer's, I would be reluctant to take sides. This person can be perfectly lucid one minute and then be relieving himself in a small bucket in his perfectly good bathroom the next(so not to fill up the septic tank). He takes money out of the bank (hundreds)but has no idea where it is (searches have located it all over the house). He buries ant hills under piles of dirt (in order to smother them). He will ask you if you want dinner just after a large meal. He has asked me if I wanted lunch when I was eating a sandwich in front of him (but refuse to eat himself, pushing any food we give him away, as a small child would). I could go on and on.

All I can say is, we do not know what Mickey's state of mind is and I believe his view of the world can be skewed if he has dementia. Reasoning is one of the first things to go. Often they become suspicious and mean toward those who are doing the most to help them. Unfortunately, rarely do people that don't see the person regularly realize how bad they are because they don't always "present" as having problems.

Just because his step-son and his wife are worried about his finances doesn't mean they are trying to steal from him. They may be trying to protect his assets. Unfortunately, it sounds like he did not set up a trust and clarify, prior to his advanced age and the possibility of dementia issues, just who he wanted to handle his affairs if he should become unable to do so.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, at his age, the chances he is not dealing with some form of dememtia is small and this can lead to his inability to deal with his financial affairs, even though he may appear to have no problem to a person who does not live with or see him often.

1346 days ago

Lynn M    

This is the crux of a dealing with an elderly person of this age: MOST are suffer from some form of dementia, which affects reasoning. Many times, family members are trying to help the person stay in their own home and be as self-sufficient as their condition allows. At some point, the balance of power switches and it is NOT a cut and dry process. The elderly person may or may not be aware of their deterioration and looks at those taking power as a threat or that they are being taken advantage of.

Bottom line is, we do not know enough about Mr. Rooney's situation to make a judgement. There are too many outside factors, like the apparent battle between the brothers. I'd certainly be wary of the one who has allegedly wormed himself into Mr Rooney's home and may be manipulating Mr. Rooney in order to distance his brother from the estate.

1346 days ago


Earlier Mickey posted on his Facebook page that he loves his stepson and for us all to Not believe the news. The account is closed now... strange

1346 days ago


Take care of yourself. Hey if you have to hire a hit man.

1346 days ago


He is doing well enough mentally to be working on movies! (We all should be so lucky to live so long.) Let's respect our elders more and maybe we will learn something because one day that could be us all...

1346 days ago


good for him!. i'm glad he is able to stand up for himself and kick this idiot stepson to the curb!. good for him!!!

1346 days ago


Mickey you don't deserve this at 90 yrs. old you deserve to be left alone to live your life out to the fullest god bless at 90 I hope they through the book at you stepson for even bothering you......Love you

1346 days ago


Aber has a website that states he's a POLE DANCE instructor, among his other questionable talents. No matter what the details, or whether he has been "kind" to him in the past, the situation has changed. God doesn't like ugly, Chris! God bless the legend, Mr. Rooney...all the best.

1346 days ago


If you want to abuse the elderly - move to Westboro, MA. The police won't help you but they will help the abusers by holding for safe keeping your valuables - for almost seven years, while you lose.

Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2011 06:28:42 -0500
Subject: Re: Anne E. Revene
We have four rings in our possession that were initially reported as stolen by Eileen Langevin who at the time was your mother's appointed guardian. They were turned in to us by Beverly Lees at the request of Atty. Laurie Raphelson who was appointed to represent your mother. She
requested we hold them for safekeeping. They will be released to
whomever is appointed Executor of your mother's estate.
Chief Gordon

Justice for Peggy Revene

1346 days ago


Back in the day Mickey used to drink hard and beat his wife. Others in hollywood did not like him for his behavior.Wonder if he beat the kid too. Karma is A bitch mick. screw your whiny old ass.

1346 days ago


#9: The "kid" is a 52 year old man.
#11: Mickey's real name is "JOE"...not Bill.
#62: You know this, HOWWW??? Is it in the same way that "I know you"? I'm referring to the fact that, although we have never met, I already know that you are a disrespectful idiot, who was raised by terrible parents. Anyone who could make such a hateful comment to a 90 year old person, is of the same low life level, as a child abuser. Apparently, your parents didn't raise you to treat the elderly with kindness and respect. What a shame. You must have had a very sad childhood.

1346 days ago
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