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Banksy Billboard Client -- FURIOUS Over Removal

2/17/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The company that paid for the advertisement on a Hollywood billboard tagged by infamous graffiti artist Banksy is PISSED the ad was taken down ... TMZ has learned.


A rep for The Light Group -- a management company based in Las Vegas -- tells us CBS' outdoor advertising department is responsible for peeling off the billboard ... and they tore it down without ever contacting Light Group management.  

The Light Group rep tells us, "We're extremely pissed ... It's our billboard that got tagged .. it's not their billboard ... CBS clearly has ZERO appreciation for art!!!"

The rep added some parting praise for the Academy Award nominated artist, "We were flattered Banksy tagged on our ad -- it was epic."

The Light Group was told it will be allowed to keep the work of art -- so far, no word on what it plans to do with it.



No Avatar


All that hard great work for nothing. Such ashame.

1353 days ago


How can soft porn of disney characters a 1st grader could draw, with no real imagination, meaning or depth other than going gaga over implant boobs, be considered art?

1353 days ago

Lisa Ferrara    

Yeah you don't think CBS knows the worth of that tag... Pleeeeeeezzzz... They rolled it up for safe keeping.

1353 days ago


That AD is Shredded .. in pieces... no good now.. that 15minutes of fame is S A Y O N A R A !

1353 days ago


That's art? No way! It is a bore! The immature scribble lacks imagination. The only reason it gets any attention is because it is a gross rendition of beloved characters. The things some people do for attention.The Academy nominates this boob for an award? The standards just keep getting lower. "CBS clearly has ZERO appreciation for art!!!" Please say you are not serious. "We were flattered Banksy tagged on our ad -- it was epic." Your hey day must have been in Junior High because a mature person can clearly see that scribbling nonsense all over a billboard ad that is not even theirs is...well, immature. How epic!

1353 days ago

Lisa Ferrara    

Jealous much? I'm sure we all know who you are - not. That ad isn't shredded. Why do you think that guy was fighting those people trying to take that roll from him? Do something that is worthwhile and worldwide and touches one person and I may listen to your dribble.

1353 days ago


so vandalizing stuff is considered art if a certain big shot does glad they took it shouldnt stay up just because some oscar nominated moron did it.heck if me or anyone else did it they would want charges pressed.

1353 days ago

two cents    

Maybe it's a california thing, but "art". Please. Tagging is illegal and it's ugly. The company paid for ad space and some fool/artist destroys it and it's somehow ok. I don't get it. If they know who did it and why, why aren't they arrested for vandalism. Billboards arent' cheap.

Great job tmz. Keep giving this fool more pubilicity. Graffiti costs ALL of us, and it's not "cute".

1353 days ago

Inouno Nyx    

Umm... I think Disney management probably had a thing or two to say about the artwork!

1353 days ago


as observed by the rep be it true as this is tmz - (hollywoods step child from murkey depths something like c.h.u.d or those sand worms from tremors or as if one was playing in anothers poo and somehow got impregnated because you no how those rotten b-tches-femaleand male- can be everybody) - part of this dear counrty(the land's bounty and how its been eventually put to use for some good for decent people) is unfortunatley going straight too the crapper ---- oh well its what those people are looking for a big push away and out f-cked ----

1353 days ago


who cares

1353 days ago


Showing Millie Mouse with a crack pipe is not exactly artistic. Is the idea that Disney characters are supposed to be on drugs? Why is that funny?

1353 days ago

Oval Beach    

WHO CARES!!!! Banksy? Banksy who? You people west of the Mississippi need to quit lovin' yourselves so damn much... you ain't all about that.

1353 days ago

Oval Beach    

WHO CARES? Banksy? Banksy who? You people west of the Mississippi need to quit lovin' yourselves so damn much... you ain't all about that.

1353 days ago


Drawing Mickey and Minnie Mouse is epic artwork??? Really??? And HOW ORIGINAL that Mickey is giving the bikini-clad model the wolf-eye. Like WOW, I'll bet that was hard for the artist to come up with.

Sorry but this is POS graffiti. Epic my arse.

1353 days ago
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