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Sarcastic Apology

to Lindsay

2/16/2011 10:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman is CLEARLY bent out of shape by the Lindsay Lohan debacle ... insisting he has no one to blame but himself -- which is why he just issued the most insincere apology of all time.



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1309 days ago


Sitting Bull

I thought the recent photos of Lindsay in the black dress you had mentioned we should look at, are some of her best.
I think Lindsay looks better now than she has in a long time.

Posted at 8:35 PM on Feb 16, 2011 by Dylan


And really Dylan (and Ali, also), that's all that matters, right? How she looks?

1309 days ago


to Dave: if I call your ppl and tell that I know somebody famous and I'll make her come to your show then what? you'll believe me?
what kind of "professionals" run your show?
everybody knows that clown michael doesn't have NUTHING to do with Lindsay, everybody knows that
and I mean every body

amateurs . get better interns, and check the contacts first, like the other pros in your business do.

1309 days ago


Wah Wah Wah...Poor widdle Davey. Gawd I can't stand that man.

1309 days ago


She needs to listen to her pop's. maybe her team isn't looking out for her best interst-turning down Letterman? what? you crazy girl?

1309 days ago


"Lindsay laughed!! She's cool. She will be on DL and Leno. Mark my words."

First off, she'd never show her arse up, she'd be 10 hours late or preening in her Sharon Stone dress at the court house due to her latest fashion-theft. The only way Dave would be able to pin her down to read that top 10 list would be if the satellite transmission was live from prison.

"This would have been HUGE."

Yes, in your mind, certainly.

PS: Grandma Cracker, I think you're EXACTLY right.
Sitting Bull = Drunk Posting
Sitting Bull = Drunk Booking.

I always assumed that SB was Dina-won't-you-blow-your-Denial-Horn, but actually I think you've just hit the nail right on the head. Good call there.

1309 days ago


They are clearly running a tight ship if someone can call them and say "Hey, the Queen of England wants to be on your show" and they will send out a press release without any confirmation. Although I don't really think a major apology was needed seeing as it was a simple misunderstanding. A simple "sorry" would be fine.

1309 days ago


She should make her first appearance on Craig Ferguson's show. That would be some funny stuff there. Craig has Dave, Jay, Jimmy and Conan beat to hell in the funny department.

1309 days ago


Yup, FUTMZ, Lindsay Lie-han learned from the best, Dina Denial. No matter what may happen to Lindsay, it's always everyone else's fault. "Lindsay's FINE, she's GREAT! She's grown up a lot this year!!!" Dina is a merry-go-round of endless lies and denials. Lindsay will never, ever get well around this toxic parent.

Which brings us to Michael. Here, too, is another great liar, although not on the epic proportions of Dina Denial. He's also darned good at enabling, as his buying off Dawn Holland proves.

In the end, neither parent seems to give a flying horse hair about Lindsay or her well-being. Michael's trying to book her everywhere despite her looming prison sentence and obvious unwellness. Dina has pimped her out for years and is only silent now because she's scared spitless that Lindsay's going down the river to the Big House. As well she should.

Maybe if Lindsay goes to prison, she and her parents might get a teensy clue about how sick Lindsay really is. I doubt it but you never know.

1309 days ago


Thinking about it, I believe that Linday's obsessiveness comes from Dina as well. Listen to Dina rant on and on and on (and on and on) about Michael Lohan, what a loser he is, he needs to pay child support, he's a monster father, blah bleh.) I'm willing to bet if Lindsay had married SamRo and had kids with her, then got divorced after 10 years, we'd hear the exact same hoo ha coming out of her. Lindsay stalks Sam, Dina verbally stalks Michael. She's obsessed with the man. Guess she still loves him, deep underneath all of that hate.

1309 days ago


Dina is good at alienating her children. When you read anything that Lindsay says about any abuse that has happened, it's nothing she's ever witnessed herself. It's always what Dina told her. It's very sad. I'm sure she's done the same to the other children. I don't think Michael is a saint, or even a good father, but Dina is much worse.

1309 days ago


WOW, sam, powerful article about Lindsay's father. Everyone here should read it, gives much insight into how crazy Michael really is, and how like him Lindsay is. Here's an extract of a bit of it:

Earlier that week, Lohan and his attorney, Dominic Barbara, had announced that, as part of the divorce battle, they would seek half the 15 percent fee Dina reportedly earns for managing Lindsay’s career. Lohan estimates that Lindsay makes as much as $40 million a year, which he believes entitles him to $3 million. Lohan explains that he is not going after Lindsay’s money, but his wife’s cut of Lindsay’s money—and he says he’s doing that only because he sees so many other people living off Lindsay’s career. He’s her father, after all.

But during our lunch it becomes clear that the alimony suit is not Lohan’s endgame. He slides a settlement proposal across the table, which goes something like this: Let’s forget the whole restraining- order thing and put the divorce on hold—just long enough to make a reality show called Living With the Lohans: Over, or Starting Over? The treatment reads, “Join the Lohans as they invite you into their home, their lives, at work, play and even through their personal trials, as they go through what could be one of this decade’s most high profile and controversial celebrity divorces.”

“We as a family have been offered a deal with one of the biggest production companies in reality TV,” Lohan says. “It’s a multi-multi-multi-million-dollar deal.” His “Term Sheet for Divorce Action As Per Living With the Lohans” boils down to an ultimatum: If Dina agrees to make the show, then at the end of shooting, she can have an uncontested divorce, assuming she still wants it, and will not pay Michael “one red cent”; Michael will keep the licensing rights for Living With the Lohans. Otherwise, prepare for a nasty court fight.

1309 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Sitting Bull is Michael. SB is the number cruncher, and the one who awhile back said after BF that LL would drink "very controllably" I called him on that and he said he was not Michael, but a family friend from Providence RI that used to have a problem with alcohol but is now all fixed and only drinks on the weekend. Susan and Nicole are Dina, the slippery one who counts the days that LL will have to serve. Ali is Normal Person (simple sentences) John Smith is Michael Jr (semi structured sentences) and poor Dylan is Cody (the forgotten child, well on his way to doom and gloom). Drunk booking? How's that working out for you Sitting Bull?

1309 days ago


Lindsay Lohan Top Ten

10) I was too busy umm working………. yes I was working to return the necklace I allegedly stole to the store.

9) I was really getting my hair done the night I missed curfew at Betty Ford, I was at a bar because my hairdresser is also a bartender.

8) YES America the black kid was really driving.

7) I thought the US Judicial system was based on GEORGIA RULE!

6) If anyone see’s my twin sister Annie Parker from the Parent Trap please tell her I want my career back I think she took it with her when she went back to London.

5) Does this coke make my nose look fat?

4) I failed my drug test last year because I chew the same brand gum Paris Hilton chews honest!

3) My SCRAM went off at the VMA’s because I was sitting next Scott Strapp the lead singer of Creed.

2) Hey where did my freckles go?

1) I should be charged with a misdemeanor because I saw a similar necklace to the one I “barrowed” in a gumball machine being sold for 25 CENTS!

1309 days ago


I personally am not a Letterman fan, however this took Dave up a notch it was hysterical!

1309 days ago
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