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Lara Logan -- I'm Going Back to Work

2/16/2011 12:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CBS reporter Lara Logan is vowing to return to work ... and she's telling friends what happened to her in Egypt will not destroy her.

CBS Reporter Lara Logan

Sources familiar with the situation tell us the details of Logan's assault are horrible -- but Lara is back with her kids and is vowing to go back to work within weeks.

One source tells us Lara has an "incredibly tough constitution" -- and she is candidly discussing what happened to her. As one friend said, "She is going to be OK."

Friends tell us Logan -- a seasoned, tough and respected foreign correspondent -- is "unbelievably strong."

CBS Reporter Raped


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Sick people in this world, including you two.

1314 days ago


is it any wonder rapists get away with this crime,read the comments on here about this poor women,men r vile pigs

1314 days ago


#1, The chick is sexually assaulted and you make jokes about Egyptian sausage? You're a piece of garbage.

1314 days ago


maybe she needs to spend some time covering the local new walmart opening or something like that..we dont need women or men down in the masses giving us reports at these crazy countries revoloution

1314 days ago


I heard she will be okay but unfortunately her Sphinx-ter was penetrated by a man hung like a camel and now she walks bow legged and has to wear depends under garments.

In all seriousness, that sucks what happened to her, but when you put yourself in that position, you are risking even your life, she's lucky she is alive.

1314 days ago


Posted at 7:18 AM on Feb 16, 2011 by Bobo Frog
- - - "Details, TMZ, give us details....was she penetrated by Egyptian sausage? Enquiring minds want to know. Break this story."- - -

Do you think you where you able to transfer some of that pathetic personality disorder anxiety of yours onto someone else with such an inappropriate comment? Feel good about yourself now? LOL Stoopid Troll!

1314 days ago


She escaped this time. I feel sorry for her. She has a family and she should wise up and not expose herself to this ever again. It would be hard to feel sorry for her again if she puts herself in harms way again.

1314 days ago


How can this TMZ story elicit anything but inappropriate comments?

1314 days ago


I have an idea, why the **** were there in the first place? This entire story is bull**** and a career move. I'll bet there was little to no assault.

1314 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Once you go never go back. She's going back for seconds.

1314 days ago


Unfortunately when you go to countries that are involved with war and revolutions really bad things can happen. I wish her well!!

1314 days ago


It's a good thing she got out of there pronto, if she had stayed she would have been put on trial found guilty of attacking those love starved innocent boys and stone to death .
these nut bags at the networks that put women in these no one situations should be fired .When I saw Arron from the finance channel in Egypt I could not believe it the people are nuts .

1314 days ago


This is a terrible story, and for people to make jokes about it...well they are no better than the animals that did this to her

1314 days ago


Really pathetic that men r on a celeb website in the first place let alone the nasty women hating comments.Some lady in your life hurt u, and u take it out on all of us.

1314 days ago


She's going to be okay - the fact that she can talk about it releases any power the stinking and disgusting barbaric act could have had in keeping her in bondage as a 'victim'.

And @ Bobo Frog,
You are nothing more than the toilet paper that gets stuck in the crack of elderly people’s asses!!! Ass Wipe!!

1314 days ago
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