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Lindsay to Charlie Sheen:

Thanks for the Support!!!

2/17/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends she's definitely grateful for Charlie Sheen's words of support yesterday ... even though she didn't agree with his message.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she was listening when Charlie called in to the "Dan Patrick Show" yesterday and lashed out against the people trying to " vilify [Lindsay] without fact."

But Charlie's advice -- that Lindsay "work on her impulse control" -- didn't go over so well ... because Lindsay doesn't believe she has self-control problems.

Still, Lindsay is telling friends she "appreciates Charlie giving her his support."


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1345 days ago

sean dell    


1345 days ago


Charlie must have banged Lindsay -- but neither would have remembered. But he better have checked his coke stash the next day to see it Lindsay had slipped it into her jeans pocket -- of the pants that belong to someone else. Hey, maybe Charlie should be a character witness for you Lindsay? In the meantime, a date with the court rapidly approaches next week and Lindsay's days of freedom are numbered. Bye Bye Miss America Pie...

1345 days ago


Gawd Charlie, just hush up and worry about your own damn self, alright?

1345 days ago


My gawd is this stupid bitch in denial. Even Hitler thought he was actually doing good despite murdering millions of innocents. Just goes to show you how far someone can fall into their own pathetic dream world.

Lindsay is a drug addict (both legal and illegal forms), and habitual thief. What few friends she has in the industry have shunned her. It doesn't matter if Charlie said some words of encouragement, he probably says these kinds of things to his hookers as well.

F.ckup Lohan will be locked up soon enough. But before anyone get's too exited, remember she will probably be on her all supposedly needed prescription drugs, so will be doped out of her mind the entire time.

The sooner the cancer that is family lohan rests six feet under, the better the world will be.

1345 days ago


Charlie Sheen looks like he aged 20 years....

1345 days ago

Sad sad    

Stop saying sources close to Lindsay. Just say Michael we all know.

1345 days ago


And one last BIG THING here.

I am really sick of all these men getting screwed out of knowing their children. Mothers aren't always the best parent. It seems if you have that between your legs, you are golden.

I am not male and not young in the least. I've just observed there is a growing pattern of crapping on fathers by the courts. And it's for no real tangible reason either.

1345 days ago


Post no. 10 is meant to address Halle Berry v. Gabriel Aubrey and what took place today.

1345 days ago


LL isn't worth Charlie's little toe. LL has no talent. Oh wait...she remains in the news and shows off her current court related attire after stealing jewelry, furs and watches.

Charlie works and he's good at his profession. He doesn't steal either. And here is the best part: He doesn't LIE. He will simply blurt out the truth and tell you if you don't like it, go to hell and leave him alone.

LL is really proving what a low life she is personally. She relishes telling lies and tells so many she can't keep her story straight.

1345 days ago


It would be nice if TMZ would do a 'Lindsay Retrospective'

I can't keep up with all her shena****ns. There should be an itemized list on the site. All her known offenses both legal and professional. Her extensive list of accusations of theft etc. Just to catch us all up to speed.
I remember off the top of my head she has been accused of stealing jewelery from a pohto shoot, clothes from a photo shoot, clothes from a model? A fur coat from a club that she was later photographed wearing. I am sure there has been others. I believe she stole the SUV that she used to chased her assistant down the LA freeway.

Just saying we need a 'Retrospective'. LOL

1345 days ago


Stay away from Charlie, Lindsay. You have enough problems already.

1345 days ago


Dear God, please make these two losers overdose and die. Thank you.

1345 days ago


Charlie is the one who really needs impulse control. Lindsay doesn't call over porn stars and give them money at random and she was a more in control coke head, which Charlie wasn't. I know he's referring to the stealing and that was rude.

1345 days ago


Sources again TMZ? why don't you just say it like it is...more BS from daddy monster Michael Lohan. He's doing what he always does, now the plug has been pulled on the Letterman show, he's got to get his 20% some way, he has rent to pay and he just remembered he has two other children with child support to pay.

1345 days ago
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