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Lindsay to Charlie Sheen:

Thanks for the Support!!!

2/17/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends she's definitely grateful for Charlie Sheen's words of support yesterday ... even though she didn't agree with his message.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she was listening when Charlie called in to the "Dan Patrick Show" yesterday and lashed out against the people trying to " vilify [Lindsay] without fact."

But Charlie's advice -- that Lindsay "work on her impulse control" -- didn't go over so well ... because Lindsay doesn't believe she has self-control problems.

Still, Lindsay is telling friends she "appreciates Charlie giving her his support."


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The one bright spot of a Charlie Sheen accidental overdose death would be never having to see new photos of him wearing that dumbass hat. Word.

1310 days ago


@16 mija

I don't believe he meant that at all, to be fair to Charlie Sheen he said in the interview "they're desperate to vilify her...without fact" and he's right.

1310 days ago


Ok, so here is the deal.

When poor Charlie was just a kid, he hired hookers to have some fun. There was this one hooker who he really liked, and paid her extra money. Couple of weeks later, he went rough on her, and killed her. It was an accident, but still. Poor Charlie did not know what to do, so he called his daddy, and daddy called some people and they got rid of her body. Charlie was safe, his career was safe and his daddy continued to be proud of him, and to shove his face in the public areas as a poroud father and so on.
What pops didn't expect was that Charlie would take advantage of the protection he offered, so Charlie continued to party, hired some more hookers, paid them extra so they would you know, act like rape victims etc. In the end another girl was killed. Poor Charlie did not call his pop, instead he called few dirty cops who got rid of that girls body-

Its a Myth, but as powerful as Cristopher Walken killing a wannabe actress and getting rid of her body by throwing her into the sea.

1310 days ago


@ 9 sad sad

Seriously, we all know "friends" means michael lohan at this stage. Michael Lohan called up the late show and presented himself as a friend of lindsay.. Lol!
Tmz should stop with the BS because by now everyone know Michael Lohan's (only) job is update Tmz every time lindsay farts. I am pretty sure some of the stuff is just ramblings from michael lohan ****ed mind and not actually anything lindsay actually said. By the way How much are you paying him Harvey??

1310 days ago


You think Lindsey listens to sports talk with Dan Patrick? COME ON! NO WAY she was listening and heard it live....

1310 days ago


Thats right Lindsay, just keep slamming doors in the faces of all the influential people in this town. Not that he'd do anything to help your career except maybe put in a good word over a Vivid

1310 days ago


i wish charlie and lindsay would just go off on a bender some week together - lock themselves in a house, no limits and leave the front door unlocked so the morgue can get in to retrieve the bodies.

then tmz can update the world on something else besides every other headline being about how they don't have a problem and how they just partied their a$$e$ off or went to court.

charlie manson doesn't think he has issues either. some might beg to differ with that.

1310 days ago


yeah im sure lindsay listens to the dan patrick show..yeah right..she wants to hook up with the loser to get at his drug stash

1310 days ago


Drug addicts are manipulative and who the hell cares what Blowhan or buttSheen say anyway?

1310 days ago


Talk about the blind leading the blind...

1310 days ago


sounds to me like Lindsay is trying to take a positive spin on it..

1310 days ago


Sources again TMZ? why don't you just say it like it is...more BS from daddy monster Michael Lohan. He's doing what he always does, now the plug has been pulled on the Letterman show, he's got to get his 20% some way, he has rent to pay and he just remembered he has two other children with child support to pay.

Posted at 3:34 AM on Feb 17, 2011 by susan


You know, no offense but if you really are Dina, which I suspect to be so, no wonder Lindsay is so screwed up. Daddy Monster? WTF? He's a jerk, yes but one thing I've noticed over and over again is that Michael and Dina keep vilifying one another PUBLICLY over and over again.

Do you really think that banging on her father in front of her and the other kids is good for her? You think she's going to be healthy when both parents are verbally trying to kill one another?

Michael and Dina need intense counseling/couples counseling to get over some of their intense hatred of one another. I doubt that either one of them realizes that it IS possible to form a real, lasting detente with one another FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN.

1310 days ago


I'm not a drug addict! I'm not a thief! I don't have self-control issues!

(Snort snort, steal steal, scream, scream.)

Maybe she should replay the past 5 years of her life to get a clue?

Pretty amazing when even Charlie Sheen can see what her problems are.

1310 days ago


they need to od together. the sooner the better.

1310 days ago


So a raise of hands of everyone who believes Lindsay was listening in real time to the Radio Show with Charlie on it?

Or she saw the link on TMZ and listened to it then!?

Ok, thats right, thank you!

1310 days ago
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