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MJ Was On the Hunt For The Perfect Anesthesiologist

2/17/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson was such a hard-core drug addict ... he actually interviewed an anesthesiologist  to follow him to London to "take care of him."

Michael Jackson Doctor

Jackson -- who had a well-documented Propofol addiction for years before his death -- tried recruiting Dr. David Adams, a Las Vegas anesthesiologist, to go on tour with him in 2009.

We've learned Dr. Adams told LAPD investigators that several months before MJ's death ... Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael met with Dr. Adams and said, "We think it would be great to have an anesthesiologist go on the [This Is It] tour."

Turns out Dr. Adams had a history with Michael ... he had put MJ under with Propofol four times in two years for various procedures.

Adams thought about it and texted Murray, "I'd like to be on board.  Let's talk about it."  But MJ and Murray never contacted him again.

Murray's defense team spokesperson Miranda Sevcik says, "Dr. Murray did not know David Adams."  But Sevcik did say the defense has subpoenaed Dr. Adams for the trial.



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Some of you on this board are too ignorant to be true. If a person has a medical diagnoses and takes prescription medication, that person is not an addict. Even if the person takes the medication for decades as prescribed by a doctor, the person is not an addict. If one doctor cannot cure your ailments or develope a treatment plan to alleviate the symptoms and or pain, chances are "YOU" will seek, search and acquire another doctor.
Only in the case of Michael Jackson who suffered with multiple ailments as well as being a burn victim is considered an addict.

If a person has cancer, leukemia, lupus second degree burns, or other disorder that affected their immune system or blood, only a "stupefied-jackal-with-dung-for-brains" would laugh once the person lost his or her hair and pigmentation becomes discolored. Not to mention celebrating their death as a personal victory.

1313 days ago


Pegasus==I think if really michael insisted upon him he didn't mean propofol for using.

1313 days ago


Mymjj5 - How right you are! Could not have stated it any better myself! Way to go girl!

1313 days ago


Really TMZ???!!! A propofol addict for many years. 4 procedures involving propfol in 2 years?!!!

1313 days ago


@#17 Susan62509 Agreed great post.

1313 days ago


hi pegasus and ulja!!!
There's no proof that Michael used propofol for insomnia just murray's lying word. Also murray stated michael called him complaining of dehydration.....not insomnia. Michael could have gotten something to drink at home not to mention there was plenty of liquids at the staples center. Michael could not have become so dehydrated on the ride home from staples center. also we don't even no how long it took murray to arrive at holmby hills. w/o survellance, it's murray's lying side of the story with absolutely nothing to confirm or validate his version of the story. "just a big fat nasty azz cover up" to help a nobody like conrad murray!!

1313 days ago


also we don't even "know" how long it took murray to arrive at holmby hills.

1313 days ago


mymjj5 - I've lost count - how many times now has Murray changed his stories? It has been so many. Can't wait for the trial all his lies will be exposed as well as what kind of person he truly is (which all of course all of us already know). It will be interesting!

1313 days ago


Hi mymjj5, Pegasus and Ulja.

It never ends does it? All this garbage about Michael and his past or so-called past drug use. Blah, Blah, Blah! Same old news presented in a different way to make it look new. Why they keep bringing this up is beyond me. Does not take away the fact that Murray was plain negligent and reckless in his medical care of MJ which caused his death. End of story!

1313 days ago


@ Rixi Some people (obviously not all) experience a profound sense of euphoria when waking from Propofol sedation. It's what people get addicted to when it comes to this drug.

1313 days ago


murray is guilty and that is a fact this has nothing to do with the negligence he showed on his patient michael jackson!!!!! there are hundreds of stories and he is still guilty of not taking care of mj completely!!!!sue from tampa

1313 days ago


@ James

watch this and see what the Jurors had to say about the trial on Good Morning America.

1313 days ago


I don't blame him for going for the propofol if nothing else worked as dangerous as it was I'm sure he was well aware of that fact but had no choice. He needed to sleep and couldn't.
Posted at 2:02 AM on Feb 17, 2011 by Sandy

Michael Jackson suffered from severe chronic insomnia most of his life and people seem to forget that. It's easier for them to say that he was a drug addict.

1313 days ago


Propofol does not put a person into deep (REM) sleep. You wake up exhausted. And feeling naseus. I've had it for surgery. He should have gone to a Sleep Disorder Specialist or Clinic, etc. if it was really that bad.

He didn't have to choose to do those concerts either. Both within control.

1313 days ago
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