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Pharrell's Goosestepping

Sparks Fuhror at TMZ

2/16/2011 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the most INTENSE debate we've had in a long time -- that video of Pharrell Williams busting out a goosestepping Nazi-esque salute got things seriously heated in the TMZ newsroom.

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This is obviously Nazi related. He did this intentionally... he does that "goose step" which is a nazi step and teams it up with that stupid star trek sign. But who cares... the real problem is everyone thinking that white people are the only racists on earth. Maybe you should hire someone with a high school diploma, because that girl thinks that the nazi has something to do with racism to black people.... go back to school it was hatred against jews. the white power groups (which are stupid) made it more of a universal ethnic hatred sign. if white people cant joke about nazi stuff, neither should black people! oh and i think Harvey ( a jew) would have a more accurate opinion on the matter....

1344 days ago

robert harris    

I am not going to give J.J.or Pharrell a pass on this,they're both old enough to know better.So according to the black girl[I apologize for not knowing her name,I don't know any names except the jewish lawyer.]blacks get a pass for being *******s because they are black.There are still people out there with their registry number tattoed on their forearms.I doubt if they see any humor in people acting like NAZIS.Nobody is right if everybodys wrong.

1344 days ago


who cares, you guys are a bunch of losers. shut upaaaaa

1344 days ago


Some of you are so boring, you worry about such petty things. Boo hoo, grow up!!! You have a war to worry about, why waste so much verbal time on gossip, get so paranoid that everyone is picking on you - for color, or religion, or for whatever. I read this for entertainment, gossip entertainment, but it no longer is entertaining. You have ruined a fun site for everyone with your name calling and insecurities. It is NOT about you, k? Don't bother calling me names, I'm otta here.

1344 days ago


I'm sick and tired of blacks using race as a weapon. They are 10 times more racist than whites. If TMZ doesn't fire that fat black girl, I will never watch the show again. How dare she say what she did! I'm sick and tired of blacks thinking they can say anything and do anything they want just because their ancestors were slaves. Guess what fatty, this is the 21st century and whites don't own slaves anymore so get over it. What she said was highly offensive to me and I'm sure to millions of Americans. She knows what Pharrell did was wrong, yet just because of the color of his skin she backed him up. Shows how racist she is. Just like blacks backed up OJ Simpson when they KNOW he murdered those people. Fire that fat black b*#@h now!! She was unprofessional, offensive and ignorant.

1344 days ago


I find it offensive. Sorry but my parents escaped the 2nd world war and lost family members to the Germans. even though they weren't jews my parents witnesses some horrendous things that happen during the war. People who mimmick or copy something like the goose step and give the nazi sign obviously dont have any respect or compassion for the people who suffered at these times. As far as Im concerned there should not even be a debate wether it's wrong or right. It's just Commonsense and down right respect that you dont do it. Unfortunately, the young people of today dont understand and think it's a joke.

1344 days ago


You have 40 comments. How is this the most intense debate ever? No one cares but you. So what, the dude can't dance. I didn't see you freaking out about Lady Gaga Alejandro video.

1344 days ago


The statement "How do geese feel about this?" was PRICELESS! ROTFLMAO. Put it in perspective!

1344 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

He's f-ing black. Why would he support anything Nazi. People are so ****ing mother ****ing god damn ****ing stupid.

1344 days ago


There were slaves in the beginning of time, there will be slaves until the end of time. The differences is what one does about it, lives off the past or moves on to the future.

1344 days ago


Way to hire the racist fatty black chick, Harv. She's not proving the stereotype at all...nope...not one bit. Is she aware she what she is saying regarding white people? I bet she thought the police were wrong for arresting the black professor....but it's ok to profile whitey. Nice. She's a racist...and too stupid to realize it. I bet she says the exact same thing about white people. pot. Fire her.

1344 days ago


Is that one chick's name Nina? Disrespectful to Harvey, quite bitchy.

1344 days ago


1344 days ago


Harvey i suggest you fire that ignorant bitch she always wants to add her 2cents where they dont belong! Since when is she the only one to have an opinion shut her fatself up n get out she is the least liked, maybe if she would have class and not make everything about race she would have a better job shes such an idiot , im with you Harvey and maybe pharrel should watch his actions a lil more some people ight take it offensive is not a good memory even if its by joke or not meant in a hurtful way just for future reference

1344 days ago


I was so happy to see that sister stand up to Harvey. Why can he defend his point and she can't. Your self pitty has clouded your judgement Harvey. Not everyone is out to the get the Jews, just like not everyone is out to get black people. Please, Harvey probably has a N.E.R.D. cd in his Miata right now.

1344 days ago
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