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Whoopi Goldberg -- Sorry, New York Times

2/16/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whoopi Goldberg made an odd apology -- on The View -- for putting the New York Times on blast for omitting her from an story about African-American Oscar winners ... but she also took time to throw one last jab.

Whoopi Goldberg Apology Video
Whoopi said she was sorry she called the NYT article "shoddy reporting" ... but reiterated she "personally" felt it was wrong that several actors -- including herself -- were not mentioned.


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Selebraties Suck    

I love watching libs fight amongst themselves

1322 days ago

keeping it real    

Shut the Hell up! You won an Oscar for your part in Ghost! PLEASSSSE! I think it was a token award! Get over yourself! you aint nobody! Welcome to my VIEW!


1322 days ago


Goldberg is by far the stupidest person I have ever seen on TV and there are a whole lot of stupid stupid people on the tube...but she takes the cake. Why does anybody listen to that idiot?

1322 days ago


Who really gives a rats ass. Do we really have to be told the color of an actor. Get off it and tell us something we don't know.

1322 days ago


Never saw this many racists in one spot, this must be the gather place.

1322 days ago

Josi Coyote Verlingieri    

This gives me one more reason not to watch this show anymore. Rediculous!!!

1322 days ago


It is always good to see white folks speak up when a black has an issue to speak about. I guess white folks have to determine what is and what is not appropriate for black people to talk about. I guess it is their nature to decide what another group of people have the right to say. They have tried this same attitude within other countries and this is why they are hated through out the world. Do you ever learn it is none of your business what other say or think.

1322 days ago


does anyone not find it frightening that she had to apologize for voicing her view on a show titled "the view"! i find it very unsettleing that are society is coming to a point were you have to be extremely careful as to what you say!

1322 days ago

Trevis Miho    

She has every right to be upset about being left out. Being an African American WOMAN with an Oscar is an accomplishment. Period. If you are one of the handful, that deserves recognition..and if you're an African American woman with an Oscar and were left out of that conversation (or article) - why wouldn't you say something?? So much Whoopie-bashing in the comments (which is expected on a TMZ comments page), but oh well. She has an Oscar, her name was left out, she reminded them with Oscar in hand. Get'em.

1322 days ago


Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah. What does Whoppi have to say that anyone wants to listen too. ?? She is a big movie star in HER mind only !!! Go home and stay there !!!

1322 days ago


Oh BOO HOO Whoopie....SHUT UP!

As for the rest of you nitwit bitches on The View, just keep on blabbering over each other.

1322 days ago


She is so grating and y do black actors have to be nominated every year they make up less of the population.Latinos should be nominated more then blacks

1322 days ago


Whoopie hasn't been black for years.

1322 days ago


She was wrong from the get go!!!!! She went on a rant about an article she had not read/understood. It was she that prior to all that spewing of attacks, should have done her research or double check, NOT THE NYT. Her winning an Oscar is irrelavant, those who sided with her without checking themselves are just as guilty. To support her outburst on national tv and still after finding out she was wrong say she was justifide for some reason?????? Shows that you should NEVER be on a jury and hold a person's life in your hands.

1322 days ago


I don't know if it's just me, but I can not stand to look at Whoopie. Her teeth are so freakin YELLOW! OMG! She should take better care of herself. Has she never heard of teeth whitening?

1322 days ago
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