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Whoopi Goldberg -- Sorry, New York Times

2/16/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whoopi Goldberg made an odd apology -- on The View -- for putting the New York Times on blast for omitting her from an story about African-American Oscar winners ... but she also took time to throw one last jab.

Whoopi Goldberg Apology Video
Whoopi said she was sorry she called the NYT article "shoddy reporting" ... but reiterated she "personally" felt it was wrong that several actors -- including herself -- were not mentioned.


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Sheila Shigley    

Whoopi Goldberg is sour grape, bitch has been unemployed in the movie industry for at least 20 years because nobody wants to pay money to watch her crap. Now she is trying to get her last 15 minutes of fame on tv, how ghetto is that?

1324 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

The only thing she should be sorry for is that she considers the plagiaristic NYT a reputable news source.

1324 days ago


Jeeeezzzzz, The racists on here !!!!!! It's scary.

1324 days ago


Whoopi I guess being in the public eye you had to apologize (or was that Barbara W's idea?), but I wouldn't have and YES it was shoddy reporting by the NY Times. THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER OR STOP REPORTING!! You go Whoopi!!

1324 days ago

Canadian Fan    

She was CLEARLY TOLD to apologize "or else".

Guess she finally got around to reading the article AFTER she made her comments on air yesterday.

Can anyone say "time for a new moderator" ... bye bye Karyn, whoopi, crack/dope smoker or whatever name you go by these days.

1324 days ago


Whoopi- stands for; fat, unhappy racist bi..

1324 days ago


I used to like Whoopi. She used to seem so humble, but now she is always so ANGRY! SCARY ANGRY!!! She repels me now. Why is she so bitter?

And for Pete's sake. She misread the article! She should apologize! But I'm sorry, that was NO apology in my opinion. Whoopi, Stop being so angry and bitter!

1324 days ago

crazy christmas pie    

. . . .Oh and SHE left out James Baskett who was awarded a special Oscar in 1948. . . .now is she gonna apologize to his family for that? The NYT article referred to 7 black recipients prior to 2001--they were: McDaniel, BASKETT, Poitier, Gossett, Washington, Gooding and her she's so silly. . . .

1324 days ago


oh shut up slob...go cry on obamas shoulder!!!

1324 days ago


Admit you are wrong and that you tried to MAKE it about you and it was not. You misread the article. You Whoopi, are a racist and wanted to make "them" wrong and you right after realizing what a fool you are. THEN you try and bring Gooding and Gossett down with you NOW??? You are a coward and a self serving racist and has been. The network DID NOT "make you" apologize. You simply made a fool out of yourself twice, once by putting herself in a story that had nothing to do with you on national television and again with your pompus, sarcastic "apology". Why did you not mention Gooding and Gossett in your first "ME" speech? I laugh when I see you taking that statue off some shelf and carrying it into the office. You should feel silly and embarressed not self rightous and then to offer this silly sarcastic "apology"??? Get real!

1324 days ago


Soo I guess she finally got around to actually reading the entire article?! That was no apology in my opinion. She should still be ashamed of herself. She needs therapy and probably rehab again too. I really wish they would get rid of her from the View and then I could actually watch the dang show.

1324 days ago


@Raejean you are RIGHT ON the money.

1) She did not bring in Gooding and Gossett until she made a complete ass out of herself. Don't bring them down with you now. I am sure they didn't think twice about it becuase they actually read and understood the story and what is was about..NOT THEM (or her).

2) SO funny WOOPIE took her statue off some shelf and brought it with her to the office to prove a point that was in her own imagination...LOL, BIG!

3) For those of you saying the network made her apologize must not have finshed the same school or not read or understood the story. She was wrong to bring herself into a story that had NOTHING to do with her at all. She should woman-up and admit it. STOP blaming anyone but HER LACK OF UNDERSTANDING, jumping the gun and making it about her when it was not.

1324 days ago


Also get your hair OUT of your eyes and put your glasses ON your's killin' me.

1324 days ago



1324 days ago

I am Me    

I cant stand you whoopie goldberg, you are a very nasty and mean person, i have lost every bit of respect that i have ever had for you. you are a horrible actress and you are ugly

1324 days ago
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