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Lady Gaga


2/17/2011 10:59 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Lady Gaga in a latex condom inspired outfit on "Good Morning America" on Thursday (left) -- and Sally Field as Sister Bertrille in the '60s TV series "The Flying Nun" (right).

Lawd have mercy.

We're just sayin'.



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This unfortunately and unbelievably ugly entertainer gets in those outfits for self-preservation. When she shaves off the ham from her thighs, the condom wraper from her hair, she looks more human and (deceivingly) better looking. Why doesn't she just get some plastic surgery like the rest of the others and spare us having to look at what she really looks like?! She doesn't even have a well-toned body. The woman is USELESS. I don't even know if she can sing, since I've never heard what she does. She is soft-looking and disgusting.

1322 days ago

Good Grief    

Contrary to popular belief, this woman does not have an original idea in her head! Everything she does is a rip-off of something else that has already been done. Go away already!

1322 days ago


... and morons will jump up and down and scream for her! Amazing!

1322 days ago


By far, the worst performance of the night at the Grammy Awards. She memorized a few synchronized steps to the left ... then to the right and practiced reaching up in the air. Truly awful!

1322 days ago


lady G, looks good and since ive seen her body now.. i will not say anything bad about her looks.. the costumes/gimmicks is just a performance tool..

her private life is that just private.. after seeing her in the grammy's i have to give her props for maintaining those 100% gorgeous legs and behind..she has britney spears hips and solid abs.. the woman.. i repeat the WOMAN was born this way... now leave it be

the chick is fine!...

Go ahead with ya bad self mama monster.

ok.. i lied.. this wasnt the last time i would say something nice about her..

1322 days ago

So What    

There is not enough drugs for me to take inorder to have sex with a what you can call it. Does it have a Pu--y at all. Could you look it in the eyes while you bang on it?

1322 days ago


WTF is this outfit about?! I mean, I am all for being unique and original, but her **** is just absolutely stupidly atrocious! She woulda looked better wearing an actual condom on her head! Dingbat!

1322 days ago


Her 15 minutes of fame is so exciting! I'm so happy to be alive to live it with her!

1322 days ago

Christopher Kandrat    

She should just concentrate on her singing.

1322 days ago


Lady Gimmick. Give it a break, MJ wanna-be.
Posted at 9:43 AM on Feb 17, 2011 by

Everything she does is a rip-off of something else that has already been done. Go away already!
Posted at 11:40 AM on Feb 17, 2011 by Good Grief

I saw Lady Gaga arriving in that egg vessel at the Grammys and I tought she was so original and then I realized a day later that Michael Jackson opened his History tour in a space vessel in 1997. Check out this video:

Lady Gaga is ripping off Madonna and Michael Jackson left and right and the little monsters are so blind they think she is a genius.

1322 days ago


She's a freak, obviously no talent so she has to act like a freaking idiot all the time. Go away already your 15 minutes are up.

1322 days ago


hahaha haters!!!

1322 days ago


is she done already ?!!

1322 days ago

Don Rose    

What disturbs me greatly about this Lady Gaga charade is the fact that she was hearlded on tv as the newest sensation in entertainment. What a dispicable excuse for entertainment, and moreso what a dispicable con job Good Morning America pulled on its viewing public. Have the network TV giants fallen so far into the abyss of insanity that they now need to resort to trash tv to get their ratings? I was happy to see the purveyor of trash, Jerry Springer, go off the air. But we should have known that the "sickos" who run network television are still sitting comfortably in their executive chairs dregging up muck like Lady Gaga to feed our insatiatable appetite for idiocy and "crap." BOYCOTT NETWORK TELEVISION!!!!!

1322 days ago


What a waste of DNA.

1322 days ago
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