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J.Lo Breaks Down Crying Over Contestant Dismissal

2/19/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources on the set tell TMZ ... Jennifer Lopez began crying when it came time to send Chris Medina packing on an episode of "American Idol" that airs on Thursday.


We're told J.Lo became so overwhelmed with emotion, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler had to talk her through it. According to our sources, once J.Lo composed herself, hair and makeup had to swoop in to give her a little touch-up.

Medina was the contestant who brought along his disabled fiancée to the audition. We're told she was not there for the elimination.


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Sociopaths are Sad    

The whole Chris Medina situation is sad. I saw a pic of them before the accident. They were a very good-looking couple. Now, it's just sad. She may get better but she will never be the same. And all that time spent taking care of her has made Chris become physically unattractive. The sad fact is, it's just not fair for Chris to have to stay with his fiancée out of a sense of obligation. I'm sure he still loves her and always will, but it's just not the same. He did kind of use her for the sympathy vote but who can blame him? He's at a disadvantage because of her. He can't practice as much because of her and he can't live his life because of her. And that's really unfair. Who could blame him if, in a couple of years (or sooner), he found someone else? It's just not realistic and his fiancée's mother should realize that.

I mean, it's not like they can even have sex. Most everyone would think that a young married couple who don't have sex should divorce, so why does everyone expect Chris to stick it out? Sympathy has it's limits.

1341 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

J-Lo cries because she's an emotional wreck. She's being beaten up & abused at home by her skeletal husband Marc Anthony. That's bound to affect a person.

Oh yeah, and if she really felt bad for Chris Medina, she'd help with his little fund he set up for his fiancée. But we all know that as much as she cares, she doesn't care THAT MUCH. Narcissistic biatch. So yeah, keep beating on her Marc. It may make her into a better person.

1341 days ago


marco- who cares if he has "a huge gut" hes a great singer and your probably like a 2 pound person who has not one ounce of fat and if you watched the show you would like him beacause hes a good guy and i feel bad for his wife so stop talking!

1341 days ago


As we all have seen; one does not have to win the 'American Idol' title to come out a winner. I imagine he will do just fine! The lad has talent.
All the best to him and his fiancee.

1341 days ago

Eye Spy    


1341 days ago


I'm pretty sure J-Lo has the dough and strings to help this kid out. She can have him recoed a cd then keep profits to help his g/f with medical expenses. If she wanted to, that is.

1340 days ago

Just Me    

Okay, Im done with AI. I really thoght this year was bringing it till last week too. They always let the best ones go.

1340 days ago


wow you guys are harsh....

1340 days ago

random human being    

I HARDLY CALL THIS PERSON NOT TALENTED, please see video.. and if it gets edited youtube, "what has become of me" I would buy this tune in a heartbeat... i don't think he was the strongest competitor but to discredit this young man of his natural talent is NOT fair :)

... and for the haters this was filmed 2 years ago wayy before any of the american idol stuff

1340 days ago


@6- It's a contest to become a pop exactly can you consider any of it not shallow? Of course you have to be good-looking to be a pop star. Where is Kelly Clarkson now that she's gained 200lbs?

1340 days ago


Well, his wife's sob story didn't get him into the finals, but he'll still be able to get the best parking spots, so it all evens out in the end.

1340 days ago


#32 @Sociopaths are Sad -- sure they can still have sex...he just handles her like a ragdoll and flops her around the bed. I'm sure when he asks if she's enjoying it her head bobs up and down as usual so no worries. And I'm sure he's constantly thinking "great parking, great parking..." whenever he's feeling discouraged.

1340 days ago

What Da    

I've been telling people for YEARS! L.JO can ACT! She is a real actress. She can act the pants off of Steven and Randy.

1340 days ago


no one would care if gay folks
just kept to them selves
why do they feel the need to let everyone
know who cares your gay
so what
now live your life like everyone else

1340 days ago


to sociopaths are sad- do you personally know them? If not you have know right to judge. Chris and Juli are good friends of my sister-in-law. Chris could of left if he wanted to nut true love sees no boundary. Juli's mother does no force him to stay, that is his choice. Also he did not use her for a sympathy vote or A.I. used their story for ratings or anything else. In fact by just being on one episode of the show they raised tons of money to help with Juli's treatments. So in a way i would say they used A.I.

Mike1978- you are a sick SOB. get a life. i sure hope that you are never in a accident and end up in the same situation as Juli, im sure your friends and family would dump you in some home.

1339 days ago
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