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Lindsay -- Blindsided by Mom's 'GMA' Interview

2/18/2011 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan had no idea her mother had lined up an interview with "Good Morning America" this morning ... and the actress told friends she was "upset" with Dina when she found out ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan Good Morning America

We're told the two spoke after Dina wrapped up the shoot -- and Lindsay wasted no time forgiving her mom for not looping her in sooner.

Lindsay explained ... she loves her mother -- she just wishes she would have received a head's up about interviews regarding her life.


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Lindsay Lohan -- Talk to the Hand |
Feb 19, 2011 ... Lindsay Lohan may not be drinking anymore, but she still enjoys a night on the town -- but Hollywood can be a harsh town. Lindsay couldn't…

That was the lead story until she walked down to TMZ to blow the place!!!!! EPIC

1288 days ago


Why does Dina Lohan even do these interviews? It's just more fodder. She comes off as defensive and nervous; she doesn't speak well and has nothing to say. I was kind of embarrassed for her.

1288 days ago


Rose5491: Looks like they fixed "interview's" but they don't know what to do about "head's."

I think most people assume there needs to be an apostropohe before a final "s."

1288 days ago


Rosebud5491 & Fran: The apostrophes are bad, but not as bad astheir verb tenses:
"she just wishes she WOULD HAVE received a head's up about interviews regarding her life."

I think they mean "she just wishes she HAD RECEIVED a heads up..."

Don't people still have to study English in school?

1288 days ago


Is it any wonder that Lindsay Lohan is so psychologically messed up in her head, with a mother like Dina, and a father like Michael? Sheesh!

1288 days ago


Everyone seems to be blaming Dina and Michael who are definite Aholes, but what about GMA??? Why does the media still give her and her dysfunctional family credibility. I frankly don't watch morning shows anymore, because they've all gone the way of the dumbing of America and pushing pop culture. What ever happened to intelligence and REAL culture?? This is sad, people, and I for one, don't ascribe to it, and if a day goes by without a Lohan story, that'll be a good day.

1287 days ago


Lindsay doesn't have parents. She has pimps.

1287 days ago


Here is a good story on her getting booted from that party - the Officer looked like he was fixin to get his tazer out for a little fun - good closeup of ducklips - and further down the story is a nice heartwarming photo of LiLoHo with Butchfriend SamRoHo, who looks like a stunted dude - boy, not red carpet material for sure.

1287 days ago

Alan Carver    

How is it that Dingling Lohan can go on National Television and talk about her daughter, when her daughter could do that all by herself. This train-wreck of a stage mother, has no right to do that and if it were me doing that - taking the check from that interview, you better believe I would get sued by my either son or daughter. This stage-mother has only one thing on her mind and that is how can I make money off my used-up, has-been, that never WAS, drug addled and booze bag daughter, for my OWN PERSONAL GAIN?! She never ceases to amaze me on how selfish she is and how she just uses her daughter. This train-wreck of a woman and family is far from derailing. The sooner the better if you ask me!

1287 days ago


Here is a clip on letterman that made my jaw drop. She was only about 17-18 and still looking good, but Letterman knew she was cookin, saying Herbie was loaded (with what?) YOU!

And then he had a lil video which was prophetic.

Now, that seems to come off as mean as played, but I think it was more that he knew what was unfolding and sent a warning to her.. She didnt listen.

1286 days ago


linky poo

Letterman pwns her

1286 days ago

James Brown    

Put the spoiled little Bi--- In jail where she belongs.

1285 days ago


NO WONDER LINDSAY is so screwed up! Her parents are both such self-serving attention whores!

1284 days ago


lidsy , she is be fine, man I be thinkn dat if she be hookin it wit Charlie an his fine godesses den they is could make em a movie at his luv palace. Den Charlie coud have lady gaga come fo a hoe down n Elton john an his man women too. I is thinkn dat Bitney speer be fine too n she the BEST
singr in da world! iF I was her friend I would be likn it all down the love train n Charlie n I be ridin the tiger, sayin, so just imagn dat like JUstin timberlake be dancn at a Charlie hoedown you guys at tmz could be go der wit yo cameras n da white skinny girl werkin fur ya all be is makin a hollywould movie. Then at da last momwnt dat KIM K BE BUSTN out her giganto heiny n shakn it fo the end when Charlie be grabn dat heiny n look at camer a wit a huge smile and say WINNING!

1274 days ago
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