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Britney Spears -- Fry Me

2/19/2011 12:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Less than a day after Britney Spears released her video for "Hold It Against Me," the 29-year-old mother of two hit up a drive-thru in Kentwood, Louisiana to celebrate -- and the rest ... well, it's a real mouthful.



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People here are so damn jealous. She is doing something very normal yet she gets judged and critized for it because she is britney.

1341 days ago


Wow, I'm not thinking she's in KY - why would she be in KY?

And to 'Truth' I sure hope your racism and prejudice views of Kentucky isn't passed on to your children - because I'm thinking you aren't smart enough to use a condom if they even make them small enough for you. I might be from Kentucky, but you are toxic and I'd hate to live in your skin.

1341 days ago

Jim in Cali    

LOL frickin amateur hour at TMZ. Britney Spears is in Kentucky? Why? She was born in Kentwood, LA, not Kentucky.

Thanks for the breaking news though TMZ, I mean damn who knew that Britney Spears could EAT a FRENCH FRY. I mean like OMG, wow that is like so cool, you know.

1341 days ago


So what she goes to a drive-thru? But I don't understand why she always has the funkiest hair. It looks like grown-out greasy extensions or something. Surely her shaved hair has grown out by now.

1341 days ago


.."great" story indeed...not....really.. Britney in general isn't that great of a story...i sort of feel sorry for her, but then again, not... Poor lil rich bith without any real talent and head screwed on the wrong way around..she looks like something that the cat dragged in most of the time..and still all these big companies want to use her as an advertisement billboard looking great in glitter and golly gosh knows what..Her new vid is an ad for Sony, and the song is not even worth remembering it exists after one time of melody, no rythm, impossible to dance to...So, can someone PLEASE remind me why she is so famous and earns so much money..and WHY do i still kinda feel sorry for her? i can't figure it out...

1341 days ago


Shouldn't she be out pushing her new cd? What the hell is she doing in some backwoods, country f*ck town eating fast food garbage?

What is up with these "professionals"?.

1341 days ago


Any woman that wants to stop at a SONIC is A-OK in my book.

1341 days ago


Why don't those of you calling her "out of shape" post pics of yourselves, b/c I am so curious as to what you would consider in shape, and really, eating at sonic in kentucky in an suv makes you white trash... guess the entire country, with the exception of a tiny percentage is white trash. Your an idiot, and that is the TRUTH.

Posted at 2:01 PM on Feb 19, 2011 by T
That would be you're an idiot, as in you are. If you're going to call people idiots, use the correct term.

oh my mistake, I spelled a word wrong, so f*n what. Doesn't (as in does not) seem to matter to anyone else but you.

1341 days ago


Britney eating at sonic is NEWS ??? Seriously. And the only thing worse then this being written as "News" is you A-holes who are putting her down for it as you sit your fat asses behind a keyboard eating Doritos and ice cream. I am no fan of Britney's because I don't listen to that music but I feel sorry for the woman and if I was her I would have quit the business already because of the boat load of mean rude judgmental people who even put her down for eating a french fry! Guess what, she poops too, wait a skank!

1341 days ago


She is in Louisiana. Sonic is a drive-in not a "drive-thru". The food there is actually pretty good.

1341 days ago


Southern white trash gotta have them's fried food.

1341 days ago


TMZ, shame on you. What kind of message did you wish to send to the average American woman, or very impressionable teen girl for that matter. Regardless of your opinion on Britney, looking at these pictures does not showcase an over weight star. The constant pressure, you, the media, put on teen girls has led to an epidemic, globally. Had Ms. Spears been a man, this story would never have made front page news.

To all those insulting this woman, you truly represent a small facet of society, one who wishes to condemn others before admitting your own flaws.

1341 days ago


lol she isn't over weight, she just isn't celeb skinny. To the person who said she could stand to lose 30lbs (you're an idiot) I just think it's ****ty that she buys food from such a cruel and cheap shop! Apart from that, who gives a **** what she eats lol!

1341 days ago

Sumer Kolcak    

Britney.Co is for sale for $810 million, it can be turned into a company similar to TIFFANY & CO.

- Sumer Kolcak

1341 days ago


Britney still looks like a freakin mess. She steal needs therapy.
We are all just passing thur life. You choose blessing or cursing. Everything in life is vanity, but we still have choices.
The only thing good in life is money. It takes money to live, it takes money to die. All is vanity. Britney needs to enjoy her life and money. Money is a blessing, you choose money.

1341 days ago
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