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Ultra-Rich NFL Star -- I Ain't Worried About a Strike!

2/20/2011 1:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Who cares about a possibly devastating lockout between NFL players and owners next month when you got a guaranteed $34 mil in your contract? Definitely not Seattle Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry.

Curry shed all his concerns last night outside Voyeur nightclub in L.A. -- telling TMZ, "I'm prepared for it. I saved all my money, so I'll be fine."

In case you're wondering -- Curry signed a six-year $60 million contract with the Seahawks in 2009 ... with $34 million guaranteed. So yeah, he'll be fine.

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Billionaires vs. millionaires

1348 days ago


Sorry TMZ but there are NO GUARANTEE MONEY CONTRACTS IN THE NFL. The Owners put the contracts together with attorneys who give the same owner the ability to negate said contract for whatever reason needed. Not smart running around throwing money away with nothing Guaranteed in the World, regardless of what you are told by Media or your representative.

1348 days ago

pierre sylvestre    

Um, 34 of the 60 million is guaranteed. I'm not sure where the loophole is in guaranteed. He was the 4th overall pick two years ago, and therefore once he signs his name on the line, the money is his. Even if he stunk, the team could cut him and save the additional 26 million, but 34 million is going to his pocket, no matter what. That's the benefit of being drafted in so high. Considering the fact that tmz was started by a lawyer, I think they know enough to do a little fact checking.

1348 days ago


i dont feel bad for the ball players..i mean they get 60% share of 8 billion dollars now.they are complaining because they will have to split a 60% share of 7 billion.yeah i wish i had their problem.

1348 days ago


Its called a 'Lockout' so the point is that the OWNERS are locking out the players thus preventing them from doing their jobs. An agreement was put in place with an opt-out clause which the OWNERS exercised. The owners do not like the conditions under which they were bound by the previous agreement and are not willing to let the games be played, which would be played under the old conditions until an agreement is reached.

Cant blame the owners really because it was a bad deal, and you cant blame the players either. Its simple. Grandfather the current player deals into a new agreement AFTER the owners open the AUDITED books to show the difference between franchise value and Buffalo and Jacksonville's (for example) bottom lines.

1348 days ago


overpaid and worthless.

1348 days ago


To bad he wasn't more worried about playing like crap
last season

1348 days ago


The money is only gauranteed if there's a season. Players are paid per game not in a lump sum. No season, No paychecks. Hope he saved the last 6 weeks of his paychecks from last season cuz he's gonna need it if there's a lockout.

1348 days ago


If he's saving his money, he's smarter than most football players. The vast majority of NFL players are broke within just a few years of retirement.

1348 days ago


Yet he's so illiterate he uses the word "ain't". I hope old Aaron saved some of his money for his baby mamas too.

1348 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

hey, strikes are always a great opportunity to hire new faces!! give some other personalities a chance at an old job!! freshen the air a little!

1348 days ago



1348 days ago


Someone mind telling me again why it is these so-called sports "heroes" are paid millions and millions of dollars to play a game they learned in kindergarten, while our teachers, soldiers, police officers and fire fighters risk their lives every day to make the world a better place and they get paid next to nothing?

1348 days ago


Aaron is a very nice man who was wise with the money he's gotten so far, he has a family and didn't run out and buy cars and crap. He is also very hands on with his fans and we respect him as a player and a person.

1348 days ago

The Observer    

Hey, 16: It is actually very easy to understand - Public versus private sector. The public sector relies on taxes in part to pay salaries. The private sector relies on the marketplace. As long as Americans continue to funnel billions to the major league sporting industry the participants will make millions. If we all want a major increase in taxes perhaps the public sector employees will see more money.

1348 days ago
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