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Flower Shop for Selena Gomez

2/21/2011 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber scored major points with his GF Selena Gomez last week -- when the 16-year-old phoned in a GARGANTUAN flower order ... and it wasn't even Valentine's Day!!!!

Justin Bieber Flowers
Sources close to Bieber tell us Justin called up a local florist on Wednesday hoping to "fill Selena's house with flowers" ... just because he felt like it.

We're told the florist needed EVERY SINGLE FLOWER in the shop to complete the order ... and had to use "multiple trucks" to pull off the love stunt.

One source close to  the couple tells us Selena LOVED the surprise.


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Cannot believe how or why this kid is so popular. Sorry, but I really can't stand him or his silly hair. He looks, acts and talks like a robotic fairy. Him kissing Gomez...oh please!!! She looks like she can't wait to get the heck away from him.

1277 days ago


AWWWWWW HES SOOO CUTEE!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 ;)

1277 days ago


That's almost as cheesy as getting engaged on valentines day.

1277 days ago


Uh-oh. The Beebs in love; new haircut, roses...this is all so exciting, watching the Beeb grow up right before our very eyes.

1277 days ago


ill-researched backyard journalism - now come the false reports over Justin Bieber und Selena Gomez

1277 days ago

mike holly    

why won't anybody talk about him being under age and her be'ing over age? double standerd? why is it ok for a woman to go out with a 16 year old boy but change ages it's abuse. someone needs to look in to this

1277 days ago


So he bought a bunch of flowers. Big deal. Either Selena laid down and spread her legs for him or this will convince her to do so.

1277 days ago


i think it's adorable
but im just a teenage girl with a serious case of "bieber fever"
and he doesn't just have one song. he has around 30. im sure he didn't want the world knowing he bought her flowers, they won't even admit they're dating.

1277 days ago


AHHHH he must have finally got some ... god bless him..

1277 days ago

Ally Bieber    

OMB OMB OMB this is bad...

1277 days ago


Well, all that means is that he boned her for the first time. Easy guess.

1277 days ago


I can't decide whether to throw up or laugh at this little bitty BOY. His PR and the media are trying to make him into a 'stah' and he's just a little BOY.

He doesn't even shave yet, has no muscle definition... the latter was pathetically apparent in a recent 'sexy photo' of him in his undershirt, trying to look 'hot'......... he has the body of a child.

He is nothing but a little boy that some promoter decided to use to make his millions off of.

There is no way to tell if he has any talent because his "music" is so digitally altered and enhanced. He certainly has developed all the attitude and conceit, although I have no doubt that those will grow dramatically as he is pushed along the 'made-up-celebrity' road.

This is so reminiscent of the 40's and 50's when the movie mags and studios directed their contract actors to act like they were in relationships so they could generate more publicity for the movies.

When I look at this little boy, all I can think is "ah, isn't he just precious... now, wipe his face and send him off to bed".

And then I groan and think, "soon this little brat will be following in Lohan's and Sheen's rehab footsteps..."

1277 days ago


i cant believe people say hes 'wasting his money' its a good thing he did, he donates to charity ALL THE TIME and, do you know how much people spend on unnessary items every day? (expensive cars, designer clothes) like really, i dont see you critizing them, you just hate this kid for no reason.

1277 days ago



their relationship is illegal!!

1277 days ago


lets see why would he have done the flowers

he was flirting with a fan on the Ellen degeneres show the day his movie premired in LA , no reason for him to be rubbing the girls back . His hand should have stayed on her shoulder or waist not been rubbing her back .

on valentines day he was flirting with chelsea on her show , televised program.

when he went to england he flirted and reportedly kissed cherly cole , before she did her prank with her hand over his mouth, as well as Rihanna while at the brit awards . at an interview after that show he made a public statement declaring his love for cherly cole .

he then returns to the states just in time to play in the NBA celeb allstar game friday night .

all that public flirting while he is supposed to be Selena Gomezs boyfriend was very disrespectful to her , and this from a guy who on twitter talked about treating a woman right and with respect.

sorry to his fans but he is not the person he presents to the public.

1277 days ago
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