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Flower Shop for Selena Gomez

2/21/2011 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber scored major points with his GF Selena Gomez last week -- when the 16-year-old phoned in a GARGANTUAN flower order ... and it wasn't even Valentine's Day!!!!

Justin Bieber Flowers
Sources close to Bieber tell us Justin called up a local florist on Wednesday hoping to "fill Selena's house with flowers" ... just because he felt like it.

We're told the florist needed EVERY SINGLE FLOWER in the shop to complete the order ... and had to use "multiple trucks" to pull off the love stunt.

One source close to  the couple tells us Selena LOVED the surprise.


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As I said before, the filling of Selena house with flowers was very sweet, maybe a little excessive (just a little). As far as the flirting goes, most of it seems harmless and if it really bothers her, well, two can play that game.

1309 days ago


true 2 can play that game , but I do not think Selena would be that disrespectful to Justin Bieber . She has always presented herself as being a person who holds herself to a certain standard . So if his flirting offends her and he does it again she might end the relationship with him .

1309 days ago


I like how anytime someone does something nice with THEIR OWN MONEY a bunch of self-righteous idiots come in and suggest they should buy food for some total strangers instead.

I'm sorry but he's allowed to waste his own damn money on whatever he pleases. It's not his job to feed the homeless- it's the government's, and Obama is too busy buying his wife new dresses and jetting them on exotic trips to really give a crap, so why blame starvation on a 16 year old kid buying some flowers?

1309 days ago

mike holly    

he is 16! he is a child! she is an grown woman.if it was the other way around you all would be pissed, demanding justise. a perv is a perv

1309 days ago


the only problem with that is in a few days they will all be dead and messy and someone will need to clean them up....i hate gettin flowers cas they are so expensive and they dont stay alive :/

1309 days ago


LOL...It's flowers...people relax.

1309 days ago


I never like Selena because she's just RIDING ON to the popularity of the guy she's with before when the jonas bro are still hot or the it guys she manage to sneak her self with kevin then now justine is hot she sneak again her self to gain and get more popularity and attention... i read before that she doesn't like justine but now they are together because justin is very very popular now what a way to ladder your popularity... geezzz i guess its more important to get notice because of whom you with rather than what talent you have better yet i guess her talent is to sneak around with popular boys. shes plastic.

1309 days ago


Hey Justin feed the hungry with all that money you wasted on dead flowers

1309 days ago


This is very sweet, however, he is very young and will not be with Selena for too much longer.
He is going to regret spending his "several checks" on someone who is going to break his sensitive little heart.

1309 days ago


At first i thought it was cute.. i guess.. then i thought it was to much shes not even worth it shes to old for him well she cant do better..

1308 days ago


Obviously Selena isn't too intelligent. I mean why would she want a no talent pre pubescent boy to date? Why would she want to date a boy that's younger than her? I mean does Justin even like girls yet? I knew that when I was a pre pubescent boy. I wasn't into girls.

1308 days ago


The Biebs is in love with Selena Gomez but does she love him? Is she just using him for a career boost? Before her romance with Bieber nobody knew who the heck was Selena Gomez.

1308 days ago


I ****ing hate Selena Gomez. stupid lil slut she is using Bieber for fame! When Twilight was big she dated Taylor Lautner when Glee was big she dated Finn dont know his real name and when Jonas Brothers were big she dated Nick Jonas now Justin Bieber is HUGE shes dating him.... ****ING WHORE

1308 days ago


Kiko and Preserve the Tiger, I couldn't agree more with both of your posts! It's great that this kid managed to be so successful because he came from nothing, but he's SO over-exposed and everywhere you look that I'm sick to death of hearing about him, especially the ridiculous stories about his "romance" with Selena.

In this case, what a waste of flowers and money! This was nothing but a blant and disgusting display of wealth, the kind of behavior that you would expect from Paris Hilton rather than Justin Bieber. They want the whole world to envy them because they can afford things that most of us can only dream about, but at least most of us have the sense not to waste THOUSANDS of dollars on A) flowers that are likely to be dead in a week and B) a relationship that's probably going to be over in the same amount of time.

Obviously, Bieber has let the fame and fortune go to his head and has forgotten how to act like a normal teenager. He's nothing but a spoiled rotten brat now who only wants to show off. Well, enjoy it while you can, Justin. Do you hear that clock ticking? I'm not the only one who hates a show-off and your fifteen minutes are just about up. Remember, New Kids on the Block were just as popular with the girls (if not more so) than you, and who cares about any of them now?

1308 days ago


Selena gomez using him !! What a poor Kid !! Hope his mom stops him b4 he lose all his money 4 Gomez!! eww cant believe she date kid !!!

1308 days ago
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