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Chris Brown

I'm Allowed to Go

Near Rihanna Now!!!

2/22/2011 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Award shows just got a little less awkward for Chris Brown and Rihanna ... because a judge just lifted the restraining order prohibiting him from going near her.

Chris Brown and Rihanna
Brown appeared in court moments ago in downtown L.A., where a judge replaced Rihanna's restraining order with a level one order -- meaning Chris and Rihanna can have contact as long as he does not harass, annoy, or molest her.

Rihanna was not in court -- but her attorney Donald Etra was ... and told the judge RiRi has no objection to the new order.


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Chris, I think you are being set-up by this Judge...Media ,they

banking on you violating your Parole in someway by allowing you to

go near Rihanna now!!!!

This Judge I beleive has been paided off!! $$$$$$$$$

1317 days ago


Only confirms initial beliefs that she wasn't as much of a victim as she played. I'm a strong believer in your put your hands on me I have every right to put my hand on you regardless of sex. You wanna be equal well there you go...get that equal opportunity ass beating. As a woman I am so tired of other women playing fake victim. It means real victims who don't cry wolf get ignored and it's sickening. She was strong enough to file charges and everything else so its not like she is going back because of fear or whatever. But its so easy for people to feel pity for her and hate for him without knowing what happened. I hope Chris land his lesson and stays away from her PERIOD!

1317 days ago

George McCasland    

Chris Brown & Rihanna

If the gender roles had been reversed, there would have been no restraining order, let alone one that has lasted two years, as they did with the Anaheim Angels Pitcher who was battered by his wife.

1317 days ago


poor Chris i wish he would leave that "THING" alone!! she is one ass****,i wish that would just vanish clean away!! she knows what happen and anyone who is not a hater and could read between the line and who listen to all what happen knows she started it and hit him first and was not beaten all up like that at all, she was pushed and thats that! pictures were showed she was not beaten up like those fake pics that was sent around!! smh!!! i just hope Chris leaves that "THING" alone!! because she is the one that brought him down!!and who needs that!! she's an anus period!! A CHRIS FAN AND SUPPORTER FOR LIFE!!

1317 days ago


Let's get this jet-ski thing straight. They had reunited, were at Diddy's in Florida, and Ri was having some jollies jet-skiing too. I've seen those pictures, but the friggin media only plasters the one of Chris by himself - having fun "while his gf is recovering from his beat-down" - said the poster above - ?? Good fodder for the demon-ChrisBrown story. Give it a break people. Chris has risen above this bull**** - you all should too.

1317 days ago


Let me tell y'all 1 thing, I don't condone abuse period, not on a man or a woman. With that being said, you all fail to remember that this kid was 19 years old when he put his hands on the girl after she had hit him first. There's no history of him being a woman-beater or anything else yall are calling him. He was 19, if your 19-year old brother, son or cousin or nephew had done this to his girlfriend what would you have said to him?? I think this situation is only blown up because they were both super stars with careers, but remember they were still kids, he served his sentence, she didn't take any anger mgt class. He hasn't beat up on anybody else, he's now 21 years just about old enough to buy drinks in a club cut him some slack or GET A LIFE. cuz if you have a 19-year old kid as your role model, YOU ARE RETARDED and need some help...

1317 days ago


For the person who said you can't get the smrik on his face days after while he was flirting with other woman. You know the other woman was Rihanna and they were in Diddy's mansion in Miami trying to rekindle their love. That's what happens when people want to hate someone. They become delusional and start to make stuff up. Anyway good for both of them. People that are calling RiRi an idiot are brain dead. The order has to end some time so why not end it now when you know Chris Brown is in no way shape or form a serious threat to her. I swear it's crazy reading the Chris Brown article comments and reading the Mel Gibson comments on this site. Mel Gibson hates every minority on this planet and knocked his wife teeth in, not remorseful at all and ya'll are writing "we support you 100% Mel." This guys makes a mistake, owns up to it, does all the court ask and is remorseful and he is a complete s***bag. Don't know why this is but its not right.

1317 days ago


I have lived through domestic violence, and think everyone desevres redemption..... cut him some slack, at least he admits he has an issue

1317 days ago


so she can say at any moment he did something. I pray she doesnt play any games

1317 days ago


Once a beater, always a beater. I don't care how many anger management classes you take or how fancy your diploma is. This country is retarded as hell! Forgiving monsters just because they can sing or throw a ball. So what if Rihanna hit him first?! Really?! He's a GUY. It's one thing to play fight or even to defend yourself but what he Chris Brown did to Rihanna was NOT self-defense or playful and in my opinion, anyone who sides with him is an idiot too.

1317 days ago


yeah they prolly gon get back together. lol the new bobby and whitney.

1317 days ago


Round #2 !!!! Oh Yeah , Bring It !!!

1317 days ago


I really hope they work things out and get back together!

1317 days ago


Hilarious how all you azzholes, both sides think you know the whole story! Where you in the car that night? NO! Did you see who hit who first? No! You don't know all the facts, your just going on who you like better or if you have had experience with an abuser or not! So shut the **** up all you!

1317 days ago


I think Chris Brown has made the best effort to change of any celebrity I've seen on this site. Good for him! Now, Rihanna, probably best to call that relationship over. But Chris, you made a mistake, you did what the courts told you to do. Move on and start clean with someone new. If indeed you've learned your lesson, we will see that as time goes on.

1317 days ago
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