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Jen Aniston Goes to the Barbra Shop

2/22/2011 2:30 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Jennifer Aniston with her new shorter hairdo in Madrid on Tuesday (left) -- and the one and only Barbra Streisand last year (right).

Jennifer Aniston New Haircut
Funny, girl.

We're just sayin'.



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Omg what did Jennifer Aniston do to her face?? I didn't even recognize her wow!

1307 days ago


Which one is Barbra Streisand?

1307 days ago


Which one is Barbra Streisand?

1307 days ago


I can't believe she hated 'the Rachel' haircut when she's wearing this hideous thing. The woman has no identity of her own. She's 42 and still floating around like she's trying to find herself, waiting for things to happen in her life i.e. her statement that great things are going to happen in the near future, but she doesn't know what they are. That's just sad. Oh, and that tired old statement that she made AGAIN just recently that she is going to have children at sometime. I feel sorry for her because you have to know that someone who has seen a therapist for OVER 20 years and depends on an astrologist and self-help books to get her through life has some serious issues. This woman-child will never grow up. She's going to be a sad 50 year old still trying to hang on to her youth, which just isn't possible. BTW the only time Aniston looks close to being pretty is when she's photo-shopped to the extent that no one recognizes her. She looks like a 42 year old desperately trying to hang on to youth. Sorry, that ship has sailed, as it should.

1307 days ago


Jennifer is cute. Barbra is gloriously talented and an unconventional beauty. You haters:GFY'S.

1307 days ago


take your hair away from your face

1307 days ago


UGH, WHAT did Jen do to hair?? She could've gotten a better short-do than that!!

1306 days ago


Like the style but hate the color on her she looks washed out

1305 days ago


What weight class is Barbra fighting in these days? And what mental images does Brolin have to use to fulfill his husbandly duties?

1305 days ago


I like it, she copied me...Ha ha..

1305 days ago


The cut is fine, it's just the color. Bad dye job! She'll probably get some lowlites in it and it'll be much better.

1304 days ago


Brad Pitt is sure happy he dumped her now!!!

1304 days ago


Just another example of a hair stylist gone wild. Jenn why!!!! Bobs are the most unflattering and unfeminine hair styles.

1304 days ago


Damn, dat Jenifer is be lookn beat! den Babs, she already is bein beat, maybe dat surfer dude
dat work fer ya be gettin on some of Babs. After dey git it, she cuold be do a song fo him, Den afta dat dey is be could drive in Babs Benz all stylie like N go vist Elton John n his man woman and
fresh baby. Den when Babs be all in da moment Surfer dude be all sly like and hook up wit Jen down da street at Malibu r,v, fo a little luv session in her styly custom motor home. NExt day
Harvey be hearin bout it, den maybe dey all go out n git em a hotdog at Pinks n surfer dude b tellin his side to J-LOs peeps, So den J-LO n her big booty be all jelous like n Brad Pitt come down to TMZ studios fo a smack down n sum Pizza. Yo , just sayin.

1304 days ago


First of all Barbra is always one classy lady. Don't compare with Jennifer.Jennifer's movies are pretty much the same as they always suck.It looks like all she got was her hair. If her hair style changes then she is nothing but long cheek with botoxed face.Don't you agree. C'mon look at her.She should have accept the fact that she is not talented.

1303 days ago
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