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MJ Music Video Shoot Takes Over Hollywood

2/22/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The ghost of Michael Jackson upstaged the "Rock of Ages" show in Hollywood last night.

Sources tell TMZ Sony is currently shooting two Michael Jackson videos in Hollywood -- the one above is a music video for "Hollywood Tonight."

It wasn't exactly being shot on the down-low ... a crew of 60 lined the sidewalk and the street in front of the Pantages Theatre.


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Master Po    

A white woman playing a black male! The only thing missing is crying young boys running from the scene of the video with cash sticking out of their mouths!

1342 days ago


@ 17

Really??? IGNORANCE is BLISS isn't it???

1342 days ago


nobody is portraying michael. the chick is just an aspiring dancer. her outfit is influenced by michael's style. michael wore his shirt open but never a mid-drift. if this is another sony product it's so typical. just a bunch of knock off corny productions. michael would never approve of such shotty and unimaginative work. just ridiculous!!! i can see why michael wanted nothing to do with sony.
sony has no idea how to capture the essence of an MJJ Production. thumbs down to the seven year deal.

1342 days ago

Master Po    

yes #18 no child was ever paid cash to shut up right? I guess retardation is bliss also. I am not blinded by a mans talent like yourself and the rest of the rabid wackos.

1342 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Sorry but these people are just dancers...No one can EVER dance or perform or create like Michael. I love you forever Michael Jackson!

1342 days ago


Being dead has really revived MJ's career. He hadn't had a hit in 25 years and was having trouble paying his bills before he died.

1342 days ago

Best Mom    

#16 Missy: Michael's relationship with Sony was not good. I would love to see someone reputable do something that shows the life and works of Michael Jackson -- yes, maybe turn Neverland into a Graceland. I would never for a second say "since Michael's gone, no more music, no more anything". I'm looking at who is making the money off Michael Jackson.

1342 days ago


MJ was born black but changed himself into a white man. Good for him. He had the money to do it and he should have done it. Kinda like Chers daughter adding a penis and calling herself a man.

1342 days ago


Nice. Can't wait to see this.

1342 days ago


@ #20

... in other words, you really are STUPID aren't you??? I read what you read and MORE. I didn't have an approtunity to speak with the "paid off children" you mentioned directly, did you??? I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe Michael Jackson was an absolute extraordinary human being. God was there, I have peace in that. I also have peace in that I know Michael is with God now and I'll see him again. Believe what you like, IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER!!

1342 days ago


People want to dance like Michael Jackson. Study Bob Fosse. Nothing new.

1342 days ago


Stupid question but: how do you shoot an MJ video...without MJ? Wouldn't the magic be missing?

At least call it what it is, an MJ-themed video. The real deal is dead; he wasn't kidding when he said, "This Is It."

1342 days ago

janet don't. It's understudies, impersonators, look-alikes. Smoke and mirrors.

1342 days ago


I really enjoyed the "Michael" CD. However, without Michael here, nothing will ever be the same. Sony can release as many CD's or do as many videos as they want - and it will NEVER have the same impact as the work Michael did when he was alive. He can be remembered in so many wonderful ways other than just these money-making schemes. Love you, Michael. Always will.

Posted at 8:03 AM on Feb 22, 2011 by Best Mom

These "money-making" schemes goes to pay off MJ's debt and secure the financial future for his children. Do you have a problem with that?

1342 days ago


And before I get the usual dialouge about Sony, save it! MJ is no longer here, Sony has a 7 year contract, so any new albums or re-releases will be under Sony which makes sense - even if MJ had issues with Sony, his estate still owns 50% of Sony/ATV, so it's not as if the Estate can't do business with Sony at all, they're in business together, so that's the end of it.

All you fans can do is NOT buy and Sony products that have to do with MJ. Nobody says you can't - if that is how you feel, go at it but for damn sake, just SHUT UP ALREADY! We all know how you all feel, but some of us feel differently and will continue to support new MJ products approved by the Estate. You all do nothing but complain and are never happy with anything. Trust, if it wasn't Sony it would be something else.

1342 days ago
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